25 December 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 24 December 2019

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to the Prewave of the 3pt cellular memory influx on 27th

remember that this is basically 72 hours of cellular memory coming up to be cleared and worked with so stay hydrated and flexible and most importantly have a chat with your body and ask it what it needs and share love with it

these inner influxes are very body intensive and resource heavy so its important to assist it as best you can in the process to journeying home

moving forward we have 1 more inner influx on 31st driving us deeper into the cave and on the 1st we begin to break into a new phase as its an outer influx

being hit with only inner influxes drives you deep into yourself
being hit with only outer influxes allows for expansion into the macrocosm much faster

they will begin to alternate next year allowing us to expand in a balanced way but also breaking us out of the sense we are only a body

it is this action that will allow our divinities to come online and us to finally become whole

most importantly these influxes are our own source wisdom coming back to us allowing us to heal and remember so enjoy the ride ::hugs::

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