23 December 2019

Interview with Cobra and Benjamin Fulford for the Age of Aquarius Activation ~ with Hoshino ~ 22 December 2019

In my opinion, there is generally still a huge awareness gap between semi-mainstream public sources (like Ben Fulford) and the actual situation of the dark control on every system in the Planet, as well as our Galactic history of a hijacked and enslaved Humanity. If we keep falling back on existing compromised systems like Economics and History to explain current situations, we will never be able to see the forest for the trees or zoom out sufficiently to see the Bigger Picture. For this, I truly appreciate Cobra's efforts in explaining the Planetary situation from more expanded perspectives.

Controlled crash ~ yes, that does sound like the best compromise. Finally, totally agree ~ it's all about Consciousness.

Source: We Love Mass Meditation (with link to video)

 We Love Mass Meditation had organized an interview with Cobra and Benjamin Fulford in order to raise the awareness of the Age of Aquarius Activation next month on January 12th at 6:11 AM UTC. In this interview, Ben and Cobra gave their views of the current financial system and the importance of this upcoming Age of Aquarius Activation.

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