20 January 2020

Judgement ~ Matt Kahn ~ 19 January 2020

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Judgment is: whoever you blame in any moment. Intuition is: clearly seeing how this moment is helpful for the evolution of self and for the sum of the whole.

Any attempt to stop judging only judges the 'inner judge'. Anytime the inner judge feels judged, its patterning is strengthened instead of integrated.

And yet, patterns of judgment can be resolved simply by paying more attention to your intuition versus getting tangled in judgment— whether towards others, the past, or even yourself.
If unsure what your intuition is saying, just ask yourself: “How is this moment inviting me to evolve? What old comfort zone is it liberating me from? Which weakness is this moment helping me strengthen?”

The answers are always within you. It’s simply a matter of giving yourself enough time to tune in, receive the wisdom, and swiftly act upon it with faith, humility, and compassion for all.

Please enjoy every moment you spend reading this newsletter; and know that I am with you as we co-create a new world as One.

All For Love,

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