03 April 2020

The Plan to Save Earth ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 1 April 2020

Again, posting first....phew....there's an explosion of stuff being shared by the various sources, so I'm doing my best to sieve through them.

To watch this video, please head over to Laura Whitworth's channel here.

I find the title of this session interesting ~ the name of my blog is based on the Divine Plan they had for our beautiful Beloved Planet to resolve the dark situation faced by Creation itself.


Laura details her Quarantine Journey thus far.

She shares a session with the audience this week where we go to a part of the clients multi-dimensional self that is responsible for delivering the information on Earth to the Great Gathering of Consciousness that is in charge of looking after the Universe.

And it is here that the decision is made to split the two factions of consciousness. Those that are greedy, controlling and negative stay on the decaying side of the split, and those of kind and pure heart who are loving and sharing experience Gaia's revitalized expression on the New Earth.

Self-Sourcing & Internal Guidance ~ Jason Estes ~ 2 April 2020

I feel this is important for us to listen to (if you feel guided, as always) in this period of time we're in ~ I've only just listened for few minutes and will post first.

Here's the link to the video.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Self-Destructive Artist ~ MTVO

The self destructive artist is now being released and cleared from my time track

Please continue here for the rest of the commands.

Restoration ~ Lee Harris ~ 2 April 2020

Restoration will become the superpower of the coming years
Source: Lee Harris

When you fight your circumstances for long periods of time, you lose energy. Sometimes fighting is the ignition that you need to move from one state to another. Sometimes fighting is the energy of fire you get around determination to bring your health back to life.

But sustained fight becomes debilitating, especially when you are in a fight with yourself and your own life - especially with the level of consciousness on the planet that you are now entering into.

So instead, restoration, reflection, peace - practices which support that slowness and stillness and you coming home to inside yourself very deeply - will be what your soul needs right now.

Restoration will become the superpower of the coming years.

-From Meditation for Restoration MP3

Stream or download the full meditation (plus 3 other of Lee's recordings) here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/free-mp3-offering-1

C*V: The Bigger Picture ~ Free Webinar Registration on 3 / 4 April 2020 ~ Judy Satori with John Burgos

Source: Judy Satori

This FREE Webinar will be LIVE at these times ...

UK / Europe 🌟 Saturday, April 4th, 9 pm (GMT)
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A full edited replay will be available through the Ascension Library Portal*

Right now everyone on the planet is experiencing a cluster of realities ... anxiety, grief, isolation, fear, lack of freedom, acute illness ... but is there a BIG picture perspective that Spirit can offer at this time of change? 💫

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This Saturday (US/CANADA/UK) Sunday (Australia/ NZ) The focus of the call will be discussing the 'bigger picture' of the current Covid-19 global pandemic from an expanded spiritual and Ascension perspective. The call will also include energy transmissions, LIVE questions and information from a more expanded ULTRALIGHT energy spectrum. 💕

Jason Estes Update ~ 2 April 2020

Source: Jason Estes


We are deep into the template tests and tomorrow we begin the 5pt field influx

remember during field influxes its easier to project your issues on someone else and for others to do the same so be quicker to forgive yourself and take a deeper look at whats moving you and do the same for others

our biggest gift in these uncertain times is to be an example of what is possible ::hugs::

SR Reading

Matthew's Message: April 2020 ~ via Suzy Ward ~ 2 April 2020

Source: Messages From Matthew
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Beloved brothers and sisters, please take a deep breath. Exhale slowly and let your hearts feel lighter. Now envision Earth glowing in golden-white light, then “see” people of all ages and skin colors joyously hugging each other and the animals in their midst.  
You have just sent forth an abundance of healing energy to your world. We thank you and we love you!
Now then, media are reporting information about the coronavirus and continuously updating statistics of cases and death toll from its disease, Covid-19. Each death is a personal tragedy for affected family and friends, whose grief would be as profound if their beloved persons had died from any other cause. Every day many other causes are claiming the lives of many other persons who are dearly loved, many other families also are mourning their loss.  
Compassion and empathy are inherent in the high vibrations at this station and sorrow is no stranger to Earth’s peoples. However, never before have there been heart-wrenching interviews with family whose dear ones died nor has isolation prevented goodbyes. Never before have media aired films of medical teams in protective gear tirelessly working to save lives. Never before has the world heard sickness and death number projections from infectious disease specialists or analysts speculate about a global economy in collapse.
While some of that is repeatedly emphasized to purposely evoke fear, factual information is being disseminated worldwide. 
What is not publicized because it is known by only a few is that the intention of the coronavirus was to decrease the world’s population by billions. That will not happen because family members reduced the laboratory-designed virus’s potency to the greatest possible extent.  
Now let us speak about something else that is not known, how soul contracts fit into this. Deaths of the elderly are in accordance with contract choices of longevity and cause of the physical body’s loss of viability. Contracts have a degree of flexibility regarding exact life span as well as the terminal illness, and these souls fulfilled those provisions by contracting a disease to which they were particularly vulnerable due to prior health issues that themselves soon would have been lethal.   
Some of the younger people who have succumbed also had fulfilled contract provisions and others amended their contracts in conjunction with all others in the pre-birth agreement. In the latter cases, it was known at soul level that the persons could more effectively help the world from Nirvana, where they can beam light to the planet more powerfully than they were in physical bodies. 
By no means does that imply that light being generated on Earth is weak—it is stronger, more intense, than ever before!
The persons who chose to amend their contracts did so because it also was known at soul level that fear and depression had seriously dimmed their light. They were stuck in anxiety about loved ones who were dealing with some adversity, their own unemployment prior to or due to the virus, current or looming financial straits, or preoccupation with dire “what ifs.” Not only did that mindset negatively affect their immune systems, but more so, by choosing to uplift life on Earth from your spirit world, these souls leaped forward in evolvement.
Younger people who did not leave via amended contracts will enjoy in Nirvana all positive experiences they missed; if any hardships had been chosen for the purpose of achieving balanced experiencing—the goal of every soul in every lifetime—credit will be given automatically. As the coronavirus continues to spread, those same contract provisions or soul evolvement will apply to all who transition due to the disease.
It is the same with all others who chose Earth lifetimes of any duration during this unprecedented era in the universe, thus there is another factor in Earth’s overall death toll. Many souls have embodied, whether briefly or for many years, to complete third density experiencing and evolve. Most chose to live in substandard conditions that severely compromise bodies’ ability to withstand any disease, and if not Covid-19, another malady would be fatal. 
Now to answer your most frequently asked questions. We don’t know when the virus will be vanquished. In Earth’s energy field of potential there are innumerable streamers with disease attachments—these are not emanating from each individual, but rather those are combined into dense clusters from areas all over the world. At this moment a few streamers are losing strength, some are slowly gaining momentum and many are gaining rapidly. What we cannot determine in the field, much less in linear time, is when all of those streamers will weaken to the extent that they will be overcome by streamers with the high vibrations wherein microbes cannot exist.   
No, emissions from 5G devices are not spreading the disease—its highly contagious nature is doing that. However, people in areas where that technology is in use are more at risk because the emissions compromise immune systems. Universal family members are reducing to the extent possible the harmful effects of those emissions.  
And no, dear ones, other civilizations cannot intervene and stop the spread of the virus. Not only are they not authorized to take charge of a situation that you yourselves are handling, but conditions in your world are not safe for crews in your skies to land or those living among you to disclose their identity. Even national leaders who know those extraterrestrials will not publicly acknowledge the existence of other civilizations.
But, if one of your universal family members were asked to describe what is happening on Earth, it would be People are helping each other. 

