28 January 2020

Personal Announcement of Path and More Information ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 27 January 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence


When I awoke in 2012, I received various Visions relating to certain subjects, reality and how energy works. Mastering Energy IS my path and giving of that energy IS MY Service to the Whole. I was also shown in Vision Format, my own Path had 3 Stages, and incorporated various types of Service.

Was to embody. To receive step by step embodiment knowing of above subjects mentioned. This has developed perfectly a bit at a time, over these 7.5 years of Awakening.

My mind, receives from myself, sudden DATA KNOWING. That unfolds within me at each embodiment stage. This data, plus visions, plus ‘learning dream’ data and my Energy work with physical to non solid, is the information share on this wall. I don’t channel any information (although I can). I embody it, as that’s my path to reach full embodiment (enlightenment).

In tandem, I was to see, understand my own inner distortions, and clear them one at a time. These are for all humans, engrained patterns of surface beliefs of the human brain and certain personality traits. I knew how to clear, and I devote EVERY single day to still observing myself 24/7 to clear and clear anything that does not serve the highest outcome and state. No stone goes unturned. That’s my choice and will.

In tandem to clearing my human, and any sudden KNOWINGS within, I have been working quietly with ENERGY. I combine my data known within, to the increase of ENERGY I am becoming, a stage at a time. This allows me to learn myself, how to connect as energy, with energy. It unfolds as ability more and more, as I unfold, as I clear my body, mind, emotional body. Clearing old patterns allows for more ENERGY to become me, more data to be known and work with. It has not been sudden, but a process that grows and grows in ability. I do this work behind the scenes as some of you already know. Being ENERGY, as an ever INCREASING FREQUENCY, giving it out to the Whole, to the collective, to certain individuals, and kingdoms IS why I’m here on Gaia.

I was shown at early stage Awakening, to not rely on anything outside of me for my EMBODIMENT. That the path would be straight (a spiral) with little deviation or distraction. I have been true to that knowing. I was shown to not create a business and thus any income to live on, whilst in Stage 1. As anything I created would only be dissolved in Stage 2, as I changed my perspective to become more Consciousness and a higher Energetic to utilise for the Whole. I was shown to create something temporary in Stage 1, would only distract me from actual embodiment itself and it’s stages. For this reason, I have been true to what was shown.

Started in earnest for my path, 21 December 2019, Solstice Gateway. The fall (a decent to experience final living death) began September 2019, until Solstice 2019. Since Solstice, I have been focusing on the Higher Consciousness within me, allowing it to unfold naturally, and becoming physically and etherically, a being that is of far more energy. Energetic ability has risen drastically this year and will continue to as it is my path to Master Energy and Serve with it.

In deepest, deepest gratitude to those donations of support received from some reading and seeing the videos and posts I share freely, I have used some donations for daily living costs, also to assist the answering of inner divine callings for energy work, leyline work including quietly opening some portals in certain places on Gaia. I have also (!) been saving some donations for a computer. My iPad functions have always been so very limited, but perfectly so, as I was not to create anything more than this Facebook Wall, during Stage 1 (I was shown in 2014 to create a Facebook Wall). I wish to deeply, thank everybody that has given freely a donation, as it has helped me in many ways, stay true to my path. There IS only my Path, which IS my Service to the Whole. That includes the collective humanity, kingdoms and Galactic.

I was aware in January 2020 to do ONLY two things in January:
1] Be in the NOW moment as much as possible.
2] Increase my energy (I can do this at Will now).

It is in divine alignment that the following have occurred in January 2020:
1] Higher Self is within me.
2] Emotional body is cleared.
3] My energetic is increasing tenfold at my Will and knowing to.
4] 26 January 2020 I now begin to embody the end of ‘Suffering’. This is an embodiment stage. Where we do not ‘suffer’ anymore.
5] I start to see, KNOW, why I’m here. Understand what I give out to All.
6] I have saved enough money for a computer. It’s on order.

So, I explain all the above for those that don’t know me too well. That as I expand, so too will my Service to all expand, as per my energy expansion within, in various ways to unfold. I trust it implicitly. I am not here for my human, I am here to give of my gifts as they continue to unfold and grow. Whilst I have always shared information on Facebook just to help support as many as possible on their own path of awakening, my gift in truth, why I’m here...is my energy GIVEN out, expressed OUT, that continues to expand. What I end up giving, is not of a 3D or 4D nature. As many many people expand, what they give, will not be of ways we already see in the spiritual arena. We are all ever expanding, so what we GIVE will change, evolve, as we do.

All is in divine alignment and will unfold in multiple parallels as all does unfold by multiple parallels whether seen or unseen. All as per the Galactic Timeline. Stage 2, as EVERY HUMAN’S Stage 2, is about the EMBODIMENT unfoldment stage, and service of that Higher Consciousness to All. So as I embody more still, I will in parallel GIVE OUT more, by creating what I have known to wait for all along...to create FROM, not mind, but from DIVINE alignment that is a marriage of ONE WILL. One will to Serve All, knowing All IS GOD. Not from mind, not from human ideas, not from need, and not from lack. I have always stayed my own course. I have played the long game. Been true to it. And will only create as per what I am shown to, from within me. Not what other people want or demand of me, ask or need me to do. And that, is everybody’s power. To listen and rely only on WITHIN you. To be true to YOURSELF. Not to be true to the old version of mind, but to be true to the OPEN heart that opens all Gateways, one step at a time as it IS the PORTAL to All That Is. Your power doesn’t lie in others in your dream. It lies WITHIN YOU. So to enjoy the dream, appreciate the dream in gratitude and compassion in the company of others, but from your peace, your harmony, pleasure, happiness, fun...not...from any need. YOUR KINGDOM is within you. And each receive knowledge from WITHIN themselves to ACT FROM. The dream holds only the breadcrumbs, the clues to get you to see there is so much more to reality, and that YOU become so much more than you think or know so far. The dream does not hold your power unless you let it, as we can give our power away to that very dream and peoples, that are temporary, transitory, of our own creating. So to enjoy others, enjoy the illusion, but CREATE YOUR DREAM, from outside of it. Your power, to create, comes from within YOU, outside of illusion itself. Not from being TOLD what to do in any moment, by any human being. Or by being coerced by another in your dream. But to hold true to that inner divine spark that is you, your freedom, your expansion, your truth of your whole existence that is who and what you are.

All unfolds, at divine timing. You truly are perfect. And are becoming more and more that purity of energy that is your power and sovereignty. Believe in yourself...Be true to your heart. Act, think, feel by your heart, and all steps will just unfold. In divine timing. There is nothing else than the ever PRESENT perfection of it all.

One Love,

Amanda Lorence
27 January 2020

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