29 January 2020

Jason Estes Update from January 2019 ~ Original Wounds ~ 28 January 2020

Jason Estes shares a "memory" (we need to totally exit from fb and all its tentacular structures) from a year ago. This was before I knew about Jason's work, so posting it here is really the first time for me, and very beneficial for a review of the situation "then" and "now". We were running only 20 data points just a year ago.....it was at 68 end-December. A year ago that felt like a decade ago, and yet it went by in a couple of flashes.

Source: Jason Estes

Wow look at how far we have come in a single year...

Jason Estes
26 January 2019 ·


As February begins we will face the deepest highlights we have known they are called the original wounds. This final gate of pre purge we will push through is the 1-15th of feb during this time we will move to 20 data points per hour with a 3 day rest at 10 data points per hour before the celestial spike and the beginning of the purge. What we were unable to finish off in the pre purge will be given to us to solve much stronger and in many cases physically, because this is our final major purge we are being asked to fully let go below I will go into more details over what the final gate is.

Original Wounds:
every human incarnate who was born prior to nov 21st 2018 chose between 1-3 of the 7 original wounds to make a core wound on the journey to incarnation.

These 7 wounds become a core wound in our story and lead to a process of seeing the world from a slight to major misunderstanding depending on the inner work we have done.

Original Wounds:
Shadow VS Ascended
Deception>Creation & Destruction of love
Control>Love & Wisdom
Doubt>Cosmic Understanding
Judgement>Divine Expression

In order to fully become an ascended master and begin to handle the immortal mess we must master all 7 of these wounds

remember mastery is an understanding greater then 51% of subject and with law of expansion it means remastering everything every hour so while you were born with 1-3 of these you have taken on all through out life and are at some level of completion with each

take a moment to write down all these and put a % next to each based on where you are be honest with yourself, and then work on coming up with some form of daily practice whether it be spending 3mins on each or something else to work to improve your understanding on each of these

be proactive while we are in the prep stage the work you do now is minutes for hours, so for every few minutes you spend today you save hours of in the future.

I want to also say this final gate is an optional gate and while the energy currents will push on these wounds they will not force you into them, the purge itself will. My advise is take the small nudges from the universe and work through these wounds asap you and your time are worth it ::hugs::


  1. Thank you. Re deepest wound. Yrs known primal, is our seperation from, unity of creator.... few nights ago, guides woke me. It was about humans being cast out of garden of eden. Our original state. Shown the guardians, removing the flaming swords, that guard so we can enter again. Wonderful. I give thanks... in genisis there are 2 creation storys one a perfect human, one who cast out.

    1. Beautiful vision! So....the time is now....we can enter again!! :) Many Blessings