02 December 2019

Planetary Energy Work: 3 December 2019 ~ Broder Bilal

Source: Broder Bilal

The next Solar Cosmic Gateway from 3rd to 5th December gives Us a wonderful opportunity to combine our Consciousness as a team to assist Gaia and all the beautiful beings who have been drawn to this planet in these Greatest of Times.

We, the Wise Ancient Ones, have been involved in this groundwork for some time. It is part of the reason we are now gathered here together, on this earth, in the space of this group.

9pm - GMT
10pm - Sweden
4pm - Eastern Standard Time
3pm - Central Standard Time
1pm - Pacific Standard Time
8am - Sydney, Australia (4th December)

We will receive assistance from the Star Nations, their Motherships and the Stars, themselves, who will guide Us with their Love and Knowing.

With your intention, connect to your Galactic Team, your Energy Complex, the Great Central Star or 8:D Council of Saturn.

If you are new to this work and are uncertain what to do or if you have any questions, please feel welcome to comment on this post and someone in this group will be happy to answer you.

We are hoping for at least 300 - 500 of Us, the Advanced Lightcreators, to be involved in this assignment to magnify the power of our individual Consciousness.

We love you, we honour you and we thank you for your assistance.

Photo: NASA


  1. Hi could someone help me with this? kerrigraham71@hotmail.com this address. Thanks in light

    1. Hello :) Please go over to the fb page as given in the link, and read the comments there. They will give a good guide as to what to do. As for me, I will just suggest that you use your higher guidance. Blessings