24 January 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 24 January 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Ladies...and gents....don't forget to pick up your crowns as you strut through the Aquarius Gate with confidence and power!

The Queen and King are entering the Kingdom of the New Earth!

As we move towards the 2/2 gate under the powerful frequencies of Formalhaut and Regulus, we are certainly feeling the increasing energies and the shifts between "normal" brain wave patterns and the higher Alpha and Theta patterns that are activating.

As we evolve to become Fully Multi-dimensional, we are also evolving to be able to modulate our brain wave frequencies depending on the frequency grid in which we find ourselves.

This is how we enter into the Golden Age of Peace at the Aquarius Gate. When we are in Alpha state we are in that peaceful state of meditation, and when we are in Theta state we are almost in a trance like dream state.

Recently, you may have found yourself tired and sleepy, just wanting to rest, or sit and stare into space, or forgetting things or words you would normally know. This is when you have shifted into another brain wave pattern at a higher frequency and your brain is not working in linear narrative mode any more. You may feel disconnected and lost, grasping for meaning.....

Don't worry, you are not losing it, your brain and body are simply being realigned to be able to carry multiple brain wave patterns in your multi-dimensional state.

Just make sure your Crown is on straight before you pass through the Aquarius Gate!

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