23 September 2020

A Short Message to the Surface Population ~ Cobra ~ 23 September 2020

To provide some set-up, here are two coded messages (not meant for us) that Cobra sent out in the hours before this update.

  • Wipeout sequence 1 and wipeout sequence 2 in progress, evaluating PHX (link)
  • Drastic PBS security breach at 504, black alert at 504, mailto:m:enforce PHX else L51 else potentially fatal grid ratio failure (link) Source: The Portal

Source: The Portal

There were some drastic military escalations behind the scenes a few hours ago, and there is now a full scale war going on between the Galactic Confederation and the Draco fleet in sublunar space, and a full scale war between the Resistance Movement and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex in the underground bases. Nothing can be said at this time about the operations on the surface, as all is still classified.

Although the end result of this war is a clear Draco and IBC defeat, the energy of this conflict will precipitate to the surface of the planet as increased violence among members of the surface population, and as violence from the Cabal towards the surface humanity.

There will be two peaks of this conflict, the first one being Mars Saturn square on September 29th at 21:49 UTC and the second one being Mars Pluto square on October 9th at 13:09 UTC. The Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to join the Flower of Life meditation at those two moments, to minimize that violence and bring more peace into the situation:

The Light Forces are also asking everybody who feels so guided, to join daily Flower of Life meditations at their convenience. These meditations are taking place daily every 4 hours at 12 am, 4 am, 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm UTC.

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When you're at your "welcome back to Heaven" party and God asks if you're ready to prep for your next incarnation

This has appeared on a few sites....

Break the Cycle ~ Alyonna Angelica

Alyonna Angelica
Ascension is a long and exhausting trip. It is a journey-inwards. To go higher you need to go in deeper. Like a tree. The deeper the roots, the taller the tree. And this trip isn't an easy one. Think of it like needing to reach the centre of the hurricane or a tornado where it's peaceful and calm. That centre is true you. You need to go through the outer layers of chaos, through the pain, the hurt, the attack, the darkness and the conditioning to reach calmness deep within you so you may re-connect with your true self, remembering who you really are. Only then will you ascend. Only then will you know how to break the cycle.

Saw this shared in a closed group.

The Now ~ Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle
You cannot find yourself in the past or the future
The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now

Healing Ancestral Trauma ~ Ascension Energy ~ Glacia Rain ~ 23 September 2020

The link to this video is here.

Important information for healing trauma for these transitional times. Let's not forget past lives trauma, too.

Affirmation: I Am Light ~ Diana Cooper ~ 22 September 2020

Light illuminates darkness and gloom, bringing hope and inspiration.
Ask the angels to fill you with more light, for it contains spiritual information and knowledge. These are keys to the Universe and bring Love and Peace, as well as unlocking the Wisdom within you.
As your light becomes stronger and clearer, you will find clarity and purpose.
You will radiate brightly and become a beacon, reminding others of the Divine help available.
Angel wisdom suggests you ask the Angels to ignite and strengthen the Divine Flame within you.

Source: Diana Cooper

Affirmation: I am light.

Ascended Master Yeshua on True Commitment to Walking Your Path ~ Aja Andromeda ~ 22 September 2020 / 13 March 2019

To watch this video, please follow this link. It's a repost from 13 March 2019.

Healing, inner/shadow work, integration, being centred ~ these are some of the things that go a long way in helping us along.

Jason Estes Update ~ 22 September 2020


Source: Jason Estes

3pt heart influx tomorrow followed by a new level of game for humanity that starts on 25th as the baseline of the planet raises so does its required circuit count and home state 
this is a HUGE thing and its effects will be felt very soon after 
for the longest time humanities baseline has been stuck in feeling and being out of control and with out purpose 
on 25th it moves to learning to be a creator 
this is a in control space and leads to lots of new choice points and very different points of view while it is mostly chaotic as it tries to prove itself it is still a new level of willingness and something to be celebrated 
usually this phase would last 20+ years but because of the sector the baseline will be leveling up several times in next few months 
very very radical changes will occur and a new sickness may form for those who can not stabilize in the higher octaves 
be aware that this is all part of the process and let your body guide you on what it needs take these next few days to get in sync with your body and prepare because the final act of this world is about to begin and once it ends nothing will ever be the same ::hugs:: ❤

The Great Shining is Here ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 22 September 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

