13 January 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 12 January 2020

WOOHOOOOO!!!!! And I truly don't know what else to say.....๐Ÿ’–

Source: Jason Estes


Congrats!!!! we made it!

this ends a 6billion year old cycle and begins a new template for humanity

the new timeline is based on Unity, Truth, And Integrity. What this means is that things not founded or being moved into those 3 things will begin to be dismantled or fall apart

these next 6 months we will step into the largest clean up we have ever done as we begin to reshape the earth game back to the Original Eden it was designed to be since there is now 5.86 billion walkins it will be a very strange 6-8 months as everyone comes back online and begins the journey back to 1st source awareness

this being said many people you may have known to be one way may end up coming back into your life as a completely different type of personality

when major events like this happens the best thing you can do is forgive everything that has been let fully go of your memory of who people where and then step forward into the new way and let people show you who they are becoming

Many of you may find your body feels hung over today or with headache this is normal as you integrated a whole other timeline of self into you. make sure to hydrate and if you feel called to do the Spheniod Adjustment 2-3x through out today it could assist with the processing of the new reality and allowing your body to sync up faster ::hugs::

(Link for Sphenoid Adjustment)

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