29 December 2019

Time to Wrap Up ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 28 December 2019

This is the story for many of us. Time to write a new story for 2020.

Source: Avatara Ananda

Quit giving your power away by either longing for or holding any grudges for anyone.

“I love you, bye” is a great way to end stupid cycles. Holding a drop of grudge holds you down, so just send em out on their way with a love note and don’t ever seek for a drop of external anything. Self source and magnetize. Flip the script. It does not matter who the other is, super soulmate on steroids, twin flame, best friend or whatever ... do not ever allow anyone to treat you with less than what you bring to the table. Deal with own inner fragmentation that comes up. Don’t offer your energy where it is not valued. This isn’t a charity event, if you want to host one, do so properly with a sign “charity”.

There must be mutual respect, care and reciprocity. Check your passport and see if it reads “Mother Teresa”, if not, offer your unconditional “giving” only to those who truly do not have anything back to give other than genuine love. Animal shelters, for instance, have many opportunities for unconditional giving. When someone is a healthy person in functioning condition capable of self sourcing resources there is no reason to pour out more than you are receiving unless someone is truly in trouble and is a genuine person whom you wish to support. Took me some severely challenging lessons to learn all this. If someone did not show up for you after you showed up for them ... time to wrap up ~

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