04 December 2019

Holding One in the Vision of Wholeness ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

You are wandering up a mountainside and you see a man crawling in the dirt. You offer to help lift him, you bring him to his feet, he falls again. You are supporting him with your weight and you are getting weary from the work. When you invest in your energy field, "I will fix this thing. I will make this right." you are operating from the low self.

Here is how we would operate: We lift the man to his feet, perhaps, but we hold him in the vision of wholeness. We know, and underline 'know' that all manifestation is of God. If the man is hungry, we feed him, yes, because things of this realm that need to be attended to in the physical realm through physical gesture and action will not be ignored. But the idealization of the pain that man is in, "Oh see the crippled man, he cannot walk, how do we attend to him?" would include the investment in him of Divine Truth.

"I lift the one before me with the eyes of the Christ. I see him in his beauty. I see him in his wholeness."

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