27 January 2020

Affirmations: I Am A Starseed Magician ~ Steve Nobel ~ 26 January 2020

So appropriate for this Year of Magic, Miracles and Unicorn Blessings.....

Source: Soul Matrix (with video & downloadable audio)

“I am a Starseed Magician. I am here in this ascending dimension of struggle and hardship to birth a new reality. A reality of higher light, of higher consciousness, of higher potential. I have come to liberate others to their true power and light. I am a pioneer in this ascension process. I am a reality creator.

I am a Starseed Magician. I am here to reveal the true nature of this dream world. Within this dream world I have come to reclaim my true light, my true power. I have come to open my heart and mind to the truth of my being and my place in this vast Multi-verse of light. I have come to banish all lower toxic energies around me. I am here to banish all shadows.

I am a Starseed Magician, there are no limits to what is possible in this dream world. I am aware that the only limits on my creative abilities are the ones I have placed upon myself. Or the ones I have allowed others to place within my consciousness.

I am a Starseed Magician.  I am the authority in my life. I take back all power I have given to others in my reality. I take back all power I have given to authority figures, gurus, teachers, groups, churches and any system that does not serve my best and highest interests.

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