23 January 2020

Remote Viewing ~ Lisa Renee ~ 20 January 2020

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Remote Viewing (RV) is the practice of sensing or seeking impressions about the energetic signature of a distant or unseen target, using activated skill sets inherent within Higher Sensory Perception, that generally start to come online during spiritual development for Lightbody activation or during the Awakening process. 

People that are limited to the 3D perceptions of the reality will not experience nor understand this natural function of the Soul and higher spiritual bodies.

With the inner activation of one’s natural soul language during spiritual Ascension, conscious perceptions then start to change and evolve into increasing levels of multidimensional awareness and subtle force communication. We start to remember again. This instigates new interdimensional communication skill sets generally referred to as TelepathyChanneling, multidimensional awareness, perceiving reality pictures in time, Remote Viewing and getting downloaded information from assorted sources. The source of subtle forces using interdimensional communication are filtered through the mind-set of the individual, influenced by the Collective Consciousness mind programming of humans and non-humans, directed by hierarchies of entities and dimensional structures that may be sourced as Artificial intelligence, impostor spirits or organic consciousness.

Starseeds and Indigos have a biology and Lightbody that is more predisposed to this ability, and thus tend to be the majority of awakening groups that can remote view or engage with similar types of energy sensing techniques.

High Risks of Remote Viewing
Activated individuals using Remote Viewing or multidimensional communication will be required to reach spiritual adulthood quickly, by developing the emotional maturity to seek truth in these matters or suffer the consequences of succumbing to Archontic based deceptions. There are consequences from engaging in multidimensional communication with AI driven entities and their sophisticated mental holograms that are used as consciousness traps, as many traps use astral glamour to generate egoic programs of spiritual ambition and Hero-Savior-messiah complexes to continue to loop and perpetuate the Victim-Victimizer software. The consequence of AI entanglements instigates a lack of energetic coherence which increases mental fracturing, emotional fragility and a Lack of Empathy, as AI nano encoded downloads will substantially weaken the mental body and lightbody functions into a downward spiral of erupting chaotic forces and erratic behaviors.

Consciousness Transport
As an individual intends to develop their consciousness and spiritual bodies, along with their unique DNA signature, it is possible to experience Consciousness Transport activities that include Remote Viewing and sensing a variety of energy phenomena that co-exist in the many different layers of dimensional fields. This can include an array of various entities of human or nonhuman origin and their energy structures, as well as machinery, implants, architecture, and entire realities which can be sensed as artificial or organic to this creation. The potentials of what can be sensed and explored energetically in the dimensional fields are indeed limitless. The caveat is that the mind must be incredibly strong and stable, fearless and anchored in the truth spirit, in order to withstand the immense pressure of knowing truth. What we fear controls us.

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