25 January 2020

Energy Update ~ Alex Myles ~ 24 January 2020

Source: Alex Myles

This cosmic energy brings a sharp energetic shift that will majorly affect anyone who has felt stuck in the "should I try harder or should I walk away" limbo. This may be connected to either love, friendship, family, career, or general circumstances. The Universe will remove anything (or anyone) that is not meant to be in our lives, and move whatever resonates closer.

It is now time to focus on balancing everything we are putting our energy into. Are we giving or taking far too much? Are we pushing or being pulled with too much force? Are we leaning in & leaning out harmoniously? Or are we trying too hard with something or someone that just isn't going to budge?

As we move through this moon phase and through the rest of the lunar month, be prepared for sudden and positive change - particularly related to anything that is out of alignment. 🙏💙🌜

Note: Holding on to stagnant energy from the past blocks new blessings & possibilities. Let go of the old to ensure there is wide open space for the new to enter. The Universe only works in the interest of our highest good, so if something doesn't effortlessly manifest, be thankful, sometimes blockages occur to save us from chaos and drama. When we work with cosmic energy, it will only ever support us in alignment for our highest good and soul purpose

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