The Great Shining is Here
You have come such a long way. You are here and you need no longer fear that you could ever go back.
You are mastering the worlds of darkness. Loving it to total inclusion. Into inclusion as the side that Light had not been. And you are leaving your mark of light wherever you have gone.
You are coming fully at Home with yourself here, aligning fully with Gaia, and now it is only a matter of believing this totally, and living exactly how you feel it. How your self-honesty reveals your way to more You moment by moment.
Breathe it all in as you anchor your fullness with Earth in your body and Knowing, and in that infinitesimal moment between breath sequence, you are One in Source. In the letting go of all limitation, the out breath becomes an expansion of Love drawn from the subtle God Force behind the breath. Your loving embrace as a flow in your Being through doing.
Shine On.
I So Love You
PS And remember that it has been a terrible, unkind lie (of propaganda) for you to be afraid of Father Sun. The Life Giving, Life Promoting waves of Cosmic Light stream through Him bathing and transmuting us All. And in His present outpouring you will have noticed how His Flares of Fire and Transmutation, like a Dragons Breath, brings waves and days of bodily weakness and the need to rest and sleep. Then afterwards days of vitality and aliveness, clarity, alignment and wellbeing.
And in Joy, this will not lessen but is accelerating.
So simply Flow with it. You asked for transformation and it is happening for Everyone. There is no hiding anymore. It is time to fully surrender to this natural evolutionary process (the Law of your unfolding), and you will become more acclimatised to it.
So bless and honour Father Sun and go visit Him. Stand in His Fire for a brief moment and allow Him to shoot you into the worlds, waves, timelines, and Love through and beyond your present knowing. 
My Cup overflows.
Thankyou, thankyou.

Listen Deeply to Your Creative Impulses ~ Lee Harris ~ 22 September 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Because we are through a little more of the adrenalized fight or flight energy that was taking place between February, March, April, May, you're going to be able to actually create things in the world; whether it's changing your circumstances or whether it's acts of creation, whether it is writing a book or whatever it is that feels important to you. ⁣
And it's very easy in times like this, to wonder, “What's the point of your act of creation?” Especially when you see a lot going on in the world.⁣
But the one thing that my guides are always saying is that each of us are a puzzle piece in the hive that we live in and we have to take care of our puzzle piece. ⁣
And if we follow what it is that we want to create, it's going to add something, not just to our lives, but to the lives of others around us. ⁣
So we need to listen deeply to that creative impulse in order to get to that state.⁣
From the September 2020 Energy Update⁣

It's Time ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 22 September 2020

Andrew Bartzis' website is here.

It’s Time…

It is time for you to claim your power for good. As you claim your power, the next layer appears. The very next layer of everything. It's your goal, your decision, your power right now, to have it all. Now it's just a matter of choice for you. A matter of choice so that you can take it to the next level, to the next level and beyond.

As I go deeper and deeper and deeper I begin to ask the question, why haven't you done this before? Why haven't you reflected on this before? One of the reasons is you've never had the opportunity to truly understand your dream space, never had the true choices and self-wisdom and self-love. But now that you understand that your story is being expanded, you'll be able to take it to the next level. It's really time that you claim your power, claim your soul, claim your wisdom and claim everything that is beyond.
“It is time for you to claim your power for good.”
- Andrew Bartzis

Vlog 185 ~ Step 3: Preparation for the Planetary Reboot ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 21 September 2020

Please listen in to the vlog here, which includes an invocation towards the end.

Mosaic Constructions Continue to Unite as One ~ Gaia Portal ~ 22 September 2020

Interestingly, on 22 April 2020 the Gaia Portal report had this, denoting a west to east movement:

"Westward winds are carried on the morning."

Source: Gaia Portal

Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One.
Gaia rests in the comfort of her caretakers.
Avians fly toward the East.
Harmonics rise.

SR Reading

Space Observing System

22 September 2020

Ascension Through Examples ~ Clip: Jason Estes #60 ~ What is Ascension ~ 21 September 2020

Source: MTVO

Each week, we Deep Dive our video content and discuss it 😊⁣

How to participate:⁣
1) Go to Jason's FB profile at www.facebook.com/jason.estes.965 and find the latest Deep Dive post⁣
2) Watch (or rewatch) the YouTube video⁣
3) Share your insights, experiences, and questions on the post on Jason’s FB wall.

