07 December 2019

Maureen Moss Update ~ 6 December 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

I have been wide awake since 4:30AM. I wrote for about an hour or so about the unique Between World experiences and On Earth experiences I have been having (as so many have.)

And the dreams.....or realities in different dimensions.

I wrote about how differently my insides are, how my preferences have given way to my Soul, how I have no need for conclusions or what's next... and how much fun I am having with my Higher Self and about how 'chill I have gotten without loosing my passion or strength which boils down not to what I do though to my passion for humanity and this Earth (and Lions,) and my sheer joy for this Freedom upon us and winding its way through every cell in our body.

And I thought how glorious it is to be here together at a time such as this…beyond the prophecy… with so many Light Missionaries, Light Workers, Light Warriors, Gateway and Wisdom Keepers, Starseeds, Healers, Shamans and Time Travelers and some awesome label-less humans.

And then I thought about the one thing I long for, for all of us... simply fun! To just have fun and laugh and dance wildly with the JOY OF FREEDOM sustained, running through our veins for the first time perhaps ever on earth.

Oh and what LIFE will be like😊

And then I thought to post a picture that has nothing to do with any of it...just because it made my magical child smile.

I Love You All So Much!! Into the Gateway we go...

(I have no idea whose kitties these are or who took the picture...however Thank You!)

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