26 January 2020

Chakra System ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 25 January 2020

The shutting-down-chakra "movement" was one that made me feel some concern. Many people jumped onto that bandwagon, with fear being the motivating factor. The Chakra System is a topic that can generate endless hours of debate, but what Laura Eisenhower writes here is sensible advice, regardless of what we believe we should "do" with our Chakra System.  Like everything else, our Chakra System is also evolving ~ whether to 12 or 13 Chakras or even one unified Chakra, or whatever else is being conveyed. The point is, it's evolving. I do believe that even the colours themselves are changing, for example the Root Chakra changes to a "gentler" shade for example deep pink.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Some say shut down your Chakras. Well that should perhaps really say, shut down your negative thought patterns or any chords with dark control agendas, which Chakras hold. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Chakras hold important information about our organs, Mulit-dimensional Nature and DNA potential when we tune in. I think we need to purify and integrate our Chakras, remove implants, Archonic distortions and open up to our Galactic Chakras and higher self and then be willing to bring it into the Root.

Restoring the Tree of Life Template and Infinity Spiral. Electro-magnetic harmony. Igniting Dragon lines and helping fallen groups to find themselves again. Kundalini Phoenix rising!

This helps to dissolve the frequency fences and seals put in our DNA and the Grid Network Saturn-Moon Matrix, which is the NET that has held us in Quarantine -- for dualistic reasons we need to resolve within.

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