22 December 2019

Remembering Unity: Clearing ~ Jason Estes

If we are having unwanted experiences that we consciously and adamantly do not wish to go through, that means that there is an aspect of us that still wants to have that experience. Jason Estes calls it the "Dance Card" analogy ~ we're still holding that Dance Card that publicly  announces the names of the people (experiences) with whom we wish to dance, and therefore are actively attracting them our way and into our field.

Source: MTVOTeam

Like the clear commands we tackle daily in Clear Camp, Remembering Unity work helps us deal with issues that come up in present time.⁣

So, what's the difference?⁣

Remembering Unity brings rogue pieces of you back into alignment with the totality of your being. Clear commands release that which isn't you.⁣

Additionally, Remembering Unity works at a 4D level. It's extremely useful when you find yourself split, fragmented, or in a low-frequency state. This often indicates that there's an inner conflict happening within you, which makes Remembering Unity an awesome tool to have in your spiritual toolkit.⁣

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