20 January 2020

DNA: From Binary to Trinary Helix ~ Richard Rudd

Quite a few DNA posts lately....and this one provides yet another perspective for Tri-Wave architecture and our transfiguration into higher dimensional existence, biologically. Can also be viewed as new Operating SystemπŸ˜‰  Or LightBody / Merkaba / "Personal" Stargate activation. There are so many ways we can choose to look at what's happening to Humanity in this time of the Ascension process....

Source: Gene Keys Global

In more advanced forms of life the mirror of DNA is no longer a binary structure but a trinary helix. 

The triple helix unites all beings beyond space and time and frees awareness to travel unimpeded throughout the cosmos. 

However, the triple helix cannot support a carbon-based life form. It requires a far subtler structure or vehicle - the underlying geometry of the universe itself.

-Richard Rudd Gene Key 60

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