29 December 2019

The Trajectory of Evolution ~ Alexander Kosmos ~ 28 December 2019

Not even 13-Chakras, but 15! I don't really understand why Gaia Mum is starting from the 1st Chakra, maybe it's a realignment or upgrade ~ at any rate, please go with your Higher Guidance as always always always!

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

To understand and comprehend our present world, we must step back and take a macro rather than a micro-view. In perceiving our present world with a micro-view, our future is distorted and blended with our past and becomes subjective. The macro-view offers the present world as it is NOW, a perspective of our world with its entire purpose. So what is humanity’s purpose within the world? Is it a world where each and every human being’s purpose is fulfilled as a micro-part of the big economic machine? Thus establishing our Life’s purpose by the economic contribution we make to the economic machine. Or is our purpose with the world actually fulfilled when our innate ability to develop relationships – relationships to support the macro-view of Enlightenment by understanding and comprehending the concepts of Love and Unity? We will only know when we finally step away from the micro-view!

With a macro-view we come to understand and comprehend the world’s systems at work as well as our contribution towards its wellbeing! We also come to understand and comprehend how our overall progress contributes to the present world! We can now see the Trajectory of Evolution at work! Our present world is transforming into a fully integrated Fifth Dimensional World! And with it, humanity’s transformation into a Fifth Dimensional Creator! Our present world is at the end of its previous stage of evolution, the Fourth Dimensional experience of our world. Did we learn enough to fully integrate into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension? Did we all learn that Love and Unity are the keys for transforming our present world into Unified World? If we haven’t yet, the next 22 years are going to be quite revealing to say the least!

For 22 years, beginning on March 3, 2020 and completing on February 3, 2042, Mother Earth will be increasing her current 7 Chakra System to a 15 Chakra System – as will humanity! Our present world will not be changed by an external event! Rather, our present world will be changed completely through our own internal Change! Mother Earth’s transformation as well as humanity’s transformation was actually initiated on March 27, 2017, when Mother Earth completed her Final Event of shifting her Magnetic Pole alignment to enhance her emerging Fifth Dimension Reality. Mother Earth’s as well humanity’s internal expansion will result in considerable Change for all of us, but will we accept and acclimate with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency within our New Reality?

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