22 February 2020

The New Stargate System & Divine Melancholia ~ Sandra Walter ~ 21 February 2020

More progress on the Cosmic front.... as Sandra Walter says, "One more click in the combination lock....". Yet another source calling this the Embodiment Stage/Phase of our Ascension.

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~
On January 13, 2020 a brand new stargate system was birthed on Gaia. This opened new organic flows through the Great Central SUN, Cosmos, Galactic center, Central SUNs, Solaris and planets, and Gaia. These flows reconnected us with the Ascended Universal flows and higher harmonics. One more click in the combination lock for revelation of the New Earth realities.
In brief, this is open access to all realms of the natural Cosmic stargate flow, providing a purer experience of Source, love, and our own creations. This is why things feel so surreal and different since mid-January. We are reconnected to the higher cosmic community.

Effects of this New Stargate System connection:
– The inflow-outflow of light intel with positive, aligned creation is balanced. This is a New Earth dynamic, and part of our Galactic legacy. We affect the outer realms as easily as they affect Gaia. Communication is open. Many starseeds have been co-creating with planets in our local solar system. For those of us who work with stars and the cosmic stargates, this is a vibrant passage of reconnecting with local star systems – and distant ones as well. Residents of New Earth, we are broadcasting our experience to many galaxies and realms.

– We may interact with the 7 realms of New Earth (seven layers/versions of New Earth realities) with more ease and grace. The new Crystalline Stargate system amplifies the rainbow bridges and crystalline bridges we have built. It works in tandem with the rainbow bridge DNA to create the experience of Ascension. The new frequencies coming in bolster our timeline choice, allowing the New Earth experience as a consistent, palpable awareness. This is evident as more realize 5D is already here, and see the collapse of 3D/4D happening in a physicalized way. [link] (** Grace: no active link given)

– Heightened experiences of the overly; multiple realities at the same time. this simultaneous awareness is optimum training for Christ consciousness; the awareness of yourself in multiple realities at once. We watch the old dissolve as the new amplifies.

– Completion of the New Earth Crystalline Grid bridge. With the merge of the Crystalline Grid and the New Earth grids in 2018, we created a foundation for the Embodiment phase of Ascension. As Gaia said, Embodiment will change everything. And it has. With the reconnection to this brand new Cosmic Stargate system in January, our Ascension gates are open wide.

– The old grids are gone, and have no impact on our realities. They served our journey, and they are complete. that is another reason why things feel so different, those placeholders/leylines/old structures have no influence. All focus goes to the crystalline expression of these physical realms, including ourselves, animals, plants, elementals, sacred sites, new sacred sites, the moon, the SUN, the planets … all have crystalline expressions. Cycles are complete and not repeated in the new light.

We are learning how to be Creators rather than fixers of dissolving realms, or outdated ley lines, sites and relics which have no purpose in the new light. Some may still need to return to certain sites to pick up codes or heal memory fields of their DNA. Be aware of habit/comfort zone versus amplifying the new light. Everyone takes their awakening at their own pace. No judgement, just consider the higher perspective.

– The New Earth gate and grid points that so many have diligently anchored with crystals, geometries and activations over the last two decades is part of this Cosmic Stargate system. Access points, or entire areas like the Crystalline corridor, have merged with this new function of Gaia as a more solar-based beingness. Yes it enhances our Ascension, but perhaps more importantly it assists with the birth of Gaia as a more stellar-type entity. This affects many realms and the whole Galaxy, as promised.

– Magnetic anomalies and our thin magnetosphere. Since Solar minimum ended last year, we have a thin magnetosphere, which makes us vulnerable to incoming frequencies, physical objects (meteors) and visitation. It will stay decreased for a while, and the veils will not re-densify to the degree they did before. That realm/experience is done. With the new Cosmic Stargates open, new energies flow in, and new energies flow out with greater intensity (as noted in the Schumann resonance spikes). Higher frequencies are heard and felt. Expect magnetic and electric anomalies as the old magnetics shift and break apart to reveal the new. This changes our own magnetics, which is part of the widespread anxiety and vulnerability sensations.

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SR Reading

Clearing the Earth Field 2020 ~ Joanna Fay ~ 21 February 2020

Joanna Fay continues to bring us news of more significant developments in the on-going transmutation of dark carried out by our diligent Star Family and other Light Beings, who play major roles in our Solar System in the Ascension process. Joanna also provides some information regarding the dimming of Betelgeuse, which was reported in mainstream Science circles, as well as successful Ground Crew missions carried out.

Source: Heart Star

Dear Friends,
Greetings! We’ll post soon about the planetary ascension progression unfolding through 2020, introduced in The Twelfth Hour, with a deeper, closer look into the ‘cosmic mechanics’ at work. Firstly though, we’d like to share some of the vibrational transformations clearing the way in the Earth’s field, flowing from our friends in the higher dimensions non-stop into this year.
In Completing the Bridge into 2020, we mentioned the untethering and ‘bouncing back’ of a control-oriented energy stream through a black hole in the Orion Nebula, initiated during the 11-11 Gateway of 2019, and continuing through to the high planetary alignment of January 12th 2020. The ‘galactic butterfly’ Orion continues to experience transformations, and with this energy stream described by Star Family as an AI-generated picotechnology hitched onto tachyon particles halted via the stars of Orion’s Belt (and no longer latching into receiving nodes in the Earth plane), another level of upliftment has been catalyzed in those stars ~ in particular Mintaka and its planets, which we’ll share about below.

The constantly adjusting sequences the planetary ascension translates as/through into this density ~ personally, collectively and globally ~ are sometimed obvious, sometimes very subtle. The pathway for untethering the Orion Nebula black hole influence opened with an in-flow of pink diamond light…directed from a star in Ursa Minor that was an unknown ‘pole star’ of Earth two thousand years ago, following on from the star Kochab and preceding Polaris, as Earth’s Pole Stars. This star was too distant from the Earth to be generally recognized as a Pole Star in that era, but where there is a direct vibrational resonance or ‘mergence’ (that physicists call ‘quantum entanglement’) distance is irrelevant. This particular star radiates a vibration that appears higher dimensionally as pink diamond light…and during its period as a hidden Pole Star, its vibration was anchored into particular nodes by those who could intuit its subtle emanations.
With these nodes open, this superfine light can once again ‘land’ in the Earth’s vibrational field.

