26 December 2019

You Are Met Where You Stand ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

We are listening to you now as you ask us questions. "Why did I come? What will I be? What will I learn? What is at the top of the mountain? How will I attend to myself? How will I know? How will I live?"

So many questions, you see, are all about what will happen, not where you stand. Where you stand is where you are, and where you are is with the Source of All That Is. In every moment, in every waking moment, you are in your unity, know it or not.

The vibration of the Creator, which you may call whatever you like, heals you as you stand where you are, loves you as you stand where you are, and thinks of you, in your own way, when you know that He, It, She, whatever you wish to call it, is in consort with your needs. Now we underline the word 'needs' because a need and a want are quite different and your needs are always met in the light when they are in consort with your worth.

Now you are always worth what you say you are in your own esteem, but you denounce yourself when you say to yourself that "the Creator must not think much of me," and yes, we use the word "think" intentionally. The Creator, you see, will assess you in accord with what you can say you can have. He wishes you the Kingdom, all the bounty in the world is really there for the asking, but the consciousness you hold is what says "yes" or "no."

You are met where you stand, not where you may one day be. The Kingdom is not someplace in the future, four mountaintops away. It is where you stand.

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

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