22 December 2019

Those Through Whom You Know Yourself ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

You have no guarantee when you walk into a room whether or not you will be met with laughter or with tears, with joy or with envy. You have no way of knowing what another holds in her field that she is seeking to release as the encounter with you progresses.

Now each one of you decides certain things prior to incarnation, and that includes many of the people that you will encounter and exchange with. And you are choosing this, not because it's so much fun, but because you have so much to learn and you agree, prior to coming onto this plane, that there are lessons you will learn though each other.

So when you go into a room, the best way to enter is in an expectation of love, but not the kind of love that requires somebody to jump in your arms, or to wish you well, or to agree with your behavior.

So many of the people you meet that cause you the most difficulty have come to show you who you are, high and low and in between. These engagements are extraordinarily powerful, and the ones you know yourselves through most closely are the ones you are born into as family.

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

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