02 December 2019

Maureen Moss Update ~ 1 December 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

Happy December Beloveds. This month is going to be filled with many catalysts as we make our way to the upcoming Gateways.

Though they (the catalysts,) may come in unique ways and through the least likely of people (or they might simply rise up from within,) take notice. Be the watcher. Stay away from EGO. Follow the energy to see where it takes you....within. And then release and feel the difference in your body...the space in your body and the lightness.

The incredible new Light on this planet and in our bodies will make it easier and easier to see what is left to release and transmute as well as expand our Light Bodies.

Moving closer to the Galactic Center Alignment we also will discover more Light coming in from the Galactic Council.... more Diamond and Freedom Codes pushing out the tar of what remains stuck in our cells and DNA...and in our minds.

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