21 January 2020

Transformation, Death and Revelation: January Events ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 January 2020

"The higher realities will *land* and overwrite the old at several points this year. We just went through one of them."
Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

I AM in the midst of a strong transformation, and held peacefully in the Heart of Source at this moment. I feel most of us are experiencing these shifts in our Embodiment phase. Deep shares in this week’s online events.

If you feel like you’re coming apart, weeping as if in heartbreak, or experiencing death of the old self (quite physical for many), then the light is supporting your transformation. Be with it. Love it. Create with it. Don’t compare journeys. Honor your unique experience for Source, as Source. Pure Source consciousness connection is stronger than ever as the veils disperse; let it in.
These are vibrant energies shifting electro-magnetic functions of our physical realms as we have known them. As always, the etheric creation becomes physicalized, revealing the already fully functioning New Earth realms. The higher realities will *land* and overwrite the old at several points this year. We just went through one of them.
We begin to self-realize, which dismantles inapplicable versions and creations of Self. Perception changes. Light Signature changes. Geometries shift. Diamond-Solar Heart openings. Brain rewiring. Lightbody changes. DNA changes. This is deep jump-time transformation.  The death-to-resurrection template can also feel like a physical experience during this passage.
Divine Mother frequencies are powerful. Remember the intensity of Divine Love is our Co-Creator; use it wisely. All of our Creator skills are amplified to assist with sorting out timeline choice. Amplified subconscious, thoughts, actions, words, emotions. These help the Higher Self choose the right timeline experience for you in this Now. We receive what we can handle; the Divine DNA is designed for this process.

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