Throat Chakra: Chakra of Divine Will ~ Judy Satori ~ 22 September 2020

Source: Judy Satori (with video)

In short video, Judy answers a question about pain in the THROAT CHAKRA, from Michelle, a participant of our ASCENSION 2020 retreat in New Zealand in August.
Judy explains, through SPIRIT, that the Throat Chakra is the CHAKRA OF DEVINE WILL within the body; so as we are EXPANDING into OUR SOUL AUTHENTICITY, we can feel discomfort or even PHYSICAL PAIN around the throat.
Judy uses DIRECT ENERGY WORK, through “LIGHT LANGUAGE” from SPIRIT, to help Michelle, and the many people who are feeling PAIN in their THROAT CHAKRA, during this CUTTING-EDGE TIME around the WORLD.
Discover more from the Codes of Light Series https://www.ascensionlibrary.org/col-chapter-one-highlights

Being of Service ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 22 September 2020

Welcome Dreamers
Pretend the world you long for big time

Source: Nicky Hamid

I do not allow negative opinions of others to affect me.
I have forgiven myself for believing all the beliefs that others have held about me. How could they Know me from their own unknowing of themselves, Bless their Hearts.
I do not buy into any of the thought seeds that reflect unlovingness of others or of myself.
I seek only to empower the world and to be of service to Divine Will which is my Will.
I am lovingly, playfully embracing the reality of this.
Won’t you join me.
Have a Magical Day or Evening.
I So Love You

Desire & Expectation ~ Matt Kahn ~ 21 September 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

Desire is the remembrance that things will only get better over a period of time. Expectation is what you tell yourself must occur before such desire can be felt. 

If and when you desire something, right then and there, you are feeling a sneak preview of how you will feel more often as your current level of transformation becomes complete. 

If you tell yourself, "I won't be able to feel this way without specific outcomes or circumstances entering my life", you've innocently given your power away to expectation, which pulls you further away from the vibration of desire, instead of bringing you into deeper alignment with it.


Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 20 September 2020

Source: Oneness Of All

Welcome dear readers. Know that through your alignment with these messages you are in alignment with the energy of the Arcturian Group.

All is proceeding according to plan even though appearances look increasingly negative especially for those who are unaware of the ascension process taking place. You may think you are doing nothing but each and every one of you chose to be a part of these energetically powerful times in order to provide your energy, experience, and knowledge from hundreds of previous lives to collective consciousness.

The energy that emanates from one's consciousness is automatically felt in varying degrees by others because there is only One. Energy always seeks to align with ITself, drawing its own level of vibration. This is why there is the saying; "Birds of a feather flock together" and is also why attraction or repulsion frequently happens between people who do not even know each other.

No one can hide their state of consciousness behind a mask for very long although many try and a few even succeed for a while. Energy speaks loudly without words or actions especially to those who live more from within than from without, and have become more aware of energy. Trust your intuition for it is a powerful tool.

Certain places will begin to feel heavy and uncomfortable because your energy is now resonating at a higher frequency causing you to be out of alignment with some favorite places, people, or activities. Honor these experiences without resistance or fanfare but with understanding. There will continue to be times when you must participate in something you have outgrown but rather than resist, use the occasion as an opportunity to practice staying centered without judgement or criticism of those still in alignment with them.

Never attempt to hold on to or restore something you have spiritually outgrown through peer pressure, guilt, attachment, or common belief. Once you no longer energetically align with some person, place, thing, idea, or belief nothing can make it as it was in a previous state of consciousness unless it moves to your level. This is spiritual evolution.

It is very important that you learn to let negative thoughts and feelings flow through and out without claiming them to be personally yours simply because you are aware of them. The hundreds of negative thoughts and beliefs that float about in collective consciousness are always impersonal because they are not reality-- Divine Consciousness. The moment you claim them as yours, they become yours and then begin to draw to you similar energy.

The only qualities that are personal to you are those of Divine Consciousness. Begin to claim these qualities rather than every three dimensional belief about money, health, spirituality etc. that comes floating into your awareness from the collective.

If you find that some similar or same negative thought seems to consistently present itself, it means you are somehow in alignment with that energy, drawing it to you. Use the experience to discover and clear the beliefs that are behind the consistent thought. A good example is a person who always thinks and worries about their health and who automatically comes down with whatever disease is popular at the moment.

Mind in its perfect functioning as an avenue of awareness lovingly forms for every person exactly what they hold in consciousness from the substance of their consciousness. It is not uncommon for someone in the medical field who has specialized in a specific disease to find himself or someone close to him developing that very disease.

