27 January 2020

Clearing Ties & Bonds via Belief Systems ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 26 January 2020

Meanwhile, daily clearing of such cords will assist greatly.

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Familiarity with the energy fields of Others form energetic emotional bonds which create empathetic and sympathetic resonance - especially with those closest to you.

Focused desire, Love and mutual appreciation create connective pathways which strengthen over time albeit through relationship, association and intentional respect for another.

As Above, So Below - like dendrites within the brain, capillaries within the blood vessels, tributaries upon the river and roots beneath the tree - we build and remain connected and joined to all those we know and Love. Know that Loving Bonds remain for an eternity in a Soul Quantum Entanglement and YOU will retain versions of you that be reunited again.

What happens when the relationships and associations end during a lifetime? Are the links severed, does the connection cease in an instant, are the pathways dissolved? In most cases, NO !

Thought transfer, the recall of memory echoes and the internal intention of continued desire will sustain the flow of energy along the previous links created. Many of these links are carried from one day to the next or from previous lifetimes only to be triggered and replayed once again as the ghosts of moments shared and passed.

Much has been written about the cutting of energetic ties, removal of vows and former promises by various practices such as through affirmations or invoking the powers of ArchAngel Michael to assist with the tie-cutting process. Certainly the power of Self-Will would serve great purpose if this one single act could remove all previous bonds in a single sword stroke from Michael.

However, this is not always the case and in many instances the ties are removed only to re-form once again upon renewed encounters, triggers of memory and continued association with the object of the bonds.

You will know that your thoughts create the reality around you, whilst your senses continue to interpret, categorise and label the energies that are constantly passing through your heart centre. Those energies continue to provide you with the very form and structure required to instantly rebuild any former ties that have been previously cut. What you resist, persists - if your thoughts still remain fixed on your former focus.

An argument or disagreement that remains unresolved continues to feed the energy of its creation to the parties involved, regardless of the number of ties cut in-between. It is the energy of the creation itself that continues the bond not the intention to remove it. All such ties continue to draw and leak energy away from the heart centre whilst they remain in existence. These ties will create a weakening system leading to mental instabilities and emotional blocks which in turn becomes physical illness and disease.

The Belief system is the key to dealing with such bonds and ties, for it is your perception of beliefs that hold together the form and substance of your energetic bodies and the chains that bind it together.

We cannot and should not continue to bury away all that we are not prepared to face at this time. All that is rigid shall be shaken. All that is hidden shall be revealed and brought forward in view to be dealt with.

This time is NOW.

The energy frequencies that form the bonds should be able to pass through the heart centre without triggering or creating an associated vibrational response or resonance. The thought of another, the memory of a previous situation, the glimpse of a future scenario, the sound of a voice, the harmony of a song - all of these can trigger the formation of a bond that snakes out as a Path of Intention towards the object of intent.

The focus of energy in any direction calls the Particles of Substance to form a pathway upon which to build a connective link. This is the design of the Universe through the manifestation of Will and Desire known under the Law of One as the the Law of Attraction.

Form your thoughts carefully for every single thought creates a link for Source to act upon, to start building the foundations of your Belief system.

What you think, so you become.

All that YOU become is all that you believe your Self to be.

With Loving Blessings
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
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