Please read on....


We are deeply interconnected ~ Buddha Doodles
These are just my own musings....

Several years ago, before Tobias left Crimson Circle to reincarnate (more precisely, to walk-in) on Earth, he told the story of Creation from the point of view of a Creator. When Creation was unfolding in this part of the Cosmos, an unknown anomaly was detected. Tobias used the word "virus" to describe it, alluding to its potent potential to infect and spread. As so much work, effort and time had gone into Creation, they did not wish to start all over again, so they left in the anomaly and proceeded with the rest of Creation. This "virus" would, over the eons of time, "infect" much of Creation.

This is why the "virus" (Primary Anomaly, or whatever else it's called) is so difficult to "eradicate" or heal, because it is actually part of the Creation itself, and where there was Creation, there it was.

Today, we have a virus that has worked its way around the world, seemingly out of control. Sometimes I wonder ~ if a "virus" started it all, will this virus end it? Or at least be the trigger ~ the Omega to the Alpha. Closing off the Book of Creation so that a new one can be written.

Perfectly Placed
I can't help but believe that for the most part, we are where we need to be. It's like there was this flurry of moving around prior to this global pause, and just before movement was halted, we found ourselves where we needed to be for this period in time, be it in a new place or back to our own homes. Our reasons (or missions) for being where we are may differ, or it may not look that way at the moment, but I do feel strongly that generally, we are where we need to be.

Telepathic Internet & Synchronicity
This is something I know has been happening to many. It's like the broadcast from the Morphogenetic field has been dialled up several notches. I can be sending a message to someone and find that I get a similar message a nanosecond after I press "send". Or I mention something and the other person exclaims that it's exactly what he/she wanted to say.

Synchronicity is also sparking off everywhere. A common occurrence now is someone mentioning something, and the next moment I come across that same topic elsewhere.

It's all very surreal, normal and wonderful, all at the same time. It is just as it should be.

Namaste & many Blessings!

Amanda Lorence Updates ~ 2 April 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence

Every Man, Woman & Child hold the very SAME GODSpark. All are made equal.

Each Initiation Stage has to be done Alone. Between you and God, through the GODSpark (connection) within you, that grows stronger, a stage at a time through our path choices made.

As within so without.

Self realisation comes from our perceived choices made again and again in our experience of time in forgetfulness. To initially make that inner connection upon awakening, and keep sustaining it along the path. So it is therefore always a free will, moment to moment choice, what we make our own focus of importance to us.

At our Higher level of consciousness, it is already designed and completed as that fully known connection of God Presence, where no experience of separation is existing.

The GODSpark is accessed within each human, through each’s heart centre, via our own choice, to be present there, as Love.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
2 April 2020

💙 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

LOVE is Eternal...Ever Lasting. Energy we are anchoring here and GIVE OUT in Service, as the Bringers of the New Dawn.

No longer IN the dream, we can GIVE the higher WISDOMS and BE the PEACE by our example and through aware energetic exchange.

We GIVE, pass on the light codes, to the awake and the unawakened, quietly, consciously aware we are doing this, as Presence birthed within.

We are LOVE. Only through our inner LOVE can this be GIVEN to us (embodied), and in turn be GIVEN out to one person, to many, to ALL. Soul to Soul.

Amanda Lorence
2 April 2020
(link to video)

02 April 2020

Cobra Interview with Sisterhood of the Rose and a Short Meditation Update ~ Cobra ~ 2 April 2020

An interview with Cobra by Sisterhood of the Rose ~ many relevant questions are asked and expertly answered. Cobra is the calm voice of reason here, and sanity prevails in the midst of chaos.

Cobra explains that while the current situation is serious, the positive thing to arise out of it is the global quarantine training preparedness for The Event, and enabling the Light Forces to expedite clearing of the plasma planes. As a result, The Event is expected to occur sooner rather than later.

The self-isolation will also contribute towards starving out generational entities.