Its effects can be seen in action in the photos below, taken on December 17th 2019, leading into the powerful in-flow of January 12th (with thanks and blessings to all involved in meditations and activations that anchored its potential into the Earth’s vibrational field!). Attempted interference by parties seeking to maintain control of this planet intensified around December 17th, and the way it was defused by Star Family and other assisting light-beings showed with wonderful clarity here that day and night…firstly with the transformation of a chemtrail over the house (a small note: chemtrails are distinct from ordinary aeroplane contrails, which dissipate after a short while, whereas chemtrails tend to thicken and stay in place, and if sprayed across each other, can ‘congeal’ into cloudlike wads ~ see this older post from 2014 for an example).

Watching the plane overhead that afternoon, I centered in my heart, and visualized a star radiating pink diamond light of Unconditional, Universal Love, connecting with loving ones in a ship above the trail, sending this light together from above and below. Within seconds, the whole trail became a light pink colour, and as you can see from the photos, increasingly luminous and shimmering. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and felt/saw toxic particles within the trail not only being neutralized, but fully transforming into glowing, silky, healthful vibrations! If you feel so guided, you can bring this light into your heart and energy field, and into personal and collective meditations, as it’s a powerful ascension light, and is already opening new pathways for divine union expressions on this Earth plane (this meditation from last year can help you get started; just feel how this vibration resonates in your being, and be creative). 🙂

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21 February 2020

Recaps, Process Support + Latest Available States ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 20 February 2020

** UPDATE: What Amanda Lorence goes through in this webinar is powerful. I strongly recommend listening if you haven't yet done so **

For those (like me) who were not able to join live.  I'll add very brief notes at the bottom of post.

Video update from Amanda Lorence:
Link for Part 1
Link for Part 2

Amanda's text pertaining to above videos:

I told a close friend some weeks ago, that when the followers reached 14400, I knew it was because of something significant. Now we know why...This weeks energies....The videos Part 1 & 2 below this post (Grace: links given above) explain current energies and the embodiment potential that is here for all 🙌 One love beautiful beings 💙🌏💙

** Highlights:
  • Many many will be going through December 2019 Solstice portal in March 2020 (YAYYYY!!!)
  • So currently many facing death of small self (personality, identity, labels)
  • Vast amounts of letting go, triggers etc 
  • Birth of Higher Self in the human ~ end of Stage 1, commencing Stage 2 (similar to what Denise Le Fay has reported) which is the human learning to become the Higher Self
  • Pace picks up in Stage 2, our life's "program" (Soul script) ends and we collapse 4D within and increase our energetic frequency ~ we're able to see the illusions
  • (Personal note: I think it's important to stress here that what Amanda said is so crucial for us to remember ~ we not only see our own 3D world collapsing but we also collapse our spiritual illusions when we are transitioning 4D....CLARITY)
@15-minute mark
  • Triggers/patterns show us lessons and what we need to clear, sometimes it seems that the same lesson presents itself repeatedly ~ it's because within one pattern there can be many lessons (like a spiral as we go higher, where we "see" differently a higher level of truth as we ourselves increase our own frequency), we can only see based on our energetic frequency
  • Distraction is the biggest thing that slows our Ascension journey ~ we cannot go up the trunk of the tree is we are always on the branches
  •  Another hindrance to our path is when we are not being our higher version (as we progress "higher") after each "level"
  • Cosmic Integrity: DO NO HARM
  • Also applies to thoughts, being totally responsible in through, word and deed
  • Allow others their own path
 @28-minute mark
  • 2020 ~ when all belief systems collapse ~ individual / Collective / Spiritual, anything that is a belief system has to go. This is to end all SUFFERING. All belief systems cause suffering. We return once again to the Innocence of the Child
  • We can't go through the Eye of the Needle if we are bloated with our belief systems, attachments etc
  • It's our own unique storyline that takes us back to Source, and we can only access this from within, all of it is becoming Master of our own reality
  • We become the Observer of our physical "dream", and then progress to becoming creator-in-Consciousness of our awakened reality
@44-minute mark
  • We didn't fit in 3D world, then we found our spiritual communities, soul groups etc (4D). Then we find that we don't fit in again, and are utterly and totally lost all over again, and feel misaligned even with spiritual communities because we are dissolving 4D illusions and are between worlds 
Video 2 
  • This is because, if we are becoming Consciousness of Oneness, we have to detach from even Humanity
  • Recap: March 2020 ~ Birth of Higher Self / followed by healing & clearing of emotional trauma / 4D reality (spiritual arena as illusion) collapses, major individual, collective and universal belief systems collapse within each individual / detachment and letting go of Humanity, which is only one aspect of Consciousness / major wave of energies enter, experienced as higher and higher Love frequency
  • Then we are ready for the Embodiment Stage ~ this energy arrived on 18 February, frequency of Christ Consciousness, 5D energetic abilities come online
  • This is the stage of embodying energy of God within us, we then live from the Heart that knows God as within oneself.

Reunification with Who I Am ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

We walk forward with you now.

In your mind's eye we would like you to imagine that there is an altar. And around the altar are all the gifts of the Kingdom, the awareness of the presence of the Creator in all things, the knowing of the self as worthy of love and union with the Source of her being. As we see you there, we invite you to release the expectations that you may hold and take your own place upon this altar. Here are the words that you may speak if you choose this.

"On this day I declare my reunion with the great 'I Am,' and I offer all aspects of my life to be in reunification with the truth of who and what I am in my expression. I align in my willingness. I lay down my hands in offering, and in my choice to be I give permission to the Creator to lift me high in his hands, in her hands, to the knowing of who I am."

Period, period, period.

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

True Happiness ~ Matt Kahn ~ 20 February 2020

Matt Kahn
True happiness is not actually a positive emotional state
It is an internal reclaiming of power that allows each outcome to be experienced in the most pure and unaltered way
In order to be happy, you must reclaim your power from the people, places, and things that are used to define your existence

You're The One That I Want ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 19 February 2020

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

You're the One.

Which each newly awakened Soul, there starts a new journey of discovery, a unique new awareness of the World that exists around them. What is new is always new to freshly opened eyes and ears that learn new vocabulary and new ways of living their lives. New information, new knowledge and new perception of the wonders of Life, the Universe and everything between.

