25 December 2019

Let the Magic Begin!

Background image: Dream Wallpaper
May the Energies of the Christ Consciousness imbue all of Humanity, and illuminate our Hearts and Minds so that we can make a shift in Collective Consciousness. 

May we all have 2020 Vision so that we can see our paths with Clarity & Wisdom, and create the Heaven that we've always known should exist as True Reality.
There's so much Celestial stuff coming online including some serious high-level dance moves by Planets in the next few week as we head into 2020, which is the current focus of so many sources ~ the period between 9-12 January 2020.

I first knew about this small but potentially potent period several months back, via Jason Estes, before anyone else that I knew of started speaking about it. Then later on, when different sources gradually started mentioning this period, I paid even more attention.

What will unfold remains to be seen, but we can all hold and focus the intention ~ as creator beings ~ for Magic & Miracles to unfold, and incorporate the intention in practical ways into our daily lives so that Manifestation can occur. In our own individual ways, we will help catalyse massive change in the coming year.

2020....let the Magic begin....

Namaste and Blessings! πŸ’–


  1. Deaar Grace,
    thank you for your everyday updates and to the authors and creators of all the informations.
    May there be peace :-)
    All the best, love and light!

    1. Edith, I truly appreciate your support and thoughtfulness❤️ and you're most welcome :)
      Many Blessings!