He also dispels fears over the much-hyped Project Blue Beam warning ~ it's not going to be allowed (he's said that before in previous years, if I remember correctly) and yet again (!!) provides an answer regarding Trump ~ I don't even know how he can repeat himself over and over and over....

Source: The Portal

Energies for our mass meditation are already building up and you can listen to this new Cobra interview, which brings some clarity into the current situation:

Or read the transcript here:

Pleiadian fleet has communicated that they will drastically increase their presence in Low Earth Orbit, stratosphere and atmosphere near the planetary surface in the next few days for our mass meditation.

For the next few days, if you look at the western sky after the sunset, you will see a powerful conjunction of Venus and Pleiades, which will be exact about one day before our mass meditation:

Please read on....

Take Care of What's In Front of You ~ Clip: Personal Responsibility ~ Jason Estes #38

Source: MTVO (with video)

Each week, we Deep Dive our video content and discuss it 😊⁣

How to participate:⁣
1) Go to Jason's FB profile at www.facebook.com/jason.estes.965 and find the latest Deep Dive post⁣
2) Watch (or rewatch) the YouTube video⁣
3) Share your insights, experiences, and questions on the post on Jason’s FB wall. 

April 2020 Energy Update ~ MTVO

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Feeling and Being Unseen ~ MTVO

Feeling and being unseen is now being released and cleared from my body

Please continue here to complete this set of commands.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Seeing My Value ~ MTVO

The need for others to see my value is now being released and cleared from my creational matrix

Please proceed with the rest of the commands here.

Gratitude / Medicine and Love of Humanity ~ Hippocrates & Buddha Doodles

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is a love of humanity ~ Hippocrates
In deep Gratitude and Appreciation to all the Healthcare personnel and Front-liners. May this be the time when Medicine starts to return to its Holistic roots and harmonic partnership with Mother Nature as well as incorporating advanced organic technologies that are already existing but suppressed.

Source: Buddha Doodles

Thank you to all the health care workers putting their lives on the line to save ours.

Let us take a moment of gratitude for all the doctors, nurses, technicians, residents, fellows, hospital staff, and the countless heroes, their families and loved ones.

"We want you to know the effect your actions are having on the world. Your courage is mobilizing people in all corners to ask what they can do to respond to this pandemic. Billions of people worldwide are staying home to do their part and give our health care system a fighting chance. People are sewing masks, manufacturing gowns, and donating their home stash of gloves to support you. Around dinner tables, in newsrooms, and in the halls of Congress and parliaments, people are in awe of your sacrifices. You are showing all of us who we can be in our very best moments."

- Dr. Vivek Murthy, 19th US Surgeon General, from the article "An Open Letter to Our Brothers and Sisters in Medicine" at bit.ly/SurgeonGeneralArticle

may you be safe.
may you be healthy.
may you give and receive love.

much metta,

The True Self ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

"The True Self knows, and his mandate for expression is the release of all those things that would stand in its way. These are what you encounter now, the unearthed remnants of what was hidden, what was placed in shadow, what could not be loved.

What could not be loved must be loved. Who was scorned must be embraced. Who was denied light must be given light.

This is how the soul is healed, and this is how the world is healed.

To heal the world, to know the world in a higher octave, requires each individual not just to shine but to release that which obscures the light, be it self-betrayal, betrayal of another, or the denial of the Divine that takes so many forms. You justify the past because you think it’s what it was, but all the past was, was the idea of what was, and the idea of what was can and now will be re-known."

The Guides through Paul Selig
-- from Alchemy, Beyond the known Book II
A Channeled Text

Miracles & Unseen Realities ~ Matt Kahn ~ 1 April 2020

Beautifully put....

Source: Matt Kahn

When you believe more in unseen realities than the circumstances in view, you invite unseen realities to transform everything in sight.

This is how miracles are manifested.

Update & DNA Activation Decree ~ Sandra Walter ~ 1 April 2020

Let all that is sacred be set forth as my reality in this now
Divine DNA activate, rebundle and reconnect all strands, layers, fields and gateways to provide this experience of Divine perfection and Embodiment of my Highest Self: the Pure Presence of Source in this Now

Source: Sandra Walter

:: Feeling the Blissful New Light cascades of Divine stardust ::

Transformation in this NOW ~ Noticing the changes in the SUN from the initiation frequencies of the last few days. Witnessed Solaris shift on Monday, purging the field. I also feel the whole of Gaia lifting, magnetics changing, gently rocking deep in her core. Note the changes in your fields; the seamless garment, the ornate crowns, the Golden Race realms presenting.

Calling in and forth the dimensional-shifting, purifying, consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving light - contribute your intention and attention to the higher unfoldments. We are already in this flow, let us call forth a palpable experience for all willing hearts. All focus on the NEW, and the lower vibrational realities will dissipate by quantum effect.

Blissful resurrection sequences activating in the Divine DNA, transforming the Lightbody - feels like levitating. Here we glow! Divine dispensations available ... use this New Light, become it.

Because #Ascension

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 1 April 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The path towards Mastery is laden with many attacks, pitfalls and mistakes for a reason. This is how we learn and how we build our spiritual immune system -- this is also how we clear ancestral patterns, programs and the genetic harm that has been afflicted upon us.

The body often shows us physical symptoms, when it wants to heal on a deeper level and take us into the next dimension of our self. We have been taught to fear our health when it declines, when it actually is an opportunity to grow and expand and get to know ourselves more.

Every time we move through adversity with a little bit of humor and faith in ourselves, we open a portal into our magic and miracle vibration. There are treasures deep within that we are here to discover and unveil. Our intuition will guide us and its time to come home.

Light Pouring Onto Gaia… Love Dominates ~ Maureen Moss ~ 1 April 2020

Source: Maureen Moss

(4-4-4 Gathering a Free Gift to all
see below for details)

Beloved Hearts,

For obvious reasons and not … we are forever changed. So much attention has been placed on the obvious, however on a Planetary level the energies of
Love and Harmony have amplified and unified within this past week significantly, shifting realities and timelines and will continue as we move into April.

