08 December 2019

Maureen Moss Update ~ 7 December 2019

Lots unfolding. Amanda Lorence also mentions the Collective Timeline Shift (it felt like a huge "force" was behind it, as if we were given a tremendous shove). Remember, we don't buckle up, we FLY....

Source: Maureen Moss

Yesterday and on Dec. 3 as the waves of momentous Light poured in directly from the Galactic Center, several things occurred.

The First: This was an experience of having the maximum amount of Gamma Light enter our bodies (and Planet,) for the first time that we were able to handle…(albeit a bit difficult at times.)

It gave us a preview of what we can anticipate in the days going forward throughout December as we integrate this Light and build our capabilities to ride with the energies that accompany the waves of Light.

It felt to me as though a continuous Lightwave from the Lifeforce of God was creating a frequency field/electromagnetic field not experienced on our Earth.

The Second: The Web of Life was woven more noticeably through yesterday and even the day prior.

What I felt was a massive portal had opened allowing us to traverse between dimensions much more easily and connect with other realities quite readily. It was primarily the third/fourth dimension to the fifth. It was easy to experience two realities at the same time consciously and without trying.

I was aware the Angelics were Very close to us and other Councils of Light were seemingly merging with those able to open to them. It was a sensing of they coming to us…rather than us coming to them.

Amongst other things technical!...I walked into a black panther in my kitchen and then a dog was barking in my living room later that night. I have no dog.

The Third: I was made aware that on Dec. 3 there was a massive wave of Light coming from the Galactic Alliance working with a few on the ground and from both here and there a massive influx of Light was directed at the remaining “interference” lingering in both the 3rd and 4th dimension, clearing the field once and for all.

The Fourth: There was a massive collective timeline shift that we shall see unfolding quite rapidly now.

And Lastly: there was a Joy-Filled Wave of Light (Rainbow Light) that crossed the Earth from one end to the other. It was the first of many on its way.

In closing Beloveds, we are in a New World. Life is going to become much easier and softer. πŸ™Œ We have a great deal of balancing, accepting and integrating to do, and we shall…as the 2020 first year will support that fully.

More on its way.
Stay in your Heart.
Stay in your Joy (even if you are flat out in bed.)

I Love You,

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