02 December 2019

Love ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 1 December 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Your heavy heartedness is created by your feelings of being unappreciated for all that you are. You give with Love only to find this is not met by others in a like manner.

Why can't they see things the way I do?
Why can't they appreciate what I do?
Why can't I be Loved in the way that I want to be Loved?

All of your feelings come down to expectation. Giving Love with expectation may never bring the rewards you seek.
Some will take all you give and more without ever showing recognition in response to all you do.
"I Love you" - are three words with eight billion different experiences behind them.

But by offering, not giving, freely of your Love, without expectation of return, you will start to understand that it is in offering Love that brings the greatest rewards to you. It is what YOU know you are offering to others that returns the joy you seek.

Love transmutes how YOU feel, not the feelings of Others. You choose where YOUR Love flows. Others choose Love when they are ready to do so too.

Love is never wasted although it can certainly go unrecognised. Never hold back your Love for fear that it won't be seen by another. Love that is held within now becomes regret later. You will meet people in your life that accept your offer of Love to them. And you will meet people who won't. When they show appreciation, tell them you Love all that they are and that you appreciate them too.

Reward Love with more Love.

It is building upon a flow of Love, rather than following well worn paths of expectation, that you will create joy in your heart.
Offer Love freely, knowing that this is enough to create a flow of Love in your life. It is these self-created feelings that will bring you peace and joy, not the actions of others in response.

But when you receive Love from Others without expectation, without seeking reward or return - that's when you truly know the Power of Love flowing through your life.

You are Loved beyond measure, always in all ways

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Guiding Light

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