22 December 2019

Objects of Density ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 22 December 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

All your beliefs create an energetic identity which has been built up through experience, trial and tribulation to create illusionary layer upon layer like an island around you. These layers comprise of your role amongst family and friends, the groups or societies you belong to, your responsibilities to you and others, the position of authority you hold, how you validate, defend and accept others positions around you and the security of your own position amongst all of these.

The rising waters of harmonic frequencies are rapidly washing away these layers reducing the solidity of the island around you. This is invoking feelings of insecurity, detachment from others, change of roles, removal of established ways and redefining your foothold within a fading third dimensional reality.

As your position becomes more precarious, there will come a time when your established island will no longer support the identity you held and will fall away releasing you into the fast moving stream of higher energies that was destined to take you all along.

The fifth dimensional energies have arrived to support you, to feed you and to nourish you in a way you never believed would be possible. Your Higher Self already knows the role you are to play once the Flood of energies has subsided and you have accepted the olive branch of Peace from within you - but it starts with letting go of all that you were to become all that YOU are.

YOU may begin to question the necessity for 'objects of density' - the basic need for those on Earth to surround themselves with possessions. There is an energetic exchange that takes place when you purchase an object with the medium of money. The object becomes your 'possession', it is imbued with the power of personalised ownership, it contains an extended emotional connection to you based on the resonance it is given by you at the time of purchase, it forms a mental construction that is part of defining your identity to others as to who you are, based on the material objects that you wear, drive, own and display.

An object that is personified as sentimental is given special powers that far exceed its intrinsic worth, it brings good luck, you can't be without it, its loss or misplacement can dramatically alter your emotional state in your Self and towards others. Material possessions are fought over, defended and stolen, they can split families, end relationships and end with loss of life - all over a collection of atomic particles that have become an external representation of Self extended out into the reality of our chosen creation.

This is an illusion.

Stripped of clothing, houses, cars and possessions and money, All are the same in Third Dimension, no One stands out from another One. It is 'objects of density' that have been used within Third Dimension to define who we believe we are and tell others of our position, multiple objects of luxury demonstrating our success and lack of possessions demonstrating our failures.

Fifth Dimensional consciousness will prove to be difficult for those who wish to continue acting out the script of a third dimensional play which involves the use of material props to decorate the scenery. Material possessions create multiple anchors that continue defining your identity within a third dimensional world. There is nothing wrong here but it is the continued reliance in using the lowest vibrational objects of density on the planet - i.e. money, to continue the purchase of objects that serve no other purpose other than to define a third dimensional identity to others. The Ego clothes itself with the objects of materialism for that is its purpose. Fifth dimension fills you with the Light of Source. The choice is yours of course.

To embody the consciousness of Fifth Dimension, we must learn to embrace the new reality that what we need will be provided when it is desired to serve purpose. Faith in manifesting our intention, through pure heart and divine guidance will guide our way forwards.

Have you got your Multi - Dimensional Pass?

Paul Dobree - Carey / Polaris AB
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