24 January 2020

Light of God Protocol ~ Jason Estes

I now come into a place of unconditional love so I may witness this process without judgement, guilt, fear, shame or any other emotion
I raise __________ into the Light of God
I ask for 360-degree awareness around ____________
I sever all cords, ties and attachments to _____________
I now unplug myself fully and completely from _____________
I give all these plugs to the Light of God

This makes it much easier for referencing. A simple and powerful protocol without all the unnecessary ritual and verbiage.

Source: MTVOTeam

The Light of God protocol, or LOG for short, is helpful for cutting cords of attachment to people, games, concepts, emotions, and everything in between.⁣

LOG works on a 3D level, so when you find yourself pulled down into a lower frequency state, it can make a huge difference to simply take a few minutes to run through LOG. Follow LOG up with Remembering Unity (4D) and Clear Commands (5D) and you'll be able to work your way back up to your homestate before you know it :)⁣

In general, LOG is helpful to use with the names of family members, past and present partners, and anyone you might have charges, emotions, or misunderstandings around. LOG doesn't sever your connection to a person; it simply helps you clear through any attachment around them so that you can each show up in the fullness of who you are 🙂⁣

Now you've got the full suite of clearing techniques that MTVO recommends! Between LOG, Remembering Unity, and Clear Commands, you've got the tools to handle anything that arises with grace, ease and efficiency.

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