27 January 2020

Place Your Attention on What's Inside You ~ Lee Harris ~ 26 January 2020

Source: Lee Harris

As human beings, we are always, always trying to protect what’s inside us. Now, this sounds negative perhaps, but don’t think of it that way.

This is purely intended to place your attention on what’s inside you. This is a place that we have been distracted from since birth.

Our way of being in society is designed to make us external and have external focus; find this person and you will feel love; get this job, you will feel secure and happy; go to this place for a vacation, you will feel relaxed. Do this, go there, experience this, and you will feel.

Of course, the reality is you don’t need to go anywhere to feel. But so often, people are chasing these directions outside themselves to try and feel better about themselves.

- From Boundaries

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