21 January 2020

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 20 January 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Saturn-Moon Matrix distortions keep us from Truth and are the cause of Cancer.

Capricorn and Cancer North and South Node integration can trigger a mass healing and Transformation.

Connecting with our Higher mind to clear distortions and emotional turmoil is real Awakening and these are the times we are in.

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Our vessels, organs, glands and nervous systems are connected with the planets, Stargates and Earth grid meridians...

The health of our thoughts and feelings, determines the quality of its structure, fluid, energy flow and what gets integrated. At any time we can heal if the willingness and humility are there.

Our Soul connection opens us to the gateways and Love sets us Free. Our True Divine Source Connection becomes known when True Gnosis (self-awareness) is found.

We are Love, We Need Love, We are made from Love.

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We are being asked as a humanity to step into the energies of the Mother, in every form it holds. (North node in Cancer) So emotions might be running high as we are still being magnetized into the past with Pluto/Saturn and Jupiter still strong in Capricorn and South Node.

When we can do it from the place of holding the Mother energy strong, a massive purging results that can be overwhelming. It might be wounds with our own Mother or recognition of the nurturing bond one might have. Traumas from past lives might be coming to the surface or lifetimes where we were in a powerful Divine Mother role -- or this incarnation as a Woman or Mother, we may be feeling into that experience. You don't need to have children to be a Mother.

For Men, perhaps the connection to the Mother within, ones biological Mother, the Earth, or lives where you might have played a Mother role, is lighting up.

Feeling into our deep connection to Mother Earth and the Cosmic Mother is the guiding principle right now. With that we might be recognizing and feeling into how we have navigated the Timelines -- perhaps really feeling the insults and injuries to Gaia's true Divine Nature and how detrimental the programmings have been to the Masculine and Feminine. Maybe many are trying really hard to emerge from that pain, or even amnesia.

As we embrace the Mother, we purge the patriarchal programs. We find the True Masculine and our Sacred Union within. Men and Women are healing from the mind-control and social engineering that has made it hard to co-create and find harmony, mutual love, respect and Soul acknowledgement between one another.

For some, they might feel its hard to get out of the pit -- for others, they can begin to really feel the Uranus and Aquarian energy give powerful insights, epiphanies and deep sense of our true Authentic self (paradigm shift), that can help us cut the chords with the past more and re-ground into the Earth structure that is not the Matrix patriarchal old Saturn grid, but the Crystalline and Mother Earth circuitry and its Stargates, helping us to activate our Galactic and Divine self. This is the Alchemical result of Pluto changing Saturn and how we relate to it.

If you are feeling really stuck, just remember, we are healing through our beings, thousands of years of dark history, plus our own personal connection to Mother/Father energy, like our parents and our own roles in those positions and the blueprint within -- its major!!.

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