31 December 2019

Self-Care ~ Lee Harris ~ 30 December 2019

Source: Lee Harris

If you’re someone going through a really big awakening right now, and/or just coming online with your spiritual senses for the first time, it’s a lot to take in and it requires good self-care.

The energy is really strong - it’s very high so it’s super important to ground. You can ground through exercise, long walks in nature, yoga, meditation, being in places where people are calm in their bodies - it’s why things like yoga or any kind of wellness practise is good. And then if you need to express that energy - dance, sing, play and love - find people that are good to be around. Find art, music, or other expressions that feel good to you.

-From December 2019 Energy Update

Read/Watch the full Energy Update here: http://bit.ly/dec2019eu


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