01 December 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 30 November 2019

Important points raised by Jason Estes in this update for December, and heading into 2020.

Source: Jason Estes 

Welcome to December

With 1 month left till the new year so many wonderful connections forming so much clarity coming together and so many new opportunities beginning to peak out from behind the curtain

it is very easy to get distracted by the shiny things, the most important thing is stay focused on building up your own inner guidance system and ethics so that you can navigate the new world

the second most important thing is to clear up the distractions and make room for the new world within you life

2020 is now named as the Year of Truth and Deflation

this year brings with it a major change in the way we function with ourselves and others

many of the outdated games will fall away hard in 2020 making room for 2021 the year of Transcendence, so use 2020 to focus on you and let go of what is no longer aligned with you

let the places in you that are highlighted be deflated and expand into them naturally so that you build the foundation necessary

as I said before 2019 was the training wheels version of 2020, this means be ready for the same things that were hinted in 2019 to be taken by force instead, and while this may seem daunting and scary it is only going to happen to the untrue things in your life and while it may be painful at the time it is going to make your life more amazing then you can imagin

as for those of who you have done the deep inner work this year be ready to connect to so many more who have done the same and to build the projects you came to earth for

2020 is a major year of rebalance for the world and deep connection within ourselves so as always be good, do good, have faith, and enjoy the ride ::hugs::

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