29 January 2020

Singing Your Song of Truth ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

What we would offer you now as we say yes to the world before you is that the song you sing as the one who knows she is worthy, he is worthy of love, so it may be known by all, must be claimed anew each day for you to sing to the world you see. Here is this teaching:

“Each day I rise and give permission to my being to be in service to the Source of all good, and as I agree to be in service I allow myself to be sung, and as the song that I am in emanation surrounds me, I agree to encounter all I see as this vibration.”

The song is sung in such a simple way that it may confound you, so you may use these words if you require words to say “I am”:

“I know who I am in truth. I bear witness to a world in truth. And as I give myself over to be in service, the song of God is sung as and through me. I am here. I am here. I am here.”

Now this is done by you in agreement, in surrender if you wish, and the aspects of you that you would put aside — “Well, this is not the holy me, and that part of me is rubbish and cannot be seen or known by anyone” — as you sing, you are collected and you rejoice as an entire being. And those things, those pieces of you, those shards of broken glass where you see a bad reflection of what you believe yourselves to be, are made new as you are made whole in the agreement to the truth of your being.

Paul Selig - The Purpose of Being (part III)
A Channeled livestream - February 23, 2017  

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