31 December 2019

Imprinting (and Decree) ~ Paul Selig ~ 29 December 2019

And a befitting decree to start off 2020.....

Source: Empath 1111

When we say these words to you each, we are announcing what is always true. The Divine as you is here because it cannot be where you are not, and, because you are, it is. It cannot be other. And because you are as this, it may be known as you, and, in consequence, through its expression, claim the world before it in the octave it expresses through. This is dominion. You’ve been taught that dominion is getting new furniture, a better relationship, what things should be when your wish list is met. Dominion is the receiving of the manifest self, the divine truth of your being, claiming the world in vibratory accord with what is also holy.

Here we go, friends. You may say these words softly after us, if you wish:

“On this night I claim that any aspect of self that I have operated through in limitation to an awareness of my divine truth will now be made known to me for the sole purpose of release to the high octave, where it may be re-known in a high way. On this night I claim that all I have chosen in fear and have sought to replicate through fear will be taken from me so I may encounter myself free of fear, and free of the claims fear would make upon me. On this night I say yes to all that may be chosen, all that may be known in love, in grace, in an awareness of the manifest holiness that is in all manifestation, and, as I say yes to this, I say yes to all that I may know and sing in my truth in vibration in an awareness of the holiness that I am and always will be. I know who I am in truth. (Say this, if you wish.) I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free.”
On the count of three, we will lift the class to the higher room where you may know and be seen and recognize the untainted windowpane, that which may be known, perceived, and resolved to as the True Self.

One. Two. Three. Be lifted as one.

Now, allow yourself to be here in this space of vast potential. Allow yourself to be without expectation or demand. Allow yourself to return here to the upper classroom, the room of freedom that we will teach you in from now on. In this vibration, the resistance of old no longer exists, and you may be claimed to fruition beyond the known. We do not deny the history you’ve known. We do not play games. But we do tell you this. Your investment in the old is what claims your relationship to it. And, in the freedom you have now, you may release the old, its obligations to you, and its imprinting upon you. We will call this lecture “Imprinting,” and we will thank you each.

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