21 January 2020

The New Earth (5D): Wayshowers Lead The Way ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 20 January 2020

Here's the link to this video.

"Bubbles of Consciousness"! I think it's quite apparent to many reading my blog that I'm always thrilled to see some thread forming when I post messages here. As for Turmeric (I've always known it as Tumeric for decades! It's only become Turmeric in the past few years, perhaps courtesy of the Mandela Effect....), I started taking it recently! Synchronicity....  And also it's interesting that I just mentioned yesterday that we are all leaders by default, and need to show the way, to walk our talk.

For those who are interested, I'll offer some suggestions for taking this amazing spice, at the bottom of this page.

This video discusses a session that Laura conducted recently where a client discusses bubbles of consciousness that are being given to certain people on the planet who are ready for the frequency change. They act as an upgrade and then these upgraded people then like a chemical reaction pass this frequency onto other people on the planet who are also ready for the consciousness shift.

More and more of these bubbles and upgrades come in raising our frequencies higher and higher in order to create the split in consciousness currently being experienced on the Earth.

These consciousness bubbles that come down in pillars of light and enter the Wayshowers or 'future leaders' of the New Dimension. Then these activated people activate others through their vibration.

This continues and continues with bigger pillars of light and consciousness bubbles coming in - until eventually the frequency of consciousness is so high that 'The Event' is triggered. And the two groups of people on the planet are then split by dimension.


Some personal suggestions for Tumeric:

1. This is what I use to make a warm tumeric drink. One or two drops in a cup of warm water. Several brands offer tumeric extract.

2. Place warm water + coconut milk + coconut sugar/raw sugar/other in a shaker. Add a teaspoon of tumeric powder (or couple drops extract), and shake. Be careful to release the build-up of hot air after a few shakes, then continue shaking. The shaker, not you 😁  (I had a Chemistry teacher who would say ~ shake it a few times, the test-tube, not your body.) End result is a brilliant beautiful gold latte....

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