29 December 2019

Inner Union ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 28 December 2019

This raw and honest update from Avatara Ananda is truly appreciated. I feel very strongly about this topic of Twin Souls, and I agree that there is so much distortion over this in the Lightworker community, which is why I've generally stayed away from it. Our OWN Hieros Gamos MUST be within ourselves first ~ our own inner sacred union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine is an non-negotiable pre-requisite.

Source: Avatara Ananda

For some of us, there was a recent massive trigger event to bring us into deeper Union with the divine and release all lower timelines. We have completed a major loop cycle. Please don’t compare your process to anyone else’s.

Some of us are polishing up the remnants of deep galactic level distortions. Don’t judge yourself if you went into the underworld to retrieve yet an other piece of the puzzle. I did. I thought all that was behind yet I got initiated into an other portal and I can tell you that I realize it was needed. The initiation allowed me to comprehend separation consciousness and galactic level fragmentation a lot deeper than ever. Without this comprehension, I would not be able to understand embodiment the way I do now. All became a lot more clear but I did dip into lower vibration to retrieve the code.

About the divine unions ... everyone’s process is different. Some of us dealt with some really deep stuff to do with activated hybridized DNA and most teachings out there simply do not apply to these types of scenarios. What I thought I knew yesterday is different today. Some so called twins were simply pulled into the distorted part of the DNA. This does not mean the love was not real or true, this does not mean that the person is evil, it simply means that their trauma is so deep that malevolent forces are functioning through the fragments in their own being and mind controlling the person. Part of the galactic mission is the integration of polarities through neutralization of hybridization trauma within. We are also dealing with the wars over timelines and I realize just how deeply we’ve all been messed with. Please don’t blame anyone, there has been some serious interference at the astral level.

In all honesty, I chose to stay on my trajectory of embodying my inner union to the fullest capacity before calling in any incarnated male. I realize there were pieces of the puzzle that were not clear to me and so I choose to fully purify my inner male at the galactic level above all else and my mirror and the beloved is father god, my loyalty is to the cosmic consciousness of pure love. What I have experienced within my own twin dynamic was true and pure at the core even though there were severe distortions. This was not a soulmate dynamic, not even close. This was a full on purification of genetics from severe trauma that played out in many ways.

Am I focused on the physical twin? Absolutely not. Do I know his true soul essence? Absolutely yes. Is he embodying it? No he is not. Do I want to be with my twin? No I just want to BE who I am fully without relying on anything external yet being in full devotion to my own masculine that simply is not yet fully embodied yet I feel him coming in. This is about my own inner union and god knows I am devoted to it, to my own monad. Through the whole dynamic the twin did mirror everything that was going on within my being including astral dimensions, there were remnants of war, I was not yet a full master of all dimensions and choose to fully master them because this is the promise to my own god self. I settle for nothing less. I am not speaking of soul-planes integration, I speak of embodiment of the version of myself that is capable of serving at the level I agreed to serve.

It’s like I snapped out of the remnants of limited consciousness and remember who I am. Fully taking ownership of everything. My own male within was severely traumatized and now that I am deeply embodying I realize I am dealing with a caged beast within that’s gone through things I cannot put in words, no wonder I was not yet integrated, it takes godly strength to face this. I cannot imagine what mirror there may be in this world who can actually comprehend any of it. I don’t know ... somehow there is a renewal of my devotion to my own inner male and there is nothing in this universe that will ever stop me from resurrecting him. The external is an illusion.

We are all different. Some of us, like myself, held some severely traumatized DNA. I was not a peaceful person growing up. My male was wild and reckless. I cannot compare myself with others who may have had very different lives and histories. Sometimes I feel like an outcast that no one will ever understand but I understand me and I understand that in order to know god I had to go to the bottom of where living light was held captive and that bottom was not pretty ~

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