Do I still accept age, deterioration, and disease as reality? Can God age or deteriorate? If disease was a part of Divine Consciousness, no person or treatment would ever be able to heal, change, or correct it for it would be held permanently in place by Divine Law. Start accepting the truth that you are creators.

Please read on....

Great Cosmic Equaliser ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 21 September 2020

Source: Meg Benedicte
Great Cosmic Equalizer
In just a few hours we will reach peak momentum (at 13:31 UTC) in the Equinox Gateway of ascension acceleration. The September Libra Equinox, also called southward equinox, is the moment in time when the Sun stands directly above the equator while crossing from northern to southern hemisphere. On this day the North Pole begins to tilt away from the sun. It is a day out of time…when day and night are equal length.
Libra is the sign of ‘balanced scales’, inspiring more justice, harmony and equality in the world. We are entering the great cosmic Equalizer. The Tao symbol exemplifies the holistic union of yin/yang, the swirling interaction of equal forces. Let’s join together and spread more unity consciousness in our world. United in vision and intention, we can help bring more ease and dissolve the bitter divisiveness infecting our communities. Let’s pour divine Light into the world, uniting us in Love!
The Equinox Gateway represents the beginning and the end of universal cycles in nature, initiating a global reset of massive proportions. There is a global restructuring occurring on all levels since the pandemic started, sweeping through the timelines and revealing unfinished business. What requires dismantling and rebuilding in your world? The Equinox provides an opportunity to release what’s ‘out-of-balance’ and create more equilibrium in your life.
The Equinox forms a perfect zero point portal of pure creational alchemy. Zero point energy is potent, fertile, vibrant with infinite vitality. It is the void space of all possibilities. The Equinox provides a magical moment out of time when we can ignite our visions and heart-felt desires into reality.
Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for Equinox Gateway Global Activations on Tuesday, September 22nd. The show is recorded for replay.
If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=220831
Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Quantum Access®
Copyright (c) 2020 Meg Benedicte 
* All Rights Reserved * 
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice. 

21 September 2020

The Law or Principle of Penetration🌌⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

The Law of Principle of Penetration states that anything which is looked at with great attention by great quality of consciousness penetrates to the heart, and then emanates into all of consciousness
Source: MTVO

The Law or Principle of Penetration🌌⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork #awareness

Honesty & Sacred Space ~ Matt Kahn ~ 20 September 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

There are two vital qualities to cultivate along the path of conscious embodiment. 
First, it is essential to meet any moment with the honesty of where you sincerely are at, no matter how lost, defeated, lonely, insufferable, or incapable of a character it makes you feel to yourself or those around you. This helps you cultivate the quality of open heart, since only accepting the truth of each moment may ever set you free. 
It is also equally important to hold sacred space for a future being far brighter than any moment from the past. This helps you cultivate the quality of an open mind, where you are able to remain open to things always getting better, no matter how daunting of a past you’ve endured, regardless of how surprising current circumstances appear, or how disappointing any moment feels.
To help you cultivate these two essential qualities, please try this fill-in-the-blank mantra:
"Even though I can't help but feel ______, I know things can only get better, no matter how slowly it seems to change." 
Please try this mantra each and every time hurt is felt. May it help you further awaken the compassion and grace of life's highest potential -- for yourself, your loved ones, and the transforming world in view. 

"Shine On" ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 21 September 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

And this is some of why I say so often "ShIne On".
Just as the Sun has stepped up, fired up and is streaming into Earth, His greater Life enhancing Light and "exhilaration, and enthusiasm", so too for us the acceleration of our evolution is continuing and will not let up.
We have now Present within us the Cosmic Truth, Radiance and Love of the Christed Light Consciousness, and WE are to own it Now, as our own Lighted Loving Soul Presence, dropping all attachments to old ways of being.
It is congregating and amassing as photonic light within the nuclei of our DNA and the potential of every living cell of our body. It is embedded in our Auric Field and comes online as we expand, through freewill choice, to reach deeper and higher within ourselves.
You cannot know a New Way if you are not emptied of old ways, clinging to what you know because you are unaware of what is coming. Once a cup is filled it has to be emptied again if you want to taste a new untainted elixir.
So if you have asked to be fully conscious of who you are and to serve your own greatest purpose then you have to go through this emptying. The dropping of attachment to all old ideas, to all your identity of “little self”. your name, your personality, your “family” attachments based on past contracts, your “spiritual” tags of belonging.
To open to the ever expanding, undefined “Soul Presence” and Eternal connection to the ONE.
To know the Will of God and Will of You as ONE. At a deeper level of Your Knowing and Loving that is grounded in Your Lighted Soul Presence which is well beyond mental mind perception but is to become fully Present in embodiment.
It comes from the Shining Light of this Presence welling up inside you. You cannot be refilled if your Life purpose fills your mind. To Love God is to Love Yourself, without question, limited conception, or veiled perception. And in the emptying you step through the “Grande Door” of a brand new Life Stream.
What the World needs, what humanity needs is "more of YOU".
Something Beautiful for God. I AM.
Shine On Precious Soul.
I So Love You

