01 December 2019

Preparing for December Solstice ~ Tim Whild ~ 1 December 2019

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Source: Tim Whild

Summer and Winter Solstice (depending on your location) is an incredibly special date on the spiritual calendar which sees our planet receive a vast inflow of Christ Light.

In the Northern Hemisphere it is celebrated with traditional holidays and lights are used to counter the physical reality of long, dark nights and Winter weather. It is a beautiful and powerful time.

More recently this window of opportunity is being used to align the Earth with a higher consciousness. This is a heart-based consciousness replacing the ego which has run this planet for thousands of years. Many of us have worked incredibly hard this past eleven months to adjust to the new energies which are forming our reality, and things are about to go up a couple of notches.

Three weeks prior to the Winter Solstice the Universal flow of Christ Light begins to build momentum. This energy is not named thus for religious reasons, it is identified as a far larger consciousness which pervades all souls who have connected with their fifth-dimensional heart centre.
Since August 2017 the Higher Realms have seen that everyone living on Earth (and intending to pass through the ascension gateway) has been connected to their higher hearts. Just over two years later the Passage of the Heart is being followed by the activation of the Atlantean Community Blueprint (worldwide Navel chakra trigger). We are on the doorstep of incredible change and the energies are moving fast.

What can we expect over the next four weeks and what is the best course of action?
On a frequency level, things are going to step up on a daily basis, but most people will be caught up in Christmas and holiday preparations. As Lightworkers we will be very aware of the new inflow but the best way to accept it and use it effectively is to stay relaxed and in the moment. Be aware of everything but use the power of discernment at all times.

The chakra that will be the most active over the next four weeks will be the Heart centre as this is directly aligned with the Universal Christ Consciousness. Here is a simple visualisation to stay in your Heart even when busy or surrounded by other people’s energy!

1. As soon as you wake up stand facing the East with your right hand placed over your heart centre. Take three deep breaths and centre yourself.
2. Feel yourself grounded and completely present in the moment.
3. Continue to breathe with your eyes closed and visualise your heart becoming a pure white ball of iridescent Light.
4. As you breathe see that ball of white light begin to expand around you. This is pure heart light…you may even see the colours of pink and light gold within.
5. When the ball is completely around you ask your heart to hold the vibration at all times.
6. This is now the first thing that will touch people when you are in their presence. Your heart has the power to alter the vibration of anything vibrating below its frequency and bring it up to match you! It is pure alchemy.
7. Ask Archangels Chamuel, Christiel and Universal Angel Mary to bless your cocoon of light throughout the day.
8. Try it out! Go into a busy area and consciously use your heart vibration to lift and shift everyone and everything around you.

Photo by - Dorset Delights https://www.facebook.com/saintsmadmomma73/

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