01 December 2019

Unblocking the Sacral Chakra: Last Step to Freedom! ~ Celia Fenn ~ 1 November 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

On this first day of December many people are noticing a very deep level of clearing going on in the sacral chakra area.

In the last year, whenever I have read energy fields for clients I have noticed that the sacral chakra is blocked. This is a result of the collective abuse of the sacral energy, which is our sexual and creative energy.

Those who have manipulated human consciousness have done so by creating "blocks" that syphon off energy at the sacral, as well as the throat and the right brain. By blocking a human from their creativity (sacral) and their soul mission (throat) you effectively cut off their creativity and render them into pliable "slaves" that will do as they are told and follow the story they are fed.

No longer. As people awaken they align with their soul mission and activate the right brain. Now, as the sacral chakra is cleared of old patterns of distortion and false beliefs, humans are becoming free to express themselves fully as co-creators of their own reality.

This is the last step to Freedom!

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