They may wish to talk about their new discoveries and find that their friends and families have not yet opened up to the world that they are now experiencing. Their words fall on deaf ears and their feelings are dismissed - and that certainly is nothing new. The next step is to learn new ways of coping and dealing with an expanded and aware consciousness and how they must now build new relationships with the World around them.

On their journey, they discover Others also learning new ways of Being, and learn about new Light Codes and new Angels and new Portals and new Events that are about to take place. New messages of hope from new Cosmic Collectives and new Galactic Councils. Everybody else they find, is becoming aware of what is newly arriving, newly expressing, new modalities, new crystals, new tools, new energies, new methods and new ways of developing their own spiritual path.

A world of new Light, new hope and new existence emerging from the darkening, debt ridden, slave driven civilization of the old ways. A civilization that once was new and replaced the previous civilization that became old and corrupted from its own new beginnings, which replaced the one before it back until history no longer remembers. What was named the New World is the Old World to those who already lived there. New means replacement and destruction of what existed before. New provides new benefits, new opportunities and new ways of doing things, better, faster and more efficiently - but it comes with a cost of competition, conflict and compliance.

Discovery is finding something that was not known before - we All discover new things everyday. They existed before our understanding brought them to our awareness. We learn, we experience and we understand to add the knowledge to our own wisdom. Radio waves existed before the radio was invented. Large land masses lay amongst distant seas before certain civilizations claimed to discover them. And the oldest discovery of all, the Source of infinite intelligence that existed long before individual consciousness was even capable of understanding the nature of creation and still scratches on the surface of understanding Life and its spontaneous manifestation across the Universe.

But nothing really is new, only the perception of the observer in seeing and hearing and feeling something for the first time that makes it different from before. A new civilization develops a new language, a new currency, new laws, new rules, new religion and new ways of contributing to that society - but is it new or is it just different? A previous civilization had all of those things too - but someone somewhere chose something different and suddenly that became the new New once again. Something new is not better than before, just different. The Old Ways stand against the test of time.

Your journey of discovery is not to discover what is new, all of what you will find already exists within YOU. You arrived on this planet capable of discovering everything and everyone that will help you to achieve your Soul Intention. You will hear that you do not need a Guru, or a Teacher or a Guide - but everyone will need Others to assist them, guide them and help them to discover who they already are.

You are not alone on this journey but you will need to climb mountains, not hide in caves. There is nothing new in doing this. All of this has been available in myriad lifetimes, countless Soul Emanations, every existence on this planet and the plethora of other planetary civilizations you have taken form upon. What is different this time, is there is no hive mind consciousness, no collective mission statement, no internal rule book or instruction manual. This time, we are not looking to replace what we already have with something new. We have been through that process too many times before.

You are a unique creation of Source developing within your own level of existence to assist the Planetary Ascension, connect through the dimensional frequencies with descension of your Soul presence and rediscover your own Divinity as Source within Human Form.

Solomon wrote: - What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

The sun rises and the sun sets. What has been built before, shall crumble in time. All that mankind has created, will in time return to the Earth. But That which is Eternal, remains forever. The Soul is born, and returns to Source. You are That which is expressed in-between.

Through the Love of Source, you have become a Walking Master of Light. This is your time to express who YOU truly are - nothing new, but everything that differs from that which you were before.

You're the ONE that I AM wants YOU to Be.

Paul Dobree - Carey / Polaris AB
Messages and Articles

Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness. 

Intense Incoming Energies ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 20 February 2020

Amanda Lorence
Intense Incoming Energies coming in NOW. Started approx 9:30pm UK time (GMT) on 20/02/20. Super strong to head, crown, root.
One Love

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Control & Force ~ MTVO

Control & force are now being released and cleared from my personality structure

Please head over here for the rest of the commands.

7-Point Brain Influx ~ MTVO

A reminder....we're still in it, 2 more days to go 😊

Source: MTVO

3rd day of brain influxing! Keep up the good work, everyone 🧠❣️

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery 

20 February 2020

Amanda Lorence FB Live: 20 February 5pm UK (GMT)

For those who are interested in attending.....


Diamond Shining Rays of Pure Cosmic Chrtist ~ Divine DNA Decree ~ Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter
I call forth the Diamond Shining Rays of the pure Cosmic Christ to penetrate, saturate and activate the highest quality DNA within me
Flow this continuous stream of Diamond Light as I enter into the Divine Crystalline DNA activation of the Infinite 144 strand patterns of Divine perfection

Diamond Shining Purity of Divine Love ~ DNA Activation Decrees ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 February 2020

I call in, through and around me the Diamond shining purity of Divine Love from the heart of Creation, the Gateway of the Great Central SUN, through the Galactic centre, through our beloved SUN Solaris, and into the Crystalline core of Gaia
I open myself as a pure conduit of this Divine activity of Ascension

Source: Sandra Walter

Decrees are an honored Mystery School technique for #Ascension.

Our out-loud commands, decrees, invocations and prayers have a direct effect on our #DNA, which produces our experience in the physical. Decrees affect our realities.

Use Mastery Decrees every morning, or anytime for alignment.

Like any spiritual practice, it’s like training a muscle. Heart-powered Creator-in-Carnate muscles and neural pathways in the brain are reprogrammed with consistent reinforcement, and produce the Embodiment experience through your DNA.

Prepare: Connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent.

Say aloud:: In the name of the Divine HUman, Creator-In-Carnate that I AM. I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, Angelic levels, Master levels, Galactic levels, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. Unify in this now moment. Let us activate and transform this outward projection and experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.

<Say your Decrees >

I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Creator Source.

I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and blueprint for my pure and true organic Ascension.

I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So it is.

Refocus on the heart center. Take a moment to feel your Heart and integrate.

Take the complete Crystalline DNA Mastery Class at https://sandrawalter.mykajabi.com/crystalline-dna-mastery

Because #Ascension

Vlog 154: Activating the Core of Purity in Every Electron ~ 10 February 2020

Please listen to Patricia Cota-Robles vlog here. I especially appreciate learning about how darkness/low vibration impacts Electrons, each one a tiny Light Being. As Patricia Cota-Robles describes it, a "profound truth".

There's a guided decree towards the end, which I feel would be beneficial to participate in as it involves the activation and transfiguration to our crystalline form. What's more, the decree also includes all of Humanity, so it's something we can do on a daily basis not just for ourselves but for the Collective Consciousness.

