30 January 2020

End Time Madness ~ Cobra ~ 29 January 2020

There have been so many messages swirling around about the virus ~ although the content differs the one thing for sure is that it originated from a lab. This report from Cobra sheds more light about it. It could be just me not comprehending the intel adequately, but I wonder why the Chinese would develop a bioweapon against the US that only targets Asians....

Source: The Portal

As we are now right before the dawn of the new Golden Age, a strong purification must occur before we as a planet can enter the Light. This purification is called the end time madness.

The end time madness is happening individually, with many people freaking out and showing dysfunctional behavior, but also globally.

Since they know now that their end is inevitable, the Cabal wants to destroy the surface human population in the process of their own downfall.

They attempted that in December last year by triggering the financial collapse through the repo market, and that did not work, they tried that in early January through escalation with Iran, that did not work, they tried to engineer a false flag in Virginia, that did not work, so what is left?

A global pandemic scare.

2019-nCoV is an advanced ethnic bioweapon that targets mostly Asian population:

The current epidemic is a result of covert biological warfare that goes on between China and USA.

Chinese long term military strategy against USA is based on bioweapons to a great degree:


The Chinese agents have stolen the coronavirus from Canadian lab:


And upgraded it into a bioweapon at the lab in Wuhan:



Then a USA agent, previously infiltrated into the Wuhan lab, and involved in the development of the virus, stole a sample of coronavirus and spread it into the Wuhan seafood and animal market. From then on the virus was spreading with geometric progression that can really look scary:

Please read on....

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