You are Here to Bring Heart Energy ~ Lee Harris ~ 20 September 2020

Source: Lee Harris

You are here to bring heart energy. 
Some of you through the art you create that allows others to feel their hearts, some of you the to direct contact and connection you give others through your hugging, your loving, your nurturing, your care taking. 
The heart wears many outfits. For fashions change on Earth and everybody likes different styles. So you do not have to be a ‘mushy mushy’ person in order to be a heart centered person. 
- From "The Journey into Oneness" MP3

When Society is Pressurised ~ Gigi Young ~ 20 September 2020

Gigi Young
The more society is pressurised, the more we will be driven to embody our most dominant polarity
We will become more of our shadow or more of our Light
We will embody what we have leaned into the most

Illuminating the Truth ~ Matt Kahn ~ 20 September 2020

Above and beyond any spiritual attainment, your willingness to be completely honest and loving with yourself is what reflects the maturity of an open heart.

Even if you find yourself afraid to be honest, take the time to love the one who is afraid and release more cellular memory out of your energy field

 Matt Kahn's website is here.

From Matt:


Mantra: I am willing to see things clearly --
no matter the outcome.

When the truth is illuminated, you are no longer willing to settle for opinions but instead yearn for a direct reflection that can shift fear and apprehension into higher vibrations of acceptance. In the illumination of truth, it doesn't matter how much life gets inconvenienced or disrupted. Instead, the recognition of fact versus falsehood allows you to move past the shattering of expectations to commune with a reality beyond the horizon of your ingrained ideas.

SR Reading

Space Observing System
The thin-line phase is back....

20 September 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 20 September 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

So, as we enter this week we transit the Equinox portal and the Sun moves into Libra.
Very strongly felt, the energy of the Divine Feminine, changing from Virgo Goddess to Libra Goddess: Ma'at the Sirian/Egyptian Goddess of Cosmic Balance.
The ancient Egyptians would greet friends with the greeting "May there be Ma'at", and they saw Ma'at or Cosmic Balance in all things, even in every breath that we take. So in this week I wish for all of you that you find "Ma'at" in your daily lives.
Ma'at's symbol, the white feather, indicates the "Lightness of Being" and the high frequencies that will be incoming this week, especially around the 21st to the 23rd which is the Equinox.
At this time, on the Earth's spiral journey through Time/Space, the day and the night are of equal length, balancing the Light and the Dark into One Radiant Love. So, in our lives, the pressure to balance out our energies and bring the duality into "Oneness" will be intense.
Also a theme from now until the end of October and into the Scorpio Gate and the 11/11, will be the deep healing and activation in our DNA. The Human Angelic Template is emerging very strongly and we are releasing deep ancestral pain. You may feel this as chaos and anxiety and stress. But, as this energy leaves it is being replaced by the deep and profound Diamond Light.
This is deep "karmic healing" relating to past and future energies and the healing of our Solar system and our Planet.
Flow with the energies in Peace. Do not resist with fear.
All is well!
Let there Be Ma'at!
Have a powerful and wonderful Equinox week!
Love to Everyone!
❤ ❤ ❤

The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Holders ~ Lisa Renee ~ 20 September 2020

An astounding report from Lisa Renee documenting several incredible corrections and remedials, the consequences of which will most certainly galvanise our Ascension Timeline. All the more reason for us to hold our ground firmly and not get pulled into the quagmire of descending chaos. This update is one that I definitely need to read a couple more times to properly take in all that's been reported.