Earth Intelligence Report: February 2020 ~ Brad Johnson ~ 19 February 2020

Source: Brad Johnson

(Link to video)

This is the transcript of a deep trance channeling from the Earth Collective Consciousness for this report.

We shall begin this transmission in the way of serving the higher principles of love, of joy, and of compassion.

In your current time flow, you are noticing a great upheaval pertaining to en masse events that cloak deeper intentions behind themselves. For as the collective consciousness of the Earth expands to greater heights, the deceptions of fearful events shall take place due to the current energetic alignment of the collective consciousness in question. This will relate to the speculations of intending war upon other countries as well as highly spreading information regarding a popularized virus attempting to create a fear-agenda throughout the planet. This holds a vibrational onslaught attempting to assign greater fear upon the planet. As such fear tendencies come together, this is all an attempt to create a controlling vibration to the masses. The fear to travel to different places. The fear that others may be infected. The fear that your own medical industries are the only ones who can save you from this epidemic.

It is important for you to know that this agenda is indeed perpetrated by the very medical industries themselves. To engineer a specific virus and therefore create an appropriate vaccination all for the largest consumption of greed imposed upon many of you. You must understand that these ordeals have been intricately planned for many of your years. This is not the only virus that has been utilized in this way to gain immense profit from the population. We ask that you not involve yourselves in such scenarios that have been contrived through these industries. We ask also that you not involve yourselves pertaining to the propaganda agendas relating to warfare. These are all imposed through your collective consciousness in a strong influence to feed the wealth of the greedy. To feed the wealth of the few over the many. Do not fall for these agendas. For once you understand that money itself is involved, involving also heavy greedy and corrupt factors altogether, that all agendas are falsehoods and are to be transcended.

You have the capability to making yourselves completely healthy in body, mind and in spirit. You must be wary pertaining to such industries and corporations that only have the intentions for greed and for control. Phase such presences out of your life. For they hold nothing but corruption, greed and selfishness from within themselves. These are shown because you are learning to rely upon yourselves.

The Earth is shifting momentously into higher levels of being. Many human beings are shifting themselves into greater states of self-realization. Through these shifts shall come greater prosperity and greater innovations upon your planet that shall be in greater service. This is what we encourage.

Have you given thought to cleaning your oceans? Have you given thought to cleaning your air? Have you given thought to feeding many of yourselves by working with the Earth on a larger scale? These are the things to dwell upon. How can you continue to work together harmoniously? By dissolving the old systems that pertain to greed, selfishness and corruption.

Transcending those old forms and shifting into new ways that assist yourselves and others as well as the animals upon your planet and the nature that surrounds you. This is all of yours to take care of. You are the stewards of the Earth. Therefore, we would encourage you to follow what you have come here to accomplish. Correcting yourself. To help other fellow humans. To help the creatures of this planet. To maintain and establish greater connections with nature bringing her into a delightful harmony with all other beings upon the Earth. This is the reminder that we wish to give you all.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

New Space Opening Up ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 February 2020

A new space is opening up for your body and your consciousness

Source: Lee Harris

Over the last couple of decades, there has been this growing complexity in consciousness and where we and our human consciousness can reside and how we can, to some degree, be connected to each other, but be having very unique experiences that are whereas previously in history they would have wanted to butt heads against each other or go into conflict, now there is a bit more peace and space between them. ⁣

So, this has been birthing for the last couple of decades, but you're going to start to notice that you might be feeling far more dimensionally separate to the people around you, to people you are close to, and it's a whole new operating system.⁣

So it's not necessarily a bad thing, you might start to experience this as very empowering. It might start to feel to you that, "Wow, I'm really beginning to inhabit myself in an all new way, and I'm still connected to these people, but I don't have to get enmeshed in the way that I used to. I don't get triggered the way I used to. I actually can feel more love for the people I'm around." But it's actually a level of dimensional separation. ⁣

You're inhabiting a dimension that you may have been working towards for years through your healing, through psychically connecting, developing your intuition. It's almost like a new space is opening up for your body and in some ways we can look at it as consciousness that has risen, but you'll be very viscerally experiencing it.⁣

-From February 2020 Energy Update⁣

Watch the February 2020 Energy Update here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/february-2020-energy-update

Misogyny ~ Lisa Renee ~ 17 February 2020

This isn't exclusive to gender, it applies to the Divine Feminine Principle in both males and females. I also see social media as the perfect platform to promote distortions ~ like many other dark agendas, it's a program that successfully "runs itself", in the sense that it is continuously perpetuated by the population without obvious coercion.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

As the Solar Feminine Christ template increasingly comes online with new solar embodiment potentials, the dark resistance of the anti-female forces has recently become even more agitated and vengeful. The level of hatred directed towards the Solar Female Christ reveals the opportunity to delve into the deeper study of the twisted pathological minds of the Controllers, that have manipulated complex levels of gender reversals to effect the world with a viral infection in the subconscious layers filled to the brim with hate towards the organic female principle, spreading Misogyny. 

The concept of the anti-female and misogyny programming is much more complex than it appears to be on the surface, as it is also mired within many spiritually abusive behaviors that are lauded as healthy female empowerment, making discernment of actual misogynistic attitudes very difficult for the average person. As an example, hyper sexualization of women and girls is not female empowerment. All of us on the earth have been manipulated by the Dark Alien Mother masquerading as the divine feminine, and in this phase of development, it is time to unravel more of these subconscious layers to reveal who is actually who. 

This week, the Ascension Glossary entry is provided for gaining more clarity over the strategic methods of master manipulators and power abusers in co-creating mainstream misogyny, as the main tactics used for bullying, intimidation and victimization in those dominating egos, males or females that have assorted tantrums in order to get what they want. To study the methods of power abusers and controllers is to begin to comprehend the extensive mind control programming that is used on the earth to keep humanity in submission and slavery.   Many females enforce their own consciousness enslavement because they are confused about the nature of misogyny, the anti-female and what it means, perpetuating the toxic feminine archetypes in its place, in the guise of healthy self empowerment. 

Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, sexual objectification of women and even reveal itself in toxic femininity which sources from an assortment of socially groomed mind control behaviors. Women as well as men, can embody misogynistic behaviors which enforces subconscious compliance to self imposed misogynistic attitudes such as toxic femininity that appears in such anti-female archetypal forces as the Princess CodeDark Mother and Lunar Woman.

