20 January 2020

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 16 January 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence


At each’s individual perception, 4D falls away. We see it is illusion too. We have to see and experience this for ourselves, individually, to then be at the ready stage to leave 4D.

4D served it’s purest purpose. And still will for many. Because we couldn’t make the jump from 3D straight to 5D. It would have been far to huge a leap, for the human mind to cope with and for the physical body to deal with. So 4D served as the divine stepping stones for a period we adjusted in, grow in, went through various stages of embodiment in, dissolved our own mind patterns in, elevated our energetic frequency in. To make us ready in elevated higher energetic hertz for a certain time that is near for some to experience first. Then more follow...

Right now, many are increasing their own energetic frequency. As preparation for their leap. I’ve no idea when each elevate. It’s all individual. Based on each’s own story, energy level, and of course the galactic timeline we are all a part of.

Right now, so many parallels are playing at the same time within this multi-dimensional experience. Be strong.

After full emotional body clearing has occurred, we reach a stage of giving our heart back to God. In a knowing stage, that THAT is all there is...God. Our heart, our life, our experiences, were always God’s to have through us. Everything is God. We surrender at that stage, not through sadness or pain and suffering, but through SELF REALISATION that giving our heart in shear awareness and knowing, it was ALWAYS God’s heart all along. God’s sparks of light, experienced as us.

We have practiced connection throughout this awakening journey, of going into our heart portal to expand our energy, expand love, expand connection. Then we usually come back out and resume our every day life here. Some will soon go into their heart portal, and not come back out. So Permanent Higher State of consciousness. Still having a physical body, but remaining as consciousness outside of the body. I don’t know dates when this starts, as again, it is individual.

From that state, of being consciousness outside of the physical living body, we can do our greatest service for all, as non physical consciousness outside of space and time, with the facility of the human body in this solid experience of ‘reality’. Nothing will ever be the same. We will be risen AND we will be here.

So much love.

Just a side note, I can’t answer private messages for now due to all this process. All information of awakening / ascension, is within us all, just to allow YOU to unfold naturally. But the process we all share (just a different storyline) is all on this wall and in my videos here.

So much love
Amanda Lorence
16 January 2020


  1. Thank you. That so beautiful. GIVE OUR HEARTS BACK TO GOD..... been trying alighn will and mind, and heart with god, goddess, creatir, great spirit....... never just thought,,,, give them back....l simple

    1. I also appreciate this simplicity....yet so profound.