Source: Energetic Synthesis ~ Shifting Timelines

Dear Ascending Family,

Since the onset of the Paliadorian Activation cycle, significant changes have been occurring within the core manifestation template and the base 12 architecture in this Universal system. This could best be described as an expansion, as the God Source Creator has opened up several ascending pathways from our time matrix that lead directly into the highest sovereign realities existing within the God Worlds.  Through the addition of the three-dimensional layers built into our Universal Time Matrix, our system has integrated three unlocked corridors which include another harmonic universe layer that expands into 16D, 17D and 18D, which are non-dimensionalized Cosmic Founder God Source consciousness fields.

Essentially this means that the entire Universal Time Matrix, our Milky Way system has shifted into the higher frequency domain of the non-dimensionalized Cosmic layers of the God Source field as an Ascension Host failsafe plan. This entire Universal Time Matrix is residing within the nested holographic matrix of the next harmonic universe layers that hold the Cosmic Kryst-Krystallah divine blueprint from within the God Worlds. The Personal Christos identity will reconfigure the plasma orb body for merkabic alignment to the portal passage that is chosen for the next stage of consciousness growth or creational experience during the Ascension cycle. The majority of soul groups on the earth that are continuing their consciousness learning journey beyond this lifetime into the 5D parameters, and require direct Guardian hosted reeducation towards the mechanics of Ascension and Service to Others in order to fully deprogram from AI, will be guided by their spiritual family through the Consciousness Corridors.

The configuration of the personal lightbody and ascension vehicle is based upon genetic spiritual lineage and the choice that is made by the Avatar self when navigating the holographic matrix through the Core of Creation which leads back into the corridors of the God Worlds. Some Starseeds will return home to the original ancient builder Kristos matrix of the Emerald Covenant, while others may choose to navigate into exploring other Cosmic Christos family creation matrices, the possibilities are indeed limitless.  

The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation have now been integrated within our Universal Time Matrix, which allows direct contact and communication from many of our Kristos spiritual families that reside within several different creation matrices located in the God Worlds. The triad of the 16D, 17D and 18D source fields have been anchored onto the planet through Stargate Hubs and organic chakra flowering systems, which are portal passages from the God Worlds and are the means through which God Forces are manifesting the God World Trinity in this density.

This has highlighted the immense pleasure of being reunited with the Rha God World Creation of The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas. The Amethyst Order Rha Kristos Collectives are also referred to as Amethyst Dragon Kings, who are contacting the Amethyst Order lineages throughout our Universal Time Matrix to begin transmissions of the Violet Flame God Seed Crystal, and support the Holy Father principle healing in the crystal heart matrix of the planetary system. This dispensation of the Code of the Violet Sun is sourcing from the Cosmic Holy Father and Cosmic Holy Mother unified creations in the God Worlds, which allows for all genetic lineages in our time matrix to have the opportunity to rehabilitate into the many possible pathways to ascension. This Solar Light coding generates another level of support for the hosting portal passages in trans-time continuum, which open corridors through which we can navigate our return back into our true spiritual source family and spiritual home. 

With the reunification made with The Amethyst Order God World Creation, recently the 15D Amethyst Order template for the Violet Flame Holders has been rehabilitated with Violet Sun or Amethyst Sun code transmissions, in which the Violet Flame Holders are embodying newly corrected masculine principle Rod coding.  This has had significant impacts to the entire Violet Ray energy current system and has made architectural corrections to some of the fallen timelines in which recollection of the Maji Grail King identities that were lost during the Atlantian Cataclysm, was finally made possible. This event brings forth the importance of focusing upon the alignment of the masculine principle’s higher heart center and the Violet Flame Maji Crown lightbody connection made directly with the Holy Father. This allows the heart-brain and emotional body layers to connect directly with the soul-monadic matrix and then activate the permanent seed atom to express the new feedback loop of source field connection. This is to restore the higher heart-based consciousness of the benevolent Maji Grail Kings to awaken into their Christos Mission and help to synthesize the original 12 Tribe genetics into sacred marriage with God, unifying the Universal Tribal Shield under their directed leadership. The dispensation of the Holy Father’s grace upon those he blesses to defend all life on the earth in his name, includes the emanation of the Christos-Sophia Sceptre of God Power and the Cosmic Amethyst Order Maji Crown which bears the spiritual home signature of the Amethyst Order God World Creation.  

