04 December 2019

Symbology of the Child ~ Gigi Young ~ 30 November 2019

Absolutely agree about the loss of Higher Consciousness....

Source: Gigi Young (includes video)

This season of In Plain Sight deeply explores the use of children in occult ritual, obviously this is a challenging topic, which means that we must not run from it but deeply understand it. To comprehend how children are used in occult practices we must understand what they symbolize as Symbology is the language of magick and consciousness.

Crisis in Consciousness
Before I explain the symbology of the child in magic we have to address the elephant in the room…the reality that we are having a crisis in society when it comes to consciousness.We have become overly literal, linear and materialist in our thinking. This is detrimental to evaluating and understanding esoteric subjects.

A large portion of alternative media is growing in anger over exploitive occult practices but there is rarely a conversation that actually links the problems that we face with a loss of higher consciousness within ourselves and society at large. Esoteric subjects require a flexible, open mind as well as the ability to understand symbolism – essentially a psychically awake mind.

Examples of this loss of higher consciousness in society are the lack of authentic spirituality including atheism, scientism and all other dogma’s including many peoples relationship with religion. When we cut ourselves off from our inner Spirit, we still need that life force energy so we turn to external material obsessions and consumerism to fill internal voids. Over time this leads to the loss of intuitive functioning

including the loss of compassion,empathy and any sense of  inter-connectivity or community.
When it comes to taking in information our pattern recognition decreases and people become unable to connect dots even though they are right in front of them. As intuition is closely linked to survival we also have difficulty recognizing unhealthy and predatory energies. This helps us understand why we live in a time where corruption is so high, we have cut ourselves off from our intuition to such a dangerous degree that corrupt, predatory individuals fill the seats of government, corporations and media.

The other crisis in consciousness that we face today is the loss of understanding of the soul and consciousness in an objective way, not connected to religion. Many people who identify as spiritual are not. They have no real relationship with their consciousness and actually reject practices and beliefs that their own prophets once practiced. They turn to spiritual ideologies to feel safe rather than authentically connect with their Spirit. This regression is symbolized by removing the concept of aether in the scientific world.

Today, we also sit at a loss when it comes to our ancient past, our reductionist minds function in short cycles unable to comprehend our ancestors and ancient history or pre-history. All information lies within our cells, within out higher mind, but we refuse to realize that we exist beyond of physical body. As we sit in this sorry state, allopathic medicine reigns supreme and we become sicker and sicker as a dystopian AI future flickers in the background. We used to see ourselves in everything, understand the connections between things that seemed opposing, as a result we were interwoven with the world around us. This lead to natural ethics, compassion and empathy. We must work to regain this state.

In order to create the change that we desire in society we have to raise our consciousness, all elections and politics is secondary to this fact. We cannot simply legislate peace, and justice, we have embody it. We can’t vote it in, not in the corrupt conditions we face now. We have to realize that many of us have cut ourselves off from our higher-self and as a result our cognition has reduced – degraded- into a materialist, reductionist form.We have to train ourselves back into a higher level of intelligence. A good place to start is understanding the power of symbology and particularly the archetype of the child.

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