Misogyny has been characterized as a prominent feature of the mythologies of the ancient world and in various religions, this was set in place to program slaves on the earth many thousands of years ago by the alien invaders.

The use of the term Patriarchal Domination has another context and meaning in relationship to the Guardian ES material beyond the generally accepted definition. The Negative Aliens Archons group do not want to spiritually heal and thereby integrate into human society as equals. They want to rule humans and earth as an absolute authority and with an iron fist of brute force totalitarianism, the New World Order, while using the Controller archetype of the False King of Tyranny to carry this agenda out. This mind control overlay used by the NAA is called Patriarchal Domination. The Power Elite are the group of humans that have been handed the control over the majority of the resources of the planet in order to carry out the Archontic Deception Strategy that the NAA has put into place to ensure the mind control programming continues to divide and conquer the human population on the earth. To understand the nature of the NAA forces is to know the context of how they use Patriarchal DominationGender Reversal and Sexual Misery in complex layers of Mind Control programming to achieve their goals of spreading mass confusion between the males and females of the earth.

Please read on....

Path of Spiritual Evolution ~ Matt Kahn ~ 19 February 2020

Matt Kahn
If you wish to raise your vibration for the well-being of all, look no further than the most courageous and honourable choices you may be avoiding. 
Often times, the most honourable choices are the decisions that inconvenience or threaten your ego. This doesn't mean to always look for ways to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, but if spiritual evolution is your heart's deepest desire, it is essential to accept the fact that you might be frustrated and inconvenienced along the way.

Vibration in the New Spiritual Paradigm ~ Matt Kahn ~ 19 February 2020

Matt Kahn
In the new spiritual paradigm, vibration isn't a matter of what you understand, but how honourably and heart-centered you are willing to be ~ no matter the situations or circumstances that come your way

Solar Activity

Clues to Our Evolution That We Might Be Missing ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 19 February 2020

There's that letting go advice again....and to surrender....

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Clues to our Evolution that we might be missing.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin and the Star Elders. 2-17-2020

So much inner and outer transformation is going on these days that it sounds ridiculous and ineffective to even try to define it. Roller coaster changes, re-calculations and realignments are rushing through us at an urgent pace. They are coming from so many different levels and directions that we feel spun around unable to complete a process before the next one is upon us. Our intellect, reasoning and learned wisdom simply can’t keep up. This is the beginning of the total breakdown of the collective mind/ego template and the opening to our true nature and Spirit. This time can only be navigated with our open hearts and our mindful souls. This is a time where the only thing we can do is to let go and trust Spirit over our minds, in this unknowable, but miraculous, process of physical ascension.

I think, because of the volume of shifts that are impacting us each day, that we spend a good bit of time in either overwhelm, avoidance or hunkered down to wait it out. Sure, it is good to hunker down, so we can maintain some of our 3D responsibilities and to catch our breath. But neither of these tactics are not working very well any more, and we can’t stay there very long.

The best way I can explain what we are going through is to give you a small example of my experiences . . . Yesterday, there was a heavy, depressed energy that came out of nowhere for no reason at all. I had a good cry. I felt that I processed some deep old wounds once again. But, this time I felt that I reached a higher place of understanding of the long standing issue. I felt like I had been lifted up a bit from the weight of the situation.

Then, the next day the evening came around. I processed through a short-lived wave of discontent and lack of self esteem. So I worked hard to not go into overwhelm or hunker down. I just faced it, because I know that there are clues to our evolution in the many odd things that we feel everyday.

The next morning, I was possessed by cleaning the energy in my house. I notice once in a while that we hit a high energy day where we seem to open our eyes wider, and it is obvious where all the energy is stuck in our living space. So, we both dove into cleaning like crazy people. I find it is good to touch and raise up the energy in every corner of my space. Windows are my big pet peeve. They needed cleaning as dirty windows are the worse for distorting energy and the light entering your house. So we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

So how are these simple little waves of feelings related to clues to our evolution and ascension?

When I asked about these recent feelings, I heard a very clear answer. We have had yet another growth spurt, and we are now moving forward again into the great unknown that is our future. The depression feeling is helping us let go of the past. This is a good thing. The feeling of lack happens when we unknowingly have stepped forward and are now comparing the current energy with the past energy. We are comparing where we were, to where we are now. So with the feeling of lack, we are reminded that we have risen up another step, and it is time to get our outer world to reflect this.

It is up to us to understand this new step forward and to move and act in a new and current way. It will be most important to listen to your heart, and not so much the ego- based, logical mind. I also heard that the next emotion that we might feel is some fear (I have not felt this one lately. Maybe I won’t. Fingers crossed). But this is my favorite emotion, because it truly means that we are at an open door to something brand new! Entering the unknown will almost always trigger us and our out of date programming.

We are not to take these crazy waves personally, but to navigate them with our attention. By recognizing that we are feeling depressed, having low self esteem or having fear (just to name a few emotions), we can see that these feelings as revealing sign posts. We then understand that these feelings are temporarily created to help us become aware of our ever evolving process of awakening.

So, be a fearless warrior no matter what you are feeling or going through, and go out and make your world. You got this, and we got each other. Yes? It is what you came here for.

And as synchronicity would have it, I stumbled on a a few favorite quotes today . . .

“If you turn around and face yourself in times of loss and pain, you will be given the key to a more truthful—and therefore a more joyful—life. Adversity is a natural part of being human. It is the height of arrogance to prescribe a moral code or health regime or spiritual practice as an amulet to keep things from falling apart. Things do fall apart. It is in their nature to do so. When we try to protect ourselves from the inevitability of change, we are not listening to the soul. We are listening to our fear of life and death, our lack of faith, our smaller ego’s will to prevail. To listen to the soul is to stop fighting with life—to stop fighting when things fall apart; when they don’t go our way, when we get sick, when we are betrayed or mistreated or misunderstood. To listen to the soul is to slow down, to feel deeply, to see ourselves clearly, to surrender to discomfort and uncertainty, and to wait.”
Excerpt From: Lesser, Elizabeth. “Broken Open.”

“The ego says, I shouldn’t have to suffer, and that thought makes you suffer so much more. It’s a distortion of the truth, which is always paradoxical. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcended it” Eckhart Tolle.

“True wisdom is sensing the next big step for your ego isn’t ready for and doing it anyway in the name of your highest evolution. Your ego will never be ready. You have to be wiser than the patterns within you.” - Matt Khan.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin - www.alunajoy.com - and the Star Elders.

