23 January 2020

Evolving Consciousness: Tip 13 ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 23 January 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence

We are all evolving out of thousands of years of ‘control over’. We each rise and see through our own blindness, our own ego, as we become ready to, one layer at a time. Seeing more...dissolving more, thus empowering ourselves more from WITHIN. Our true nature is the power of God within us, each of us. No one is less than, for that is only an experience of feeling less than, so just temporary.

If another, within YOUR experienced astral realms, or within YOUR own reality tells you TO DO SOMETHING for them of a divine nature...to pause and question it before agreeing blindly. How does it feel? Is it your ‘call’ to do that or just theirs? Does it align with your path? Is it of Love? Is YOUR ego actually reacting because it too seeks power over the dream? Is their experience theirs, and not actually yours? Are you feeding another’s reality (in your dream) so therefore being distracted from your own rise out? Are you getting your ‘swords’ out in a field of polarity? When in truth, we are here to see and dissolve all polarities and become zero point in order to raise our energetic frequency. What you choose to feel, say, do, is up to you alone. No other. But to understand ego, will always ask or dictate, to others outside of itself because it seeks through it’s ego, to still have control over it’s outer reality (it’s own dream). In other words, it’s still residing in 4D and 3D because it’s desiring to control it’s actual dream, from within the dream itself. We will NEVER control the dream from within it, only experience in DELUSION that we might be. That is temporary. Ultimately, we become the KNOWER of how to allow the dream as it is already created based on our thoughts, words, deeds, and we become the KNOWER of how to manifest NEW INTO our reality/dream. So we create NEW into the dream reality. And dissolve the old via inner process.

Key is your discernment, in a multi-Dimensional reality. To realise YOU are as powerful as ALL others. If you do as others command you without questioning WITHIN YOURSELF FIRST, you remain as LESS power. Being the one that follows your dream, and reacts from an ignorance to the outer illusion/dream. Your power lies in only observing the dream that is already in front of you, and creating NEW into the dream from the non solid infinite array of All That Is. To react from ego to the dream as a means to be powerful, be in charge, thinking as the only one that is right (even now), is...delusion, and keeps our power from us, as it has done for ions of time. 3D and 4D will always have it’s programming, with ego ‘control’ desires over the dream itself. Ego will always THINK it is right and others are wrong if they do not hold the same perception as their own ego. Our inner changes, in that ascension changes our consciousness, to rise OUT of 3D and 4D. And experience a higher state of consciousness, living, experience etc. There is no ego or ‘power over’ in 5D and above, so no one will tell you what to do in YOUR DIVINE SERVICE no matter how divine it sounds, no matter what may be promised to you...You, will tell YOU what to do, from within. Each will know themselves what to do as THEIR divine contribution, in each NOW moment. It will come from within them, as they are directly connected to Higher Self, already that Higher Self in 5D. That is the beauty of how our uniqueness GIVES to all. Each give of themselves as SHOWN, KNOWN, from within themselves.

ALL divine knowledge, everything you need to know for your present NOW MOMENT, for your own Self Realisation growth and stages, occurs one stage at a time, and is WITHIN EACH HUMAN BEING. The outer realities of solid world and astral, present to you as choice points along the path. Gently, and gradually, without forcing, if we listen to our own WITHIN (allow FEELING into something, not mind thinking!), and BE from OUR OWN knowing or not knowing, we actually are exercising our intuitive muscles that strengthen and strengthen the more we use them. Over time, we become NON RELIANT on the ALREADY CREATED illusionary outer realities for intel, data, guidance. Yes, we see the clues and bread crumbs in 4D more and more as we go, but as we expand our own consciousness from within ourselves, we then get to see, hear, feel physically and etherically, the HIGHER frequency realities that overlay, and hold higher frequency data that the 3D, 4D and lower 4D astral planes can not see (due to frequency). In other words...WE can more easily KNOW what we EACH should be doing in any one NOW moment. And we dissolve the old programming that does not know and does as we are told, by the outer 3D, 4D influences that seek to subtlety or blatantly deny us our power and be in charge of us.

No one in the astral planes, or in 3D and 4D reality would tell you to do something, INCLUDING that of a ‘divine nature’, unless they ARE still in separation state themselves. Unless they think they know better for you than your individualised storyline, OWN reality, path, ascension route, that is already equal in divinity to theirs. If people ALREADY and TRULY know in their HEART, that all are equal to them, that all are already the ONE divine spark of God being realised, they will encourage you to grow from within you, so that YOU may SELF REALISE God within you which IS the whole point of the game. To create from that knowing. To KNOW THYSELF, as God looking at God, looking at God, looking at God...When we know all are our equal, and all are a PART of us, we seek no control over. For to desire inwardly to control another, be in charge, is anti-flow, so we are still immersed in the dream itself, seeking to control what we have already created. We ask NOT of another to do our own deeds of Service that come from our inner connection. For we KNOW each’s path is already divine, and their power to Self realise. No one is master over you. YOU learn to master yourself in ALL ways. And learn to master ‘reality’. Not by changing what already is a result of previous thoughts, words and deeds, but by creating NEW ‘reality’. From within. As within so without.

At 5D energetic frequency, each’s uniqueness is celebrated, KNOWN as a PART of the WHOLE. It is therefore that uniqueness, that is each’s gift to the whole, that holds their key to contribute to the Whole. People will work with each other. Not because people tell people to do this or that, but because ENERGETIC FREQUENCY aligns them to each other and so they each do, from WITHIN, as they choose to as one or more are gathered. Effortlessly with each other, which serves the Whole. No human is in charge or better than, higher than, commanding you in 5D and above. Equalness is THE perception of ALL in 5D. We answer to ourselves, for within each of us IS our UNIQUE connection to God and the Whole of God’s creation. From there we simply choose, be and act, express out, GIVE. In 4D and 3D, we listened to the outside and that weakened our ever present connection to God. Connection is WITHIN, expressed out, always with an ENERGY that is present known as Love. Where each operate in all moments from their KNOWN integrity, and Self Responsibilty as each act is forever understood as always affecting the whole design. Oneness. There is One ‘Group’ known by all...God’s. Our pure connection is made.

In the times ahead, many will look to the outer for guidance of what to do, how to act, as they experience inner confusion and doubt based on events in the outer mass collective reality as it unfolds. Know thyself. Or allow your power to be further denied. The game presents choice in every moment. Be the noise that has existed at various levels of perception, or be the stillness, the KNOWER outside of the dream.

No one person if of developed KNOWING, will ever tell you what you should do in your divine service or human life experience. They will point you INWARD, to empower yourself BY YOURSELF, which is ultimately every being’s journey. From WITHIN. They will honour all your choices made regardless of your choices, and they will not be attached to your choices either. They have no questions for you. No demands of you. YOU may be KNOWN to yourself if you choose. Our KNOWING, is to allow each their path, honour it, celebrate it, knowing it is and always was divine.

Please just take what resonates, and discard if it doesn’t. It’s all perfect...

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
23 January 2020

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