April is a 4 month and a 4 year and a month of abundant Love and stability expanding within us and around us providing we stabilize the frequencies at hand and continue engaging our heart centers consistently.

On the 444 we will be immersed in beautiful, Angelic, harmonic frequencies though what is true for me and many is we live outside of specific dates and fixed events often receiving the energies slated for a particular day prior to it.

As an example: In the past week, I twice had the Dream/Reality of being on a different Planet recognizing I have another life there and it was from there I was literally pouring Light onto this Planet.

I was the Watcher watching Self for quite a long while pouring Light through what I realized was a sacred geometry pattern in the colors of Archangel Michael Blue (as I refer to it,) and Christed Gold.

The experience was as real as my writing this.

As well, what I experienced in the second Dream/Reality was Heavens Gate energetically opening and energies in rainbow colors streaming to Earth as an endless number of Angels were moving from Heaven to Earth in a spiral, uniting the two.

If that weren’t enough, on Sunday while gazing at the sun appearing here and there amongst many clouds, the sun was uniquely fast-moving and blazing shimmering rays of Light while around the perimeter there was a half-circle of brilliant azure blue going one way, while a brilliant deep pink/magenta half circle was going the opposite way. It was so profound to watch this activity and feel the energies amplifying my heart chakra and bringing tears to my eyes.

Beloveds, there has been already a clear shift of Gaia into a Higher Dimension and for many of Humanity a brand new Timeline. The Love in the Hearts of so many expressed during this unique time has contributed powerfully to this shift.

All this prior to the 444 which will be a potent day overlighted by the Elohim, the Angelic Realm, Yeshua (Jesus,) and Mary.

* Right now Yeshua (Jesus,) and Mary are powerfully overlighting our Planet.

Please read on....

The Divine Pause: April 2020 ~ Emmanuel Dagher ~ 1 April 2020

May this April be the month that awakens Humanity to greater Peace, Healing, Love & Prosperity for ALL.

Source: Emmanuel Dagher

My precious friend,

I'm sending you a big energy hug, and trusting that you are allowing your Spirit to nourish and take good care of your body, mind and energy especially through this transitional time.

A new timeline has begun that is bringing humanity together in ways that many way-showers, empaths, healers, and other spiritual seekers may have only been able to see small glimpses of up until now.

Extraordinary internal and external shifts are occurring on every level, and we all get to see it unfold in real-time.

You can read all about the shifts taking place now and more in the April 2020 Energy Forecast titled The Divine Pause which is now ready for you at:


Thank you for letting your friends, loved ones, and community know about these forecasts. They are always written with love, and with the intention that you know that you are never alone during these changing times. Word of mouth is how these energy forecasts have been able to support and help so many.


Judith Kusel Update ~ 1 April 2020

The energies feel very much like two forces "clashing".

Source: Judith Kusel

Energies now are in extreme flux, and thus all is very much unstable, in an immense transition state, from as the dimensional shifts are accelerating, while the old dimensional state is dissolving.

It means that the best-laid plans will go awry.

I am finding this more and more, as I seem not to able to plan my day, and need to stay in the here and now and take one day at a time.

The Timelines are knitting together, and it means that many timelines now exist simultaneously. It makes for some applied navigation to keep the 5D state intact within ourselves and not allow ourselves to be pulled down, by masses, but rather move above the mass and gain the higher perspective.

Get ready for light-off in many ways as never before.

Do not allow anyone to pull you down. Go deeper within and find the core truth within you! Call in Divine guidance and adhere to that, and do not allow anyone to shut the guidance out.
More then this, serve with an open heart and with truth and integrity and with great love.

We are called to step ever higher in our soul calling and purpose, especially the Wayshowers, the Starseeds, the Volunteer souls, the ones who now need to lead humanity through the intense and immense transition.

We need to lead with purity, strength and courage, but more than this, love and wisdom!

Judith Kusel

(Free) Mastery Empowerment Course with Lisa Transcendence Brown & Lauren Galey ~ 1 April 2020

An Opportunity for Conscious Planetary Evolution 

with Lisa Transcendence Brown

Free online event
1pm PT /2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET / 8pm GMT
watch free
 **Watch Free here** 

You can view this event on our viewing page.
You can also register to join us on zoom at no charge....zoom is limited on seats.
Living Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY 2222 SOURCE Codes
This is an important time (vibration) for HUmanity and a HUGE OpportUNITY for BEing an integral part of creating and implementing a whole new SYSTEM that supports and benefits The People and ALL AS ONE. It presents infinite opportunities for NEW SOLUTIONS where an entirely NEW SYSTEM is born/emerges through a Massive Collective Consciousness Shift. All NEW Ways replace the old, outdated, distorted and out of balance/unconscious ones.
Uniting to work/live/co-exist together requires that each do their part, as all is CommUNITY/UNITY-BASED and supports ALL AS LOVE. A NEW EARTH HUMANITY lives within each one of us where compassion, care, deep sacred connection and respect govern and prevail. A NEW 12D VERSION OF EARTH already exists, where Full Consciousness and Living from our deeply connected hearts is how we access COSMIC REMEMBRANCE for shifting our Entire Planet over to a PEACEful and JOYful Society/Civilization of HUMANITARIANS all living/creating/working together FOR the BENEFIT of ALL….
NEW EARTH is OUR UNITED HUMANITY where all are included, where everyone benefits, everyone contributes and everyone receives. The “catch”? Everyone has to move beyond the old ways and open up to embrace all new ways, BEing the Difference/Change and dramatically shift entire lifestyles, priorities and behavior to REFLECT a much Higher State of Consciousness than before. This Global Reset brings all to ZERO POINT and occurs in continual phases/transitions and changes/shifts. We are DEEP in the middle of a massive PLANETARY & COSMIC ALIGNMENT of/for ALL. This occurs on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional/Vibrational/Energetic/Cellular level that is understood when observing all through our Higher Consciousness Heart-Mind. This is a process of taking all into account and doing what is HUMANE, JUST and HONORS all as important and Sacred while INTENTIONALLY and CONSCIOUSLY DISSOLVING THE OLD and replacing it with that which is highest aligned on every level for all.
NEW Earth IS ASCENDED EARTH: We are in a collective rebirth/reset/re-do where everyone plays a part and has very important roles to fulfill as a part of Service to HUmanity NOW. NEW Earth Codes and Templates are ENCODED in everyone’s DNA and each’s Physical LightBody/Energetic Field is BEYOND IMPORTANT in achieving a Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Vibratory Rate for experiencing all new realities here.
WE invite you to open your heart-mind fully and join us for this beautiful Mastery Empowerment Session to further accelerate Conscious(ness) Expansion and shifting through New Realizations, Full Presence/Observation and Awareness of how powerful WE ALL actually are when Uniting and Working together as Light. ☼

