24 January 2020

What caused the mysterious blue light above South West Wales on Tuesday night ~ Cathy Owen, Wales Online ~ 22 January 2020

More and more of such events occurring.... I tried to find a source that was relatively ad-free but to no avail.

Source: Wales Online (includes video and more images)

The mystery has seemingly been solved although one big question remains

The mystery behind a strange blue light that was seen in the sky over large parts of south west Wales has seemingly been solved, bot nobody is taking responsibility for it.

The pulsating glare was reported as being seen between Swansea and Carmarthenshire on Tuesday evening.

Some of the suggestions were that it was a drone, a large aircraft, or a spaceship.
But the overriding suggestion was that it was a New Measurement Train (or a Tamping Train) working on the railway line in the area.

The yellow trains, known as the Flying Banana, are specialised vehicles which operates in the UK to assess the condition of track so that engineers can determine where to work.

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