28 December 2019

Unconditional Love ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 27 December 2019

Source: Avatara Ananda

The misconstrued comprehension of unconditional love can have ill effects when one is not clear about the operating systems of separation consciousness.

Unconditional love does not mean acceptance of entitled/arrogant behaviors and allowance of such behaviors into own life. It is important to understand the medicine required for each vice.

For example, unconditional acceptance of narcissistic personality driven by entitlement and arrogance into own being as means to practicing unconditional love does not serve anyone because the medicine for entitlement and arrogance is humiliation and loss of that which decorates the character with the false sense of power.

The practice of unconditional love in this case includes the setting of healthy boundaries and honoring the chosen trajectory of the other without personal involvement in their path.

Entitlement and arrogance come from inflated sense of self importance through the lense of hierarchical superiority, misplaced offering of unconditional acceptance and love through personal involvement only feeds that sense of self importance and amplifies delusions of entitlement.

 The antidote to such delusions of own grandeur is the loss of important to the character possessions/image/reputation/sense of safety etc. Such is the way of dismantling the ego personality that is addicted to own delusions, only through the process of being stripped of false sense of power can such persona begin comprehending integrity.

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