24 December 2019

The Eclipse ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 23 December 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

This Eclipse this week is going to be really intense. Chiron is squaring a whole bunch of planets!! Uranus will be there to keep it inspired and help us to truly overcome a lot of the anxiety and traumas from the past, including the dark cycles of human history we have all endured.

Much will come to the surface, so it may be really erratic as far as moods go, so it is important to take plenty of breathing room if people are being irrational or if you feel overly frustrated by someone or something.

It is important to work on our self and address negative patterns and take time to clear any thoughts that are defeating or full of fear, by being transparent about them or expressing them creatively. Otherwise they stay internalized and it is easy to act out and harm people unnecessarily. Self-reliance is the theme!!

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