Celia Fenn Update ~ 1 April 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

On this 5th day of Lockdown I am feeling tremendous energy moving in the Crown Chakra and above. There are indeed powerful spiritual energies moving around our planet right now.
The message I keep getting from Archangel Michael and my guidance, is that at this time of chaos and disruption we need to really connect with the Heart Chakra and the Heart center.
This is our center and the place from where we need to operate at this time.

When we respond to events and people, let it be from the Heart and not just the Emotions.
The Heart is the seat of Higher Consciousness and Higher Feelings, most especially Compassion and Kindness. At this time let us truly feel for our fellow humans and understand their fears and angers. As we access the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness, let us embody the model set for us by such Masters as Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin and the Buddha, amongst others.
This is time for us to access our own Golden Heart energy and to shine with Compassion and Love.

There is nothing wrong with emotions as an energy of the lower chakras, and it is an important part of being human on Earth. But it is also important to balance our emotions with our Higher Heart energies and ensure that Feelings and Emotions are in harmony and in synch, and that we are not at war with ourselves.

Be kind to everyone, as only a Master can be. Don't rush to judgment even if people appear to be behaving strangely or saying strange things. It is a difficult time, and some people are finding the new time energies hard to assimilate. They need to rush around and spin stories in order to cope with the anxiety they are feeling on deep levels.

Be kind and be loving and let them find their own pace in this time of change and transformation.

And if you are fearful at times, be kind to yourself and love yourself and nurture yourself and forgive yourself.

Remember we were born for this time and we have the strength to move through this challenge with grace because we know that the New Earth is rising and the New Earth timeline is becoming manifest slowly and beautifully.

I love you all!

Have a Peace-Filled Day!

Energy Update: April 2020 ~ Lee Harris

"This is a wave of change that's moving through all of us."

Source: Lee Harris Energy (with video, with more details)
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Themes for the month:
  • MAJOR AWAKENING ENERGY - There is an expanded energy range right now between Fear and Love. Feeling weird ‘at times’ is NORMAL. This is a WAVE OF CHANGE that is moving through us.
  • LIFE REVIEW AND CONNECTIONS - Memories arising, reconnections with past people are happening. People are sharing and connecting more than before - people in your life may be surprising you with how awake and aware their views are (as much as the opposite).
  • ANCESTRAL ISSUES AND MEMORIES - Ancestral or past wounds/experiences around fear, death and love in this lifetime and from others.
  • DEEPENING SELF TRUST (vs trust in the outer world or your energy response to your family) - Uneasy process that we are in the early stages of. Trust in yourself becoming a new, loving boundary.
  • High Highs - Feelings of peace, love, connection and oneness, which are universally driven. The skies are holding a lot of light and love energy at times.
  • YOU are REORGANIZING - Our feelings and thoughts organize themselves in response to the outer. Re-organizing the house, your desk, your furniture, mirrors and moves that energy.
  • FEAR WILL CUT YOU OFF from your spirit and your soul - so feel any fear you need to feel (in order to transmute it) but when feeling fear, remember to stay PRESENT.
  • If feeling fear of the future, FOCUS ON THE SMALL TASKS. It will ground you.
  • What changes CAN you make right now in your life? You CAN’T do the same routine so what new element could you bring in?
  • GRATITUDE - Being aware of what you’re grateful for. Both what you’ve already considered and what might surprise you when you sit with it.
  • We are SHAKING OFF old ways of being, feeling and DOING.
  • INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY is on the rise and will be especially so in May and beyond.
  • RISE OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT - Next 1-2 years, we will see a huge rise of the human spirit that is being seeded and developed right now in this quarantine time.
  • There is MORE TO ALL OF THIS than meets the eye - bigger than a virus, and yes we will learn that in time. 

C*V: Part 1 The Light Perspective & Part 2 The Darker Perspective ~ Adamu & Zingdad ~ 31 March 2020

Two parts from Adamu and Zingdad, and their take on c*v. Here are the links with excerpts (with a perspective of The Event that's worth some thought):

Part 1: The Light Perspective (excerpt below, please see full article using this link)

Right now, you are in a crucial stage of your planetary evolution. Right now, The Event is busy being triggered. Just to catch you up: The Event is the moment when the timeline that you are all collectively on, fragments. When you go away on separate timelines, you will find yourself on the timeline that is resonant with your own vibratory frequency.