The Opening of the Cosmic Portals ~ Diana Cooper ~ 19 February 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

What Happened at the Cosmic Moment?

Vast high frequency energy poured through us all at the cosmic moment, 11.11am on 21st December 2012. The importance of that moment and its impact will remain with us throughout the twenty-year transition.

~ The Opening of the Cosmic Portals ~
Located all over the world are massive cosmic portals, most of which started to radiate their light in 2012. Some opened quickly and others will do so gradually over the twenty years of the transition to the new Golden Age. They will all have a huge impact on the surrounding areas and on the whole world as their high-frequency light spreads.

Thirty-three is the vibration of the Christ light and these Cosmic Portals bring in the Christ light as well as the twelve rays and the Silver Ray of the Divine Feminine.

Imagine a tree with the trunk coming down through the centre of the Earth. Above, the branches reach out linking to the planets and stars. Below, the roots spread out through the earth to specific points. These are cosmic ley lines.

The light of the twelve rays, merged with the Silver Ray, flows down from the cosmos, through the branches and trunk and then spreads through each of these roots to the portals. There it rises like a fountain to saturate the land and its people in divine light. Visualizing this will help to energize the portals and expand their influence.

There are also many other portals opening at this time, where there have been standing stones, sacred sites or places of great natural beauty. These will not usually bring in the Christ Light like the 33 cosmic portals but each has its own unique energy.

You can tune into any of the cosmic portals in your meditations or sleep to access the qualities and light each one radiates.

SR Reading

Space Observing System
Interesting readings ~ "ribbed" and solid white columns.

The Wounded Healer & Letting Go ~ Clip: Jason Estes #34

We will be reminded of this ad infinitum until we don't need to 😊 (or at least my blog will carry these reminders from others as well as me 😇 )..... Let go of everything, let go of "every word you've ever heard" because they were just stairs to get us Home. This is also my personal appeal to LWs who are still stuck on specific labels, and a major reason I resonate so strongly with "Let Go" messages.

Source: MTVO (with video)

Deep Dive #37:⁣⁣
Each Tuesday, Jason will post an interview on his Facebook wall to dive into. If you feel called to play, you'll have 7 days to watch or rewatch the video and share your experiences and questions on the post.⁣⁣
Go to Jason's profile at www.facebook.com/jason.estes.965, find the latest deep dive post, and jump into the discussion ☺ Link to the video will be included in the Facebook post.⁣⁣
How to participate:⁣⁣
- Watch the video within the 7 day window⁣⁣
- Share your insights, experiences, and questions for the group on the Facebook post⁣⁣
#spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #ascension #selfhealing

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Chronic Illness ~ MTVO

Chronic illness is now being released and cleared from in and around me

For the rest of the commands, please continue here.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Weight Gain/Weight Loss ~ MTVO

Struggling with weight gain is now being released and cleared from my body

Please complete this set of commands here.

Salients are Lost in the Planetary Commotion ~ Gaia Portal ~ 19 February 2020

After almost 3 weeks since the last update from Gaia Portal, this recent one is most intriguing. For me, the first sentence itself can be interpreted in two very different ways, either from the point-of-view of strength (as in obvious) or vulnerability (as in military definition).....Whichever it is, the "planetary commotion" part is certainly apparent.

Source: Gaia Portal

Salients are lost in the planetary commotion.
Great leaders of Higher Energetic realms come to aid.
Strength of Spirit is encouraged.
Micronics have faded.

19 February 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 19 February 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Today the Sun moved into Pisces, bringing a deeper and softer energy than the intense Aquarius energy we have been experiencing for the last month.

We are not out of the Aquarius Gate energy yet though, because tomorrow is the 20/02/2020. All those 2's again...adding up to 8!

In the US you would have 2/20/2020...also 8.

Yep...just a last echo of the powerful shifts and energies that we have been riding since mid January.

Because Mercury has also gone into retrograde, I would advise a quiet day on the 20th. Allow yourself to feel the deep levels of Soul and Self that are accessible at this time.


Connect with Soul and Higher Self.
You are Diamond Light Dancer.
You hear the Song of your Soul.
Be at Peace.

Swim in the deep Cosmic Waters where you find your original Divine Source energy.
All is in Divine Order.

End time Madness Update ~ Cobra ~ 18 February 2020

One of the more effective ways to deal with the coronavrus infection is vitamin C:
And lots of clean, fresh air:

Pleiadians have developed a new protocol for virus removal that can help people in the infected areas, primarily in Hubei province in China, but also elsewhere on the planet.
If you know, feel, or fear that you have contracted the virus, or would like to disinfect the area around you, you can repeat three times in your mind.
“Command RCV stardust”.
Source: The Portal

The coronavirus scare has manged to keep a large part of human population in fear and a large proportion of China under quarantine.

Having so many people quarantined has enabled the Light Forces to completely clear all plasma Chimera spiders and all other Chimera entities from the non-physical planes. Now the Light Forces are removing all remaining plasma Archon, Draco, Reptilian and other entities with full speed and when such a large proportion of Chinese population stays at home, this not only prevents the spread of coronavirus, but also the spread of plasma entities which are now effectively being starved out in China, leading to a chain reaction of entity removal on a planetary scale, never experienced before.

The spread of coronavirus follows a sigmoid (logistic) curve:



and is already beginning to peter out.

Chinese expert Zhong Nanshan is expecting the peak of the outbreak in mid or late February, and the infection to be over by April:

Prediction model from JP Morgan yields a similar result, with the infection peaking in a few weeks:

Please read on.....

Personality Update Window ~ MTVO

Source: MTVO

We are now in the Personality Update Window 🦋 Over the next five days, your brain and personality will be pushed against and flooded with light. Remember that you've got this, and you are truly awesome.⁣

You are not your personality or your ego. You Are. Any stories that come up in this window are for your benefit. Let them go, and really love and appreciate yourself in the process, without attaching to the Self you are in this moment. You are enough. End of story 🙂⁣

Up on our YouTube channel, our member Kyle Buckley's latest video is an amazing watch. There are great insights into the body and trauma that could be extremely helpful right now. ❤️⁣

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery 

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 18 February 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Heaven or any form of Ascension, while in the physical plane or not -- that is up to people and their free will, but if it doesn't align with Natural and Cosmic Law, it will keep us in a karmic loop.

