01 December 2019

Messy.....But Necessary

The Way Is Through ~ Buddha Doodles
"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
We are familiar with this (paraphrased) philosophical question posed by George Berkeley, and many have actually debated it openly and publicly. I admit to having spent some precious time thinking about it quite a few times in the past.

But right now, I don't really care. If it makes a sound, good. If it doesn't, good.

We are in the midst of a most chaotic phase, as predicted by so many sources years ago (example ~ Tobias of Crimson Circle warned about this time 20 years ago) as well as recently. Tom Kenyon's Hathors call it "Chaotic Nodes", and even provided tools to help us go through it. Cobra has used the analogy of the Nucleation Phase, as in the volatile transition when liquid begins to bubble and is transformed into gas.

Such a stage ~ what tea experts call a "rolling boil" ~ is chaotic and if we look at what's happening to the water, it is a violent sight, with bubbles rapidly forming on the surface and hot steam furiously rising from it.

This is the situation right now. And I will have to make a clarification ~ I'm not referring to the unawakened/mainstream world (which is terrifyingly insane right now), I am specifically describing the awakened community. We are deep in chaos, and it's not looking at all pretty. We are being shaken and stirred up so vigorously that all that's not authentic is spewed out as if there's no tomorrow.

A few years ago, I wrote that the Lightworker community would need to go through an implosion, and have mentioned it briefly several times thereafter. It is my belief that the implosion is occurring now and not a moment too soon. Although it looks troubling, I am very glad it's happening and my wish is that this process proceeds at the fastest pace possible without too much energetic carnage.

As painful as this may be, we will need to go through it. There is much that's been compromised in the LW community, and we will not be able sidestep the situation. The only way forward is through. We need to get real, real quick.

I have been posting tons of messages from sources, almost beseeching us to release all that no longer serves ~ identity, personality, labels, belief systems ~ these are the big ones that are hard to let go because they have defined us for so long. To let go of them may leave us feeling empty, vulnerable, identity-less. But go they all must. To keep carting around all that are not for our highest purpose will only burden us and decelerate our progress forward.

At the same time, we are receiving so much data in the alternative community. What compounds these data streams is that a lot of them contradict one another. I get asked a lot about this ~ Wayshower A says this but Wayshower B says the opposite ~ who is right?

This brings me back to the beginning ~ if Wayshower A is right, then great. If Wayshower B is right then great, too. At this point in time, I don't really care. And I mean that in a good way ~ I have no desire right now to figure anything out. Extreme polarisation needs to play out so that sufficient momentum can be accumulated to transition out of the duality. We don't want to get caught in this process or we'll get whacked by the determined and forceful swing of the pendulum.

I believe that we've reached the stage where we need to use Higher Guidance as much as possible (or as much as we can consciously remember to do so) and that can only be possible when we surrender to our Divinity. Surrender ~ that, to me, is the ultimate gift we can present ourselves during this phase of our evolution. Surrender to, and be in total alignment with Divine Will. Allow the process to unfold and unveil so that Clarity can present, unhampered by unnecessary thoughts.

Just like there's so much happening right now around us, the unseen world is also teeming with activity. The only difference is that where it's chaotic here, things are rapidly playing out in an orderly and methodical manner over there. I very often get "scenes" of this busy-ness ~ I see many individuals going about seemingly random activities. There is a sense of something ancient in these scenes ~ perhaps these are Ancient Ones busily preparing for what's ahead? I don't really know ~ what is remarkable to me is that I see entire scenes playing out, going on and on for what feels like several minutes. I have no idea what they are doing ~ each one is busy doing what they are doing, sometimes interacting with each other. The energy feels beautiful and reassuring, and even though I see these scenes as though presented in high-definition, I never seem to know what they are doing or saying. It is very strange indeed.

Back to where we are ~ it's getting very messy indeed, but it is a necessary process we have to go through. And go through we must, because we will emerge out of it in a much better condition and better prepared to forge ahead at full speed.

Namaste and many Blessings!


  1. I just wanted to say Thank You dear Grace for sharing all the informations, your work and effort.
    With Love

    1. Thank YOU, dear Edith, for your support and kind words ....Many Blessings πŸ’™

  2. Many Blessings back :-) and thank you for your kind answer.