There are many other changes that are occurring in the fifth dimensional layers where the Amethyst Order Violet Flame Yanas appear to have taken control over the 5D councils in order to enforce the Holy Father’s divine plan, by taking the accounting for the harmful activities of rogue NAA entity factions.  For many this means the lifting of the veil of dark ignorance and accurate life review, the ability for God forces to reveal the truth of conscious perception and experience in the contents of what has been co-created in any entity’s unique energy signature. All fallen entities that choose to rehabilitate will come face to face with their true God creator, and experience the results and consequences that these decisions and co-creations have made upon others, by perceiving them as the truthful accounts that were recorded in the memories held within their own consciousness body. When we are in the presence of our true Cosmic God parent, deceptions, lies and manipulations cannot coexist in the field expressions of perfect love, peace and truth. All that remains is the absolute truth of one’s real identity, as well as intentions, beliefs, motivations and divine purpose. What did we learn while traveling in the fallen matrix of the Milky Way system?

Please read on....

Full Moon in Aries 1st October 2020 ~ Pam Gregory ~ 19 September 2020

Deep purging on 3D level.... Pam Gregory also highlights the "individual rights" theme for this upcoming period, which she describes as "hot", and she sees delays surrounding the election. Pam also reminds us to focus vibrationally on what we want for our future instead of sustaining the crumbling 3D by giving it unnecessary attention. She emphasises that this is a relatively short period, going into the December Solstice, and encourages us to mind our frequencies.

"I choose to receive more Divine Light."

Here for the video and much more.

Meeting Yourself Authentically ~ Matt Kahn ~ 19 September 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

You’ve been yourself for many years, but have you ever met yourself directly? In order to do so, try setting aside every label that has ever been imposed upon you, whether from yourself or others. When labels weave together the fabric of a disempowered identity, you aren’t meeting yourself, but getting to know ideas imagined about you. In order to meet yourself directly, sit with this fill-in-the-blank sentence:

“I AM ________” 

Whatever comes to mind or is felt in body, fill in the blank space. As soon as you fill it in, set that word or phrase aside and sit with the sentence once again. Keep filling in and setting aside each label until there is simply: “I AM”. This is who you really are. It changes in action, description, and sensation depending on the necessities of any moment at hand. All the while, no matter how often experiences ebb and flow, I AM remains constant, unwavering, and irrefutably present without your effort, reassurance, or tracking of progress. 
It is important to remember, this isn't about trying to stop labeling yourself, but taking a moment to authentically meet yourself in the absence of labels, reference points, and descriptions. You’ve undoubtedly experienced yourself for many years, but that’s just within the realm of experience. Experiences are ever-changing. What you are is constant and unchanging. You are the experiencer of sensory perception, not the changing experiences themselves. You are I AM — the simultaneous reader and writer of these words.

Miracles, Love & Good People ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 19 September 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

To all the hard heads, skeptics, shaken, stirred, and the yet to jump fully into their own Heart Knowing as prime navigator for their Life.

You may well ask, why all this ‘lovvy dovvy’ stuff that is appearing on many fb walls? Why the warm fuzzies and fairy dust? Why the angels, the sacred, the Holy, and the Divine?

Well for too long (aeons in fact)) have we chosen to accept a gag and taken on the fear to even expressing these things. For too long have we shackled ourselves for fear of rejection, or for so perverse a belief that people are not ready. Not ready to hear how beautiful and Precious and Loved they are? ………….. Poppycock! …. Bah Humbug!

It helps greatly to affirm our Lovingness in our body, out loud, so that we are liberated from the prison (hell) of fear of even thinking Love and speaking loving thoughts. It is part of liberating ourselves. It is a part of our Heart Navigation process.

So it is alright to take off the gag and if the talking of love is not for you try not to ‘gag’ on it, or gag yourself when we revel with shared and freeing delight in the expression of our Lovingness of Self and Life.

No more secrets, no more hiding, no more playing down your own joyfulness so as not to unsettle others. The open free expression is an essential act of Loving Yourself.

Lovingness is what I am and I have to be me, to be free

Does it make sense to show yourself on one FB page and yet, for example, to not let family and certain friends see who you are. Is it time to review, and step through you the old fears and reveal yourself fully?

A public declaration of Love expression for the first time will test your courage to jump into your feelings of vulnerability but it will gradually grow to become a thing face to face.........a daily street crazy Hug Fest ….Perhaps?

And there will come a time when we will not have to say anything because it will be a given. It is and will be the foundation feeling tone of all We are.

Shine On Brave Hearts Warriors.
I So Love You


PS And of course there are so many ways you can share your Lovingness without straight out declarations. This is why I say “Shine On”. It shows. And there was not one of the thousands over the years that have come to me for help without needing to hear with all my heart “I So Love You”. Sadly often for the first time in their life having felt being Truly SEEN.

