30 December 2019

Trust Your Bodies ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 December 2019

Trust your bodies and where they have led you

Source: Lee Harris

You are creating space in your mind for new thoughts, new ideas. Change is scary. Even if you embrace change.

Even if you choose to go skiing because it sounds like a good idea, it doesn’t mean you might not feel enormous fear when you commit yourself. But trust your bodies and where they have led you. So many of you now are being given wonderful opportunities to shift your minds very fast. In so many cases, your mind is all that is needed, your emotions and your energy has done all the work.

When your mind has shifted, when your mind gets out of the way, you will start to try different things. Finally, what is it that you are avoiding right now that you may have wanted for a very long time? Or that for the last few days you have been thinking of but you have a conflict going on around it?

Allow yourself to see this thing. Now choose it. Conflict exists - you are on a planet that has conflict. Conflict should not stop forward momentum.

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