Right now, you are busy choosing. And, because you are busy choosing, you are busy creating your timeline, this is a time of extraordinary events. This is a time of miracles and magic. A time of wonder. You're very powerfully being invited to use your divine creative abilities to focus on fearful, disastrous outcomes. You're being invited to think small. To be scared. And, if you accept this invitation, you will find yourself on an other-responsible timeline and life will continue, in broad measures, as it always has been: you, being a victim, needing powerful, external others, masters, leaders, to tell you what to do, and you just doing what you're told. You can transcend this. You can find yourself on the self-responsible timeline. More powerful, more centred in yourself, finding yourself being more of an equal with those around you, creating your reality. Or indeed, you can transcend all the way to a Unity-conscious timeline, where you are aware of the divinity within and you will be a divine being, walking the world amongst divine beings. An angel amongst angels, so to speak.  

Part 2: The Darker Perspective (excerpt below, full article at this link)

But, so important that you hear me when I say that you need to take care of you. You need to be self-responsible. Look after your body; look after your emotional state. That's why the previous video was so important. That there is a light side, not just a dark side. And the light side is when you “en-light-en”. When you bring your light into your being, radiate your light, then, not only do you keep yourself well, but you transmit a field of consciousness, a field of healthy consciousness, positivity, which will have a profoundly chilling effect on all of these terrible things that I've been talking about in this video. It will limit social upheaval around you. Believe it or not, this is how it works: you can transmit peace, tranquility, joy. This is the time of miracles and magic, if you awaken and you bring your consciousness to bear, then miracles and magic will happen. People will, generally, remain more peaceful, more calm, more tranquil, more resilient, more stoic, more willing to let this thing do what it is going to do and move through your collective humanity, so that you can come out the other end and we can move to the next stage of The Event.

01 April 2020

Formidables are No More ~ Gaia Portal ~ 1 April 2020

Source: Gaia Portal

Formidables are no more.
Heaven sent messages are received in Joy.
Surrender to the old and reception of the New occurs in simultaneity.
Florescents are sown.

Travering the Last Sub-Planes of the Fourth Dimension ~ Archangel Michael & Ronna ~ 31 March 2020

Source: Star Quest Mastery

Beloved masters, you are a White Fire Seed Atom Fragment of God Consciousness. Your individualized God Seed Atom is the wholeness of your Being within this Sub-Universal experience. Envision your God Self as a golden sphere of Divine Light that has sent forth many, many Fragments of Itself throughout the many Creations within this Sub-Universe. You are one of those brilliant, shining Fragments. Your GOD SELF or I AM PRESENCE is experiencing many realities at once. As you move more fully into the entry levels of a Fifth-Dimensional environment, you will begin to experience some bleed-through telepathic thought forms, and information from some of your closer, most energetically compatible Higher Selves. You are becoming multidimensional, Spiritual / Human Beings.

You are about to enter a doorway into another reality – a world where special talents and attributes are a normal part of who you are. You are experiencing a physical reality and a non-physical reality at the same time. You have spent much more time in a non-physical reality than in the physical world. Earthly existence is merely a moment in time compared to the times spent in the higher realms.

You should not focus on sensationalism or ways to impress people, but ways to assist yourself and others to become more conscious and in control of your own future. How do you wish to experience the next five or ten years? How do you envision yourself? It is time to begin to build your new reality right now, and your Spiritual friends and Higher Self can help you do just that – efficiently, gracefully and in alignment with your greatest good.

Connecting and communicating with your Higher Self, guides and teachers will give you access to new, advanced knowledge and information. Your sensitivity to energy, inspiration and the subtle voice of Spirit will increase dramatically. Building and perfecting your ability to interact telepathically will change the way you view the world. You will feel more confident and more in control of your destiny. As you learn to be an observer from a higher vantage point, you will see that these attributes will keep the Love / Light flowing to and through you, for there will be no distortions to slow down the process of mind expansion and Higher Self integration.

It is vitally important that you understand that telepathic communication is not to be taken lightly. It is not a parlor game or a means to satisfy someone’s curiosity. We have given the basic instructions and guidelines in our BECOMING A COSMIC TELEPATH STUDY MANUAL. It outlines the various steps to telepathic communication, and also gives some of the important rules: what to do and what not to do. It is vital that you prepare properly and set the stage for this important facet of Self-mastery, as you strive to create and live in a Fifth-Dimensional environment.

>> If you wish, you may use your Personal Pyramid for the “developing your telepathic skills sessions” or you can create a special personal Pyramid specifically for this purpose. When you do so, ask your guides, teachers and angelic friends to join you there. Your Personal Pyramids will be composed of the appropriate frequencies and attuned to the specific projects you have in mind.

>> Remember, you may build as many Fifth-Dimensional Pyramids of Light as you like. In fact, the more the better, for by doing so, you will draw forth into your Pyramids the appropriate vibrational frequencies and angelic helpers to assist you and support your specific endeavors.

>> The angelic realm has specialists, just as you do on Earth: angels who personify all of the attributes, virtues and qualities of God Consciousness. They work under the guidance and direction of the archangels of each specific Ray. You could call them the “Worker Bee Angels.’” There are billions of them, and they are always eager and ready to assist you.

>> We strongly suggest that you, at least occasionally, visit the higher-dimensional Celestial City of Light that OverLights your area. We suggest that you regularly go into your personal Pyramid of Light before going to sleep, and then ask to be taken to one of the “Ascension Accelerator Chambers” within the City of Light when it is appropriate.

>> Over these many past years, we have endeavored to assist you to connect with, transmute and integrate your Soul Fragments from throughout the Third Dimensional environment, and up through the highest plane of the Fourth Dimension. This process cannot be rushed, so don’t push it, just allow it to happen naturally. The meditations and exercises we offer are a good opportunity to use your intuitive and inner-sight abilities. Unless you have been following our teachings for a long time, you may integrate only a small amount of the higher plane, vibrational frequencies in the beginning; however, you will gradually gain the ability to tap into and integrate higher and more refined frequencies. Remember the words of advice we have given: “Faster or more are not always better.” The journey of Ascension is a gradual ebb and flow of releasing old vibrational patterns to make way for the higher frequencies of Light. It is an ongoing, never-ending process.