I think Divine and Heavenly energies is the highest expression of our True self and its not always going to be the same. To create generalizations or to make statements that make you feel like you should go against your own journey, discovery or Awakening process -- is something to have discernment about.

Free will needs to be acknowledged as Sovereignty. We can't always get our way, but we need to free ourselves from the hooks, the addiction Matrix and where we feel robbed. True Sovereignty never loses integrity.

Many of us have a ton to heal from. It can't happen over night and forcing ourselves to be perfect will create stress. Lets at least honor and respect one another and our personal Journey's to reunite with the Unified field, Unconditional Loving Source energy. Laws connected to Nature we must honor and appreciate.

We are made of it and from it and our Higher self coming into this physical plane fully, will change the World for the better. Polarity integration. Our willingness to bring it in and live by it is the best gift we can give to the World and each other. Diversity in Harmony is Oneness.

We are musical notes together, trying to play in tune, so lets ROCK!!!

The Age of Miracles ~ Judith Kusel ~ 18 February 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

"The Age of Miracles brings new and higher ways of life and living. New science steeped in the metaphysical for it can no longer deny the soul/spirit, the Universal Laws and the Master-Creator/Mind/Being/Masterplan and will expand into the All-Knowing, be reinvented to the core.
New technology which works with the cosmic energy resources and needs not to strip the earth and works on inter-stellar levels. Telepathy, teleportation, and immense expansion in space. It is all there, waiting for us to wake up to our galactic heritage and finally reclaim it.

It is the age where we will learn to live and let live. To allow ourselves to return to the ultimate understanding that we create what we live. We reap what we sow. We are co-creators – yet how we use that force it what ultimately makes or breaks us.

We will return to the wisdom of balance, knowing that all balance first comes from within ourselves, before it can manifest outwards.

Allow the Power of Love bring that regenerative force into your heart, mind and soul and embrace a much higher and more profound way of life. Remember, that all of this starts within you – and then manifests outwards.

You are the creator as much as you are the creation you live in.

More than this – miracles mostly come silently, softly and almost happen upon us. Indeed, miracles are happening even now, yet most of humanity is still sleeping the sleep of forgetfulness as the greatest transformative power is sweeping the earth, the solar system and the galactic core."

Judith Kusel

I AM ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

The man you are has known himself through things, ways of being. The woman you are has decided things that were brought into manifestation that she can see and must now attend to in a new way. We have described, in point, to you the methodology of lifting things through perception. we will not be redundant here, but we will tell you that the life you live will begin to transform through the speaking of your name, "I Am."

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

Robotic Ghosts and Wraparound Dimensions ~ Stephanie South ~ 18 February 2020

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift Red Cosmic Dragon, Kin 221. Psi 144.

This is a dream. It will all disappear.
No one on the surface level has the full picture.
Our energy and frequency determine what happens next.

Society is set up to discredit anyone who presents a different point of view. We live in a bubble where knowledge is a function of the system that created it. But what if the system is faulty? What if the system was created by robotic ghosts with no soul signature? What if?

It is up to the people to help lay the groundwork to co-create global humanitarian based systems. This starts with self-reflection and cultivation of the inner realm.

It takes consistency and discipline to unravel our inherited belief structures that are subliminally programmed into the cells of our body. Our job is to “pull the sword from the stone,” meaning to extract the living spirit from dead matter.

Galactic culture is the opposite of our current death culture that feeds on innocence and human vulnerability. This death culture is held in place by an artificial intelligence system that is currently controlling the timeline narrative.

The veil of artificial time is based on maintaining deceptions and manipulations that keep us ignorant of the larger truth. The masses are kept in survival mode, so that they have no time to reflect on, or comprehend the larger script playing out.

The truth is that we live in a multidimensional universe and who we are is far vaster than we can imagine.

The trick is to not to invest our energy and emotions into the ever-fluctuating world of illusion.

That is part of the trap. The artificial system feeds on human emotion. This is a time loop that requires a conscious effort to step out of. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon calendar, to help lift our mind from the disharmonious grid matrix that seeks to control.

Please read on....

Amanda Lorence Updates ~ 19 February 2020

Ongoing MASSIVE incoming energy began 2 hours ago (7pm UK time) plus this day, profound EMBODIMENT STAGE begins

Source: Amanda Lorence

Congratulations...WE’VE MADE IT!

Dominoes Effect will occur, each at their own pace. All so supported...keep going!

Now we begin. We NOW have embodied the Energy, Consciously so, in the human vessel.
So much love to ALL. 💙🌍💙

(Play the video...It’s YOU!)

(video link)

18 February 2020

The Old World Simply Does Not Exist Anymore, the World Became Different ~ Alyona Sabirova

A NASA image shows the M87 galaxy, in the middle of which is the black hole that was imaged for the first time earlier this month (bottom-most box). The top zoomed-in box shows the shockwaves caused by jets of plasma spewed out from the black hole.
(Image: © NASA/JPL-Caltech/IPAC/Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration)
Reports from sources such as Lisa Renee & Joanna Fay allow us to expand our scope to include what's unfolding out there in the Cosmos. The following article, from Alyona Sabirova, reinforces that widescreen perspective but from a different angle. Assuming that what is being reported by Alyona is true, it's obvious that Cosmic Divine Intelligence is at play, with our Planet being a major focus of this Cosmic Reset. For example, the following statement from Alyona's article:
".....powerful jets emitted by a black hole were EXACTLY DIRECTED in the DIRECTION of the Earth."
The gigantic blue jet emanation from M87 reminds me of the Blue Pulse, as explained by EM Ibrahim Hassan & Blue Solara.

I was unable to trace the source of this article because the site where I found it did not provide a link. It's a shame, because I would have liked to explore Alyona's work.

I will reproduce in full Alyona's report, which I found here.


ON JANUARY 6, 2020, Norwegian scientists from the Polarlightcenter Geophysical Observatory noticed a strange activity of the northern lights over Norway, Finland and Iceland. They recorded a sudden change in the currents of the earth and the magnetic field. Local media reported that 15 minutes before “this shock wave”, the NASA space satellite transmitted how the density of the solar wind jumped more than 5 times, and the interplanetary magnetic field near Earth DIRECTLY REVERSED 180 degrees. Scientists said that in the Earth’s magnetic field for many hours a CRACK OPENED, through which a solar high-frequency stream flowed to the earth. A 180-degree turn of the interplanetary magnetic field and the formation of a local discontinuity in the polar ionosphere did not occur by itself.

