31 December 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 31 December 2019

QuickMeme: And so it begins....the Great Awakening of our time
.....I couldn't resist this Gandalf meme....

Source: Jason Estes


And so it begins, these next 12 days are very powerful and are designed to break you out of time by influxing the inner 5pt starting now

then the outer 4pt on new years day, followed by inner 4pt on jan 4th and then again the outer 5pt on Jan 7th and finally another inner 5pt on Jan 9th

this can feel like spiritual whiplash or lead to major levels of anxiety and aggression, for those of you who have made it through the eye of the needle you will find bliss and expression and creative intelligence off the walls as you commune with the deepest and most expanded selves you can

remember what ever level you experience these next 12 days to celebrate and love yourself regardless and forgive yourself as often as you need

while birthing can be a very beautiful experience it can also be painful and this is the greatest birth ever

the birth of a new timeline based on unity and truth... none of us are worthy of it who are born yet but as the days unfold and we face ourselves and love and forgive ourselves we will find it was made for us by us with us, so journey on and remember this to shall pass, and you are capable and stronger then you know ::hugs::


  1. so it is time for ...

    "unworthiness is now being released and cleared from my belief structures"

  2. or maybe even better ...

    "my belief structures are now being released and cleared from all timelines"

    1. This one is so important, in my opinion. Belief systems birth our thinking, and therefore our reality.

  3. as true unity is only in the timeless NOW