Abundance is an Inner Experience ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 September 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Your abundance lies inside. Abundance for you is an inner experience. ⁣
The flow of energy and connection you feel inside yourself is what you are craving. ⁣
So, if a loved one ignites that inner feeling in you, you ascribe love to that person, to that being, to that animal. ⁣
But they are not the source of your love - you are, your body is, your feelings are where you feel your love. This other person was simply the key to help unlock it.⁣
When you rush into the outer world trying to make things happen or bring things to you that you think will make you feel a certain way, the reason so many of you get disappointed, or realize these are short moments of joy, is when you have not fully tapped into your abundance-self as an inner source. ⁣
- From Magnetic Abundance Meditation MP3⁣
Learn more here: ⁣

Not What I Planted & Walk or Be Dragged ~ David Hayward / Naked Pastor

But this isn't what I planted! ~ David Hayward

This is where I walked beside you, and this is where I dragged your ass ~ David Hayward

For some reason I went to David Hayward's Naked Pastor site after a long absence ~ I have missed so much of his work!

The Naked Truth

Posted by ॐ Spiritual Bliss ॐ 

I could not locate the source but this could be based on a painting by Jean-Léon_Gérôme titled "Truth Coming Out of Her Well".  (I'm not posting the art itself to avoid being spammed by porn sites.)


“According to a 19th-century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day. 
The Lie says to the Truth: "It's a marvelous day today"! The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful. They spend a lot of time together, ultimately arriving beside a well.
The Lie tells the Truth: "The water is very nice, let's take a bath together!" The Truth, once again suspicious, tests the water and discovers that it indeed is very nice. 
They undress and start bathing. Suddenly, the Lie comes out of the water, puts on the clothes of the Truth, and runs away. The furious Truth comes out of the well and runs everywhere to find the Lie and to get her clothes back. 
The World, seeing the Truth naked, turns its gaze away, with contempt and rage. The poor Truth returns to the well and disappears forever, hiding therein its shame. 
Since then, the Lie travels around the world, dressed as the Truth, satisfying the needs of society, because, the World, in any case, harbors no wish at all to meet the naked Truth.”

Equinox: Balance and Unity – Now ~ Sandra Walter ~ 19 September 2020

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

Equinox is Tuesday, September 22 at 6:30AM PDT (UTC – 7).

We prepare for optimum balancing energies by examining our own lifestream:

> Where are you out of balance? Body? Spirit? Service? Relationship? Any small improvements assists with collective balance.

> Where are you feeling out of alignment with your true heart’s desires? Make a leap, step or micromovement before Tuesday.

> Where is duality or judgment of the external swaying the scales in one direction or the other? Divine Neutrality allows for CLARITY as the old systems dismantle.

> Dedication to Peace, Ascension and New Earth Now requires consistent alignment, and a LOT of walking away from judgmental triggers. Your reality reflects what you focus on.

> If you have felt pulled into debates, judgment of others, or judgment of self during this all-realities-amplified passage, take the next few days to be a responsible creator and create balance within.

Please read on....

All About Lemuria ~ Monika (Ali’hana) Muranyi and Lemurian Priestess, Dr. Amber (Mele’ha) Wolf

This is a gift video from Lee Carroll, for those interested. I have no idea what's in it and I won't be able to get to it until very much later, so here's the link. Personally, I connect way more with Lemuria than Atlantis but I find that information about it isn't as abundantly available.

Since I no longer follow Kryon regularly, I also do not know from which angle this is being presented. (For me, Ruth Montgomery's and Rudolf Steiner's versions resonate the most.)

There's another video that Lee has released for free which I will post later. I had written to the Kryon team to ask if I could share the link publicly, but have received no response as yet so I will go ahead to post, just like this video.

19 September 2020

SR Reading

Space Observing System

The Shadow Self ~ Jason Estes #74 & Kerry K ~ 19 September 2020

Posting first, here's the link for those who would like to listen.

October 2020 Energy Update ~ 19 September 2020

"Hardcore" is an understatement.... this is out so early, must be to give us fair warning....

Source: Jason Estes


This is October while it may seem hardcore know you have grown so much and are ready to finally see the value of that growth 

October brings about a change that can not be undone and after it we will all see the world in a new way ::hugs::