On JANUARY 7, 2020, it was recorded that the supermassive black hole M87 threw powerful jets toward the Earth. As a result of observations conducted by astronomers for four years using the Chandra observatory, powerful jets emitted by a black hole were EXACTLY DIRECTED in the DIRECTION of the Earth.

We are talking about the object M87 (in the center of the elliptical galaxy M87, the constellation Virgo), weighing about 6.5 billion times the mass of the Sun, at a distance of about 55 million light-years from Earth. Its core is very active, generating powerful radiation of various frequencies, including gamma radiation.

A gigantic jet emanates from the M87 core. This jet contains several bunches, the optical radiation of which is strongly polarized. The color of the radiation is blue.

Radio emission comes both from the galactic nucleus and from the surrounding extended region of about one hundred thousand light-years in size. Galaxy M 87 is a powerful source of X-ray radiation.

It also turned out that the M87 is a rotating black hole. The nature of the M87 radiation is constantly changing.

IMPORTANT - from the M87 source, particles with energy exceeding 10 in the 19th degree of electron-volt came to us. This energy is SO powerful that the particles came to us WITHOUT deviations in galactic magnetic fields, that is, along a DIRECT LINE.

Powerful gamma-ray bursts have a long-wavelength continuation - the so-called afterglow. Following the initial gamma-ray pulse, the X-ray flux of a typical length of several days follows CONSTANTLY. It goes into ultraviolet, then into visible light, into infrared radiation and, finally, into radio waves, which are fixed for weeks and months.

Another important aspect of what happened. During those “many hours” when our planet was open to space, there was a forced reconnection of the magnetic lines of force of magnetic fields, of which there were at least two. Earth's magnetic field and M87's magnetic field. We for a while became a tiny CONTINUOUS of this space giant, who included us in his magnetic field.

KEY RELEASE is the fundamental physical process in plasma, responsible for all phenomena of plasma activity. There are two types of reconnection - forced and spontaneous. In our case, it was precisely the FORCED reconnection of the lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field, in which the magnetic configuration undergoes a restructuring of the plasma flow from the outside.

The participant of this space action is the SUN, it also contributed to the surgical operation for the Earth. And it was updated. 12/21/2019, a powerful magnetic explosion was recorded on the Sun. Despite the fact that the existence of such explosions was supposed by experts 15 years ago, observation of one of them took place only at the end of 2019.

As a result of the eruption, the magnetic fields of the star were torn, and then reunited, which led to an unprecedented magnetic explosion. The release of the substance occurred in the form of a prominence. Previously, researchers observed a spontaneous reconnection of the solar magnetic lines of force, now they saw the reconnection FORCED.


Under the influence of a stream of elementary particles coming from outer space, the molecular composition of DNA changes - what will come next can only be assumed.

The global impact of PHENOMENA suggests a corresponding large-scale action - energy. So, it is time for us to be witnesses and at the same time PARTICIPANTS of the further destruction of old energy matrices (thoughts, habits, patterns, egregors). Large and small, in a variety of options. In all manifestations - from the global plan to the plan of the personal, individual.

But in one thing you can STOP DOUBT - the old world ... no, it is not doomed ... THE OLD WORLD JUST DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE, THE WORLD BECAME DIFFERENT

First, it’s worth understanding what happened at the time of the connection by the energy cord from the M87 galaxy, in the center of which is the Black Hole, with our planet Earth. This cord looked like a hose that stretched from a huge black ball and was connected to the south pole of the Earth. Inside the Earth there is an infromir or a world of the second dimension, where all low-frequency or negative energies that people in the third dimension generate are dumped. Naturally, over many millennia, this cesspool was filled up and an energy hose and device (Black Hole) were connected to the Earth to pump out these wastes of human life.

This energy hose consisted of an internally hollow pipe, and there was powerful luminous energy around. It was this energy that acted on the Earth’s magnetic field, spread the magnetic lines and connected to the South Pole. It was clearly visible how previously the dark interiors of the Earth began to move away. After that, light energies from the hose-cord filled the inner space of the planet. Pulses of light energy (gamma radiation) passed along the surface of the planet. They cleaned the elements of the Earth: water, air, earth and ether.

Black holes cleanse the planets of accumulated negative energy, otherwise the planet becomes conditionally heavier and gradually plunges into the dark space of another, lower dimension, and then the Black hole, which grinds and separates not only the planets, but also the sun of the entire Galaxy.

How did the cleansing of the human subtle bodies take place on January 6-7, 2020. Since man remains inextricably linked with the planet, the gamma-ray pulse cleared not only the thin bodies of the Earth, but also the thin bodies of people - most of the negative energies were extracted from the karmic body of a person.

An interesting description was given by one clairvoyant. On the mental plane (the body of thought) in her head, as if shot from a beam weapon, as shown in science fiction films. These rays eject metal fragments of some kind from the head. And then the head began to fill with other light energy. The light filled his head, and then spread throughout his body. This phenomenon was ubiquitous in every person on Earth, which can manifest itself as a decrease in anger and irritation from negative thoughts.

The resignation of the Medvedev government is directly related to the purge described.

A huge ray of attention of the creatures that carried out the support and manipulation of power, just in a panic and haste went into denser spaces. Of course, not everyone left, but the hasty folding of their energy structures was very noticeable against the background of the processes described above. It should be understood that many rulers in power are nothing more than puppets, spacesuits, whose puppeteers are finding it increasingly difficult to remain in the renewed energy structure of the planet. On the subtle plane, there is also a certain re-signing of agreements on mass management in order to avoid global panic and the collapse of egregors supporting the social system. However, they will no longer do this as masters of the situation. The government’s bravado over tightening taxes and the constitution is nothing more than another attempt to intimidate the public for pumping energy.

Also, another attempt to intimidate people and lower the vibrations back to the previous level also explains the behavior of the United States with Iran, organizing fleeting world wars. It is clear that in this way Trump is trying to switch his attention from his impeachment to external factors, but the deeper reasons are precisely in downloading the resource. There will be more such attempts, as avatars in power will increasingly change the firmware and openly glitch, which means that there will be more delusions in the news, so we do not pay attention to this.

Article by Alyona Sabirova, translated from Russian