>> LIGHT has consciousness. Everyone embodies Light to some degree. It is your Lifeline to the God Source. In order to traverse the higher realms, it is important that you create an ORB / SPHERE OF LIGHT and protection around yourself. This will assure your safety and comfort as you become accustomed to the various frequency patterns and more refined vibrational energies.

>> Just as you should always enclose your Higher Self and consciousness in a SPHERE OF LIGHT when traveling out into the higher dimensions or to the Cities of Light, your orb of Light will also protect you in the physical realm, if you stay focused and centered within your Sacred Heart. It will allow only those frequencies that are beneficial to you to enter your force field.

>> Become accustomed to having SPIRIT perched on your shoulder and give permission for your guides and teachers to work with you and through you.

>> Ask while in meditation that your INNER EYE be opened and for your intuitive abilities to be enhanced. Learning to maintain an Alpha level of brain wave consciousness will assist you in this endeavor. You are in the process of unifying the right and left hemispheres of your brain, as well as balancing / harmonizing your masculine and feminine traits, attributes and virtues.

>> Most Spiritual guides reside and work at a specific inner-dimensional frequency level of conscious awareness. As you lift your consciousness and refine your energetic signature, your guides will change. However, your special GUARDIAN ANGELS will stay with you throughout your many lifetimes, for they are Facets of your Higher OverSoul, and they will accompany you as you move through all your experiences on Earth and beyond.

>> Be aware that attaining Self-mastery takes effort, will power, perseverance and a commitment to the highest truth and integrity. Once you begin to trust your inner voice and its guidance, positive changes will naturally begin to happen. Miracles, small and large, will become a natural occurrence, and you will learn to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Thanks-giving and forgiveness will become an important part of your daily ritual. 

>> You will gain more insight into the meaning of the tests and challenges before you, and you will learn to not engage in the dramatic, everyday situations, which in the past, kept you off-balance and confused. You will learn that in most instances, it is better to stay centered and not try to fix things for everyone around you. 

>> Do not forget that, first, you must focus on the Fragments you have created that are resonating to frequencies patterns that are lower than yours. These lower Fragments are integrated differently than the Facets of your Higher Self. These Fragments, which have been created by your addictions, negative habits and distorted thought forms throughout your many past lifetimes, must be healed and loved free through your positive intentions, actions, changes in attitude and habits. This beginning process is usually what creates all the trials, tests and upheavals within a person’s life, until he / she gradually begin to return to balance and harmony within his / her Third- and lower Fourth-Dimensional world. 

>> When you have transmuted fifty-one percent of your negative karma, you are ready to begin the process of OverSoul / Higher Self integration. At that time, if you stay the course, you will progress very quickly onto the accelerated Path of ascension.

Please read on....

Lyssa Royal Update ~ 31 March 2020

Lyssa Royal's website is here. Her message follows:

Since the last newsletter in January, our reality has changed significantly and continues to do so daily due to the global pandemic sweeping the globe. We spent the months of February and part of March in Japan. While there, the tension rose because cases began showing up in Japan. We got quite used to wearing masks (actually for hay fever mostly) and being conscious of hand-washing and social distancing. We began to hear that perhaps we would not be allowed to leave Japan and wondered if we would be living there for the next few months. But then, the attention switched to Italy and then to the USA.

On the day we returned from Japan in mid-March, we made a quick stop at a grocery store to get food so we could recover at home from our jet lag. It was a huge shock to see empty shelves and panicked people. It was so much different in Japan, where perhaps they had gotten used to so many catastrophes over the last decade. We weren't ready for the chaos in the USA!

If you have been on social media, you know that people have differing opinions on this pandemic event, with many groups and individuals thinking they know the "truth." The human ego always feels compelled to know "why" and only feels safe when it thinks it knows. When seen from the spiritual evolution perspective, this is a trap. We become so caught up in finding a narrative that fits our belief systems that we remove ourselves from the experience of the moment and can no longer see clearly. Perhaps we are being asked to give up the constant pursuit of stories that validate our fears and beliefs and instead move to a deeper place within us that is beyond the need for such polarity and stories.

Events such as this shake up our inner selves, and what rises within us is what we need to see in ourselves. Do we still unconsciously cling to victim consciousness and attach ourselves to narratives that mirror that belief? Have we closed and protected our hearts so much that this event tears it open with compassion for others and ultimately ourselves? Are we angry because we've lost the illusion of control over reality? We are being given a phenomenal opportunity to do deep inner work and see the parts of us that we haven't wanted to see. From what my guides have told me, this process happens on most worlds as they transition from third to fourth density. Our time has come. How we handle it, without the polarization of our inner stories, will dictate the road we choose for the future -- not only within ourselves and our lives, but the collective experience as well. We are being asked to slow down, look within, and see ourselves without judgment, and instead with love and compassion. An opportunity exists to create a new inner and outer world IF we stop the projection of our inner shadows onto "bad guys" who supposedly created or "covered up" this situation. It is up to us. Are we ready to make a huge leap in consciousness by moving beyond polarized thought? Only time will tell ...

Even this newsletter is written with uncertainty, for our planned events for the first half of 2020 are now in question. We are all in the void -- a point of power from which we can emerge with new consciousness. Let's not waste this opportunity. These are the kinds of events that become part of the history of our galactic family. Much like stories of the Pleiadian plague that forced them to look at their shadows when they were a young species, the Story of Earth will be a teaching moment for future civilizations. It is our wish that this marks a turning point for us, too. Let it be so!

With infinite love,

Lyssa, Ron, and the SOLi Team

The Unity Factor ~ Alexander Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 31 March 2020

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

The time of assembling Humanity’s Unity is now upon us! How will we all come together upon Mother Earth’s 7 continents? What about the multilayers of division and mistrust we have with each another? Is it now possible to Unite as One through our current dilemma?

Everything is now a probable but still a possibility as we work upon the elimination of all issues of division and mistrust within ourselves. Otherwise we just remain isolated individuals within a group of “sometimes” or “another time.”

Our current dilemma originates in the acceptance of the “societal normal:” Paying attention to our own affairs starting with our economic purpose while maintaining silence about anything the government says or does. This is not Unity but submission to the “societal norm.”

Please read on....

Powerful Light Codes ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 31 March 2020

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

POWERFUL LIGHT CODES have been delivered these last few days/weeks/month/year(s) (and always continue to increase/accelerate)....

The importance of all of these "higher dimensional"/Source Codes are always "understated" if you will....

To support/assist all with RETURNING to Full Heart-Mind Consciousness where each LIVES FULLY FROM PURITY/UNITY with every conscious breath, with every conscious act, with every conscious thought, with every conscious exchange....

3D worlds were dependent, divided and lived from separation, lived from fear, lived from "give my power away", lived from "need" rather than a State of Consciousness where sharing, caring, unity and peace emanated out.... instead of a space of coming together instead of finger pointing prevailed....

THESE COSMIC ENERGIES are VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENTS for all. They are to BRING ALL INTO NEW STATES OF AWARENESS, new realizations, new understandings THAT THE OLD WON'T WORK ever again. Period. There is no "finishing that sentence" with an excuse or a but or a "trying" anything....

THESE COSMIC CODES, these brilliant RAYS OF LIGHT, these REALITY CHANGING TEMPLATES ---- completely REPLACE the old.....

They OFFER IMMENSE OPPORTUNITY, immense beauty, immense peace, immense ease, immense abundance, yet in a WHOLE NEW WAY....

The NEW (Earth) Ways won't "look like before".....

No, we are not "going back".

Yes, this is a HUGE WAKE-UP CALL, an ATTENTION GETTER, if you will.

Yes, all have to SIMPLIFY. Yes, all go back to BASICS, yes all have to go deeeeeeeeeeper inside.

No, "ignorant bliss" is not an option anymore. Pure BLISS is, yet this is a completely different energy. A Sovereign One.

Yes, coming together is necessary, otherwise you'll have to "do it alone". Yet, coming together is not from lack and need, it's from inspiration, excitement and the willingness to CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES birthed/born/brought forth from DEEP WITHIN and shared with all who are truly ready, truly open, truly care to BE A PART OF SOMETHING SO BEYOND BEAUTIFUL....

These "new realities" LIGHT YOUR SOUL UP from the inside out. These "new realities" SUPPORT EVERYONE, yet your presence, your care, your love, your kindness and your own contribution is required, otherwise the "pull" creates a Gravitational Distortion, an imbalance if you will.....

THESE NEW REALITIES ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL... Yet every heart must be WIDE OPEN, COMPLETELY for each's separation/ego to dissolve....

THESE CODES PRESENT immense opportunity for all... yet to receive is different than "before"....

These codes awaken, activate, shift all to a much higher dimensional plane of existence where ONENESS LOVE PRE-VEILS and opens up so much more for all!

Every moment forward PROMISES to be powerful, pivotal and reality-shifting in every way. Every "moment" is but a vibrational return to where each functions from in every way.....

As each tune in from a much deeper level inside and connect fully to much higher dimensional/versions/realities much higher aligned, so much possibility, so much potential and the only limit is then "each".

These are "observe/review" yourself. Observe/realize and Re-Evaluate all. Observe, tune, shift completely..... Open your Heart completely and allow the old to dissipate inside, allow it to dissolve and embrace the depth of your own CONNECTION and the LIGHT OF YOUR OWN DIVINE ESSENCE/SACRED SOUL.....

As we enter "April", a massive collective Death/RE-Birth/Resurrection & Phoenix (Rise from the Ashes) Powerful Energy Month..... so very much on every dimensional level is occurring.... THIS MONTH IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY to REMEMBER your own HUMANITY, remember your own Fall, remember/Experience your own RE-Birth FULLY, through complete ego surrender and allowing your whole body/being to shift into PURE TRUST, PURE DIVINE ALIGNMENT AND PURE CONNECTION.... for your own highest, purest and Sacred Self can emerge fully from within.......

YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION OF YOU is kinder, compassionate, caring, respectful and UNIFIES ALL... It's also immense COURAGE to march to the beat of your own drum and forge a path through all new.....

YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION OF YOU, is you AS YOUR HIGHEST VERSION/ASPECT of all of your selves.... Living, breathing and BEing this fully and allowing all to vibrationally re-align while consciously aligning all yourself.

YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION LIVES NEW EARTH REALITIES... through your every moment/day life.

These LIGHT CODES activate your cellular body, your DNA, your Crystalline Grids/Structures, your Plasma LightBody and so very much more. Your whole LIFE DOES CHANGE.... it's supposed to... and it's beyond BEAUTIFUL ....

Holding onto the "old" is what creates suffering, struggle and fears..... Fear is 3D. It IS A VIRUS, an addiction and what kept all "bound" to 3D realities before..... This is an opportunity to TRANSCEND ALL OF THAT.... and usher in all new.

This is "the precipice" (we have many along the way). This is "that moment" that decides and determines all for each/us/you. This is the NEXT PHASE OF COLLECTIVE RE-BIRTH of each's HUMANITY/HUMANITARIAN ASPECTS that shift our entire planet over to all new timelines..... ♥

Embrace ALL NEW FULLY.... and be wide open for OPPORTUNITIES to make a difference, on every level, by BEING YOUR LIGHT FULLY.... and touching all as LOVE here. ♥

With the utmost kindness, care, compassion respect and love,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