31 December 2019

Psychic Development ~ Gigi Young ~ 30 December 2019

Source: Gigi Young

Psychic development is not really developing anything from scratch, but rather the re-gaining, or intensifying, of the senses we already have. Deepening our reach into higher densities, reconnecting with a deeper level of our own mind. This is the state of humans before we fell in density-the fall.

Recognizing this distinction between development as remembrance vs. having to create something from scratch is a big deal. We begin to see that we can fall into psychic ability, that it is always there, as though its on a slightly different radio frequency.

Know that developing your psychic abilities is regaining a state that you have already occupied within your spirit. The difference is that you are now rising to occupy that space from a deeper density, a deeper level of awareness and perspective than